Here's a Little About My Website and My Alter Ego Offline

About The Givaholic On Site

Hi there! I'm Jannie - a tall, chatty redhead with big plans for life. You probably can’t tell from the picture, but I’m actually a gifting ninja.


I’m also a Givaholic. Pinterest junkie. Outdoors enthusiast. Music snob. DIY fiend. Lover of all things happy.

If I could be any animal, it would be a tiger.

My high school art teacher made me do an "abstract" self portrait. Personally, I like realistic art so this was my compromise. Can you see the human profile in the drawing?

I’m also a grammar Nazi. But I quickly learned that when you write for the web, you have to write like you talk… and nobody uses complete, grammatically correct sentences when they talk. Otherwise we’d all sound like textbooks. Ugh.

So please forgive the grammar inconsistencies. They’re actually on purpose. :)

Super Mom By Day...

My Bachelor’s degree in Family Science was supposed to be a stepping stone for me to become a family attorney. But I realized after working for one, family law was not the life I wanted.

So I changed gambits.

I became a certified technician for Brain State Technologies – a company I totally believe in and that's changing people’s lives. I loved it.

But first comes love. Then comes marriage. Then come the babies in the baby carriage.

And that changed my whole world.

That's my husband. He's my favorite.
My Angel
My Entertainer
My Tank

Gifting Ninja By Night...

I'd always wanted to start a website, and since I wanted to stay home with my kids too, it looked like a good time to make it happen.

Why did I pick birthday gifts?

I've always been big on gifting - Christmas, birthdays, Mother and Father's days.... All these awesome ideas would come at random times. I'd write them down when I could, but the papers were stuffed in piles here and floating there. I could never find them when I needed them.

Occasionally, my dog would eat them. Bad dog.

This is Dottie. She's actually a really good dog. That whole "Dog Ate My Homework" routine... well, it's true... but otherwise she's THE absolute best dog in the whole wide world.

I figured, why not clean up this mess and move my gifting habit online in one searchable place? It would declutter my house and I'd never lose another gift idea. Yay!

That, my friends, is how Birthday Bullseye began.

It's a party for me because I get to roll a bunch of my hobbies into one place. I get to be an author, an artisan, a marketer, a graphic designer, a code writer and everything else all rolled into one...

...and I still get to play mommy during the day!

Someday I might do another site on Christmas or anniversary gifts, but I have so many birthday ideas that the other holidays will have to wait... for now. :)

Come Say “Hi!”

Now that you know a bit about me and my little corner of the web, tell me about you! Say hello in the comments below or come find me on the virtual social scene, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… all that.

Happy Gifting!

Jannie | The Givaholic

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