Birthday Teddy Bear!

by Sundee
(Mesa, AZ)

The Original.

The Original.

The Original.
The head in-progress with nose.
The NEW teddy bear!

How to make an irreplaceable teddy bear:

1. Have a loved one who lost their most precious pink teddy bear.

2. Have a great idea to replace it, but can't because they don't make them anymore.

3. Do it yourself!

4. Find a pattern: Try, but fail, to find the right pattern online or at the store. Buy a cheap teddy bear from the thrift store that is the right shape.

5. Buy about a yard of pink fur, more if you are making a bigger bear.

6. With a seam ripper, carefully undo all the stitching and seams of your thrift store bear.

7. Label all the pieces as you take them apart. If salvageable, save the eyes and nose to use in the new bear you are making.

8. Trace your pieces on the back of the fur. Decide that they won't make a big enough bear and enlarge them by adding one inch all the way around each pattern piece.

9. Cut it out! NOTE: Wiggle your scissors under the fur to just cut the backing of the fur.

10. Sew in this order: Ears, head (adding eyes and nose), arms, legs, tummy, tail, and back.

11. Write a funny poem about it.

12. Wrap it.

13. Give it!

14. Video record their reaction.

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Nov 02, 2015
Awww cute!
by: Jannie M

You did a GREAT job replicating that bear! That had to take a LOT of time, but I'm sure it was totally worth it once you got to step 14... <3

...and steps 1-4 had me giggling. :)

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