Baby’s 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

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Buying a 1st birthday gift can be tricky. Baby isn’t old enough to really understand what’s going on, but you still want to give him a present he will love.

One good option is to give a developmental toy or one that stimulates the brain. Sometimes people give necessities too since Baby has more fun with the box anyway – and parents really appreciate those necessities!

Here are some other fun ideas to give Baby on his first birthday.

Baby Toothbrush, Training Toothpaste, and Baby Orajel

This little set is a great gift idea for any teething baby. Believe it or not, toddler toothbrushes make excellent teething toys! They have soft bristles, short handles, and it’s actually designed to go in his mouth – which is where all toys end up anyway. It’s also a great way to get Baby accustomed to using a toothbrush.

Musical Instruments

Babies love to make music with these simple toys! Xylophones, drums, maracas, tambourines – each one is easy to use and also helps Baby learn “cause and effect”. Musical instruments are an excellent choice for development and playtime.

Bath Toys

Bath time is a great time for Baby to learn and have some good, clean fun! Get him a tugboat that pours water or toys that squeak when he squeezes them. Loofahs also make fun bath toys for babies.

Walking and Trailing Toys

Whether Baby is already taking his first steps or needs a little encouragement, any toy that urges Baby to stand up and flex his walking muscles is perfect for Baby’s first birthday gift! Toys he can stand up and push around will nurture his independent walking. He will love toting his trailing toy too as he tries out his newfound freedom.

Stacking and Building Toys

Building is excellent for Baby’s young developing mind. Blocks, stacking buckets, giant Lego’s – these make building and stacking fun and easy for Baby! 

Sensory Balls

Talk about a fantastic toy for development! The soft, rubbery “spikes” make it easy for Baby to grip the ball, and Baby will love watching the flashing lights that flicker as he throws it. Not only does it help with the senses of sight and touch, but he will learn to crawl, walk, or scoot faster to go get that flickering ball!

Dressy Accessories

Parents love to dress up their babies. Hair bows, clippies, and tutus are great gifts for 1-year-old girls. Onesies with ties and tuxedos or bowtie bibs are fabulous gifts for baby boy’s first birthday. After all, babies need to look their best too!

Have you seen a great idea? Tell us about it! Share your 1st birthday gift idea in the comments.


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