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Each personalized penny gift is handmade with the utmost care. My customers love them! It's a great day to get some custom pennies made for your friends and family... then get a couple for yourself. ;)

Personalized Penny Gifts

Have a look around your custom penny gift shop and choose the one you like best!

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personalized penny gifts, birthstone jewelry, handmade

Personalized Penny Testimonials

I love making these pennies - and my customers love them too! Here's what they have to say about my personalized penny gifts...

personalized penny, penny pendant, penny charm

"I added a pearl to it and I love love love it!!!"

Shelbi W. from Arizona

"I love the penny charm and (my dog) has been wearing it ever since I received it.

I might contact you sometime soon to get another one for my other dog."

Tammy R. from Arizona

"I was so excited when they arrived! And yes they came very quickly! They're perfect."

Stacey H. from Utah

"Our daughter loved it, thanks."

Bob Z. from Georgia

"My earrings arrived and I love them!"

Tamara H. from Washington

personalized penny, penny pendant, birthday gifts

"I'm really pleased with my pennies. I used them to label my camping cookware. They look great, and they hold up really well to the heat!"

Summer H. from Washington

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personalized penny, personalized birthday gifts, personalized penny jewelry

What Makes My Pennies Different?

To date I've never had a dissatisfied customer! You - my customers - are my top priority. People come back to me because my prices are reasonable, my product is solid, and it comes packaged beautifully and ready for wrapping.

The cheap penny sellers frankly do a cheap job (which is sad when you're ordering custom work). And I don't charge you an extra arm and a leg for my extra features!

Here are 4 big reasons to go with me.

1. I Guarantee My Product

You will be satisfied with your personalized penny or I'll send you a new one!

Personalized pennies are great for more than just birthdays - Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, they even make romantic Valentine's presents. They are the perfect way to honor someone, recognize an achievement, or mark a milestone event.

In other words, it's important to get it right.

And I do it right or I do it again for free.

2. You Choose The Year

Other venders either don't let you pick which year you want OR they charge you a huge extra fee for their search efforts... some as much as $20 per penny! Picking a year is half the fun - that's why this service is included in my price.

3. Pennies Are Thoroughly Cleaned

You don't want to wear a dirty, germy penny! Blegh!! Your pennies come shiny as pennies get - hand cleaned and hand polished - which makes my customers happy. :)

4. I Give To Charity

And don't we all believe in giving back and helping those in need right? That's why 10% of all proceeds go to charity. It's what any true Givaholic would do. :)

You won't be disappointed with your pennies - I promise.

Can't wait to work with you!

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Turning Pennies Into Priceless Treasures

personalized penny, penny pendants, penny jewelry, penny gifts
  1. I use real pennies and work hard to find the prettiest of the bunch.
  2. Once I find your penny, it is cleaned by hand to make it nice and shiny.
  3. Then it is stamped with your own personalized words. Being hand stamped, the letters have that perfectly *imperfect* look. :)
  4. Time to add the findings! That's when your penny is transformed into a charm, or earrings, or whatever!
  5. Then your prize gets shipped off to its new home!

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Not Sure What To Say?? Try These Ideas!

Brainstorming Ideas For Your Pennies

  1. The person's name
  2. Nickname
  3. Their title (Dad, Mom, Baby)
  4. Names of their children
  5. Names of people they love who passed away (could be family, could be Elvis...)
  6. Their favorite word
  7. Popular phrase from the year they were born, or the year they graduated high school, or some other meaningful year
  8. Name of their Alma Mater (the school they graduated from)
  9. Initials of the person and their spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend (ex: "R & J")
  10. Funny phrase or phrase that they would appreciate
  11. Punchline from an inside joke
  12. Adjective that describes them - Beautiful, Handy, Sweet, Hunk, Big Red, Blonde, Geek, etc.

Phrases & Titles

  • Ageless
  • Ancient
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • The Boss
  • BFF
  • Classic
  • Favorite
  • Fogey
  • Forever 21
  • Geezer
  • Happy 30th (or 20th, or 40th, or...)
  • LOL
  • Loved
  • Lucky
  • Old Man/Old Lady
  • Over The Hill
  • Queen Bee
  • Sweet 16
  • Vintage
  • Wish (or Make A Wish)


We have letters, numbers and a few symbols available. These are the symbols you can choose from:

& . -

If you want a hyphen or period, here is what they look like:

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Will It Fit? Personalized Penny Guidelines

You can personalize your penny with any name, word or phrase that fits on the face of your penny. How do you know what fits? Choose a word or phrase and see if it matches any of the word combos below...

*Characters include letters, numbers, AND spaces.

1 line = up to 9 characters

2 lines = top line 4 characters or less, bottom 9 characters or less

2 lines = one line 6 characters or less, the other line 4 characters or less

3 lines = top line 4 characters or less, middle line 6 characters or less, and
              bottom line 5 characters or less

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Personalized Penny FAQs

1. WAIT!!! Is it legal to stamp on pennies?

Yep. It is legal.

US law says you cannot fraudulently alter coins - in other words, don’t mutilate coins for the sake of making counterfeit money or selling the base metals for a profit.

Turning your penny into a charm bracelet, key chain, or even getting it squished flat into a Disneyland souvenir is NOT fraudulent and is completely legal.

2. Can we choose pennies minted BEFORE 1965?

Um, chances are I won't be able to find one. I strive to offer as many years as I can, but frankly, pennies minted before 1965 are incredibly hard to find.

3. How long does it take to make my penny?

It generally takes 2-4 business days to complete the penny making process before it is shipped.

4. What shipping method do you use?

Pennies ship via USPS (the United States Postal Service).

5. Once it's personalized and shipped, how long does it take to get here?

The post office says it will take 3-5 business days for your penny to arrive if you live in the United States. If you live outside the United States, it takes approximately 1-2 weeks depending on the location.

6. Can I buy several?

Absolutely. I can fit up to 4 personalized pennies in one package before I have to use a larger package and shipping price.

7. What if I want to buy several and have them shipped to different places?

No problem! Just complete a separate order for each one and I’ll take care of the rest.

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More personalized birthday gifts coming your way soon!

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