My Happy Little Birthday Gifts Shop

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Welcome to my happy little birthday gifts shop! The best presents say exactly what you want them to say. Each personalized gift in this shop is hand customized with a message handpicked by YOU.

I make everything here. :)

I also have a brand new Etsy shop! Be sure to check it out for more gifts and ideas.

Givaholics Shop on Etsy

I just opened a new Givaholics Shop on Etsy! I'm always adding more ready made gifts, reusable gift tags and cards for you to enjoy. Happy Shopping!

Birthday Bullseye's Handmade Birthday Gifts Shop

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What Our Customers Say...

About Our Penny Gifts

personalized penny, penny pendant, penny charm

"I added a pearl to it and I love love love it!!!"

Shelbi W. from Arizona

"I love the penny charm and (my dog) has been wearing it ever since I received it.

I might contact you sometime soon to get another one for my other dog."

Tammy R. from Arizona

"I was so excited when they arrived! And yes they came very quickly! They're perfect."

Stacey H. from Utah

"Our daughter loved it, thanks."

Bob Z. from Georgia

"My earrings arrived and I love them!"

Tamara H. from Washington

personalized penny, penny pendant, birthday gifts

"I'm really pleased with my pennies. I used them to label my camping cookware. They look great, and they hold up really well to the heat!"

Summer H. from Washington

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About Our Wood Burned Gifts - *New  Item*

"I never would have guessed they were done by hand! And they smell so good."

Joanna M. from Arizona

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About My Birthday Gifts Shop

Everything in my little birthday gifts shop is customized by hand. Handmade gifts are the most thoughtful presents you can give someone. You can never make exactly the same thing twice, so each gift ends up being completely unique. And each includes the gift of time, which is arguably priceless.

This is kind of like my own Etsy shop... just not on Etsy. :)

And even though I call it a "birthday" gift shop, I get orders for all holidays - Mother's Day, Christmas, graduation... you name it!

I am always looking to add new fun things to my shop. If you have any ideas for me, I'd love for you to tell me about it here, or you can vote on what you think I should add.

Thanks for shopping and have a happy day!


Jannie | The Givaholic

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Shop FAQs

How long does it take to get my item?

Physical Items: Creation Time + Shipping Time = Time You'll Get It

Each item takes about 3-5 days to personalize. In depth custom wood burning orders can take up to 2 weeks. Once I'm done creating your gift, I ship it based on the shipping choice you make when you order.

If you need an order rushed, please let me know when you order!

Digital items are instantly delivered. Woohoo!

What if I need an order RUSHED?

So far, I've been able to help my procrastinating customers reach their deadlines. :) Just contact me here and we can discuss personally how soon I can get you your order.

Can I do a custom order?

You bet! Just send in your request and we can discuss all the logistics.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

I absolutely want my customers to be satisfied. Although I cannot give refunds on custom or digital orders, I guarantee my work. If there's been a mistake on my end (ex: the name was misspelled, etc.), I'm more than happy to send you a corrected piece at no extra cost to you.

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