40th Birthday Messages to Give with 40 Things (or 50, or 60…)

I’m about to give you 60 clever ideas for 40th birthday messages to attach to 40 somethings for a 40th birthday gift… or you can use the extra 20 ideas for 50th and 60th birthday messages since you’ll have enough ideas by the time you’re done!

Why so many? Because I’m thoughtful that way… or maybe I’m just obsessive.

Actually, this was my own brainstorming list. 🙂

Birthday Messages

See, my sister was turning the big four-O. My family decided to go in on a gift basket with 40 somethings and attach 40th birthday messages to each one saying the top “things we love about you”.

We started out just fine, but after about 25 messages, our gifting masterminds were running out of juice.

I thought, it really shouldn’t be that hard to think of 40 things I love about her. I mean, I only grew up with the woman! Yet, I still needed to prod our memories and our creativity.

And this list was born! Its actually a lot of fun – like playing Mad Libs.

So if you’re in the same boat I was, and you need ideas for what kind of messages to put with your 40 things – this is for you!

As you go through this list, you can turn a few of those messages into a dozen more by filling in the blanks with different ideas. Write them ALL down! Then just keep your best ones and you’re set.

Alright, here we go – 40th birthday messages to put on 40 things.

Have fun!

40th Birthday Messages

P.S. I gave some suggestions in parenthesis after each idea. These are things I’d actually use for someone I know.

Some are flattering. Some are random. Others are more “age” appropriate, heh heh. 🙂 Just use them to help you brainstorm.

You may also ignore them entirely… whatever works for you. 😉

1. I love that you want ____ (pancakes for dinner, to be the center of attention, to make your own chai)

2. I love your ____ hands (ever-working, service-ful, strong, crafty)

3. I love your ____ voice (calming, singing, boisterous)

4. I love that you give ____ (great thought to your gift-giving, 100% to everything you do, smiles freely, a bag of food to people holding cardboard signs…)

5. I love that you save ____ (notes from your 2nd-grade boyfriend, a little time for making someone happy…)

6. I love that you keep ____ (tallies on how many dates you’ve had, tabs on the Ravens football team, birds in your room)

7. I love that you treasure ____ (new socks, the time you had before your mom passed)

8. I love that you admire ____ (every shoe shop window, yourself in your 30s, your grandfather)

9. I think it’s funny that you despise ____ (health food, mornings, Facebook, abstract art)

10. I love that you only ____ (trim your nails outside, use dove soap, take life seriously when food is involved)

11. I love your ____ personality (wild and crazy, genuine, straight-laced, old school)

12. I love how ____ you are (intelligent, honest, spontaneous, playful)

13. You’re a fantastic example of ____ (bravery, compassion, aging with grace)

14. I love your ____ (creativity, quick wit, sage advice)

15. I love your ____ (enthusiasm, charm, eloquence)

16. Your love of ____ is inspiring (ex: music, outdoors, life, family, service)

17. I love how you expect ____ (great things, the good in people, to be the favorite)

18. It’s funny/cute that you laugh at ____ (traffic, those YouTube animal movies, your sisters when they fall even though you try not to)

19. I love your ____ words (wise, comforting, continual play on)

20. I love your ____ eyes (expressive, bright)

21. I love your ability to ____ (do what you put your mind to, make lemonade out of lemons)

22. I love your ____ smile (million-dollar, ever-present, quirky)

23. I love how you aren’t ____ (wasteful, lazy, picky)

24. I love that your favorite ____ is ____ (thing to do is ski, song is Mele Kalikimaka, pasttime is knitting)

25. I love how you always have a ____ opinion (soft-spoken, ready, tasteful)

26. I love you make everyone ____ (laugh, come to family dinner, feel important)

27. It’s so fun when you ____ (play me a song, get spontaneous, sit and watch a movie with me, act like a velociraptor)

28. I love your unwillingness to ____ (give up, stoop to a lower standard, pay full price for anything)

29. I love how you are the first to ____ (serve somebody, point out flawed logic, give a hug)

30. I love that you ____ (laugh at corny jokes, whistle, take your work seriously)

31. I love that you constantly ____ (tease the nieces and nephews, work on your goals, strive to be a better)

32. I love that you never ____ (take life too seriously, leave home without a pocket knife)

33. Everyone loves ____ (your sense of humor, how you break the silence, how tall you are)

34. I love your ability to ____ (relax, persevere, find someone in need, name any tune)

35. You have great ____ (taste in music, insights, teeth* seriously!..)

36. Your most amazing superpower is ____ (teaching, scrapbooking, metal detecting, couponing)

37. I love that you always have to have ____ (your morning stretches, skittles at your desk, the biggest fish story)

38. I love the way you ____ (dance, think things through before you respond, grin before you do something obnoxious)

39. I love how well you ____ (figure things out, sing, draw, can fix anything)40. I love that you choose ____ (to help even when you’re tired, ridiculous socks to wear, to find the silver lining in storms)

10 More 40th Birthday Messages (or 50th Birthday Messages)

Awesome. Now in case the first 40th birthday messages weren’t enough, let’s do an extra 10 for more ideas.

41. I love your ____ abilities (artistic, athletic)

42. I love your ____ personality (strong-willed, clever, playful, kind)

43. I love how ____ you are (animated, friendly, thoughtful)

44. I love your ____ hair (sassy red, long golden, curly brown, or I love how you style that frizzy mop of hair)

45. You have such a way with ____  (babies, kittens, words, duct tape)

46. You have such a drive to ____ (fix things, enjoy life, succeed, help people)

47. You have such brilliant ____ ideas (organization, music, food)

48. I love your ____ (cooking, lack of ability to cook…or that you burn everything, it has its own charm)

49. I love that you appreciate ____ (good books, a good card game, a good movie..)

50. I love your sense of ____ (fashion, direction, adventure)

Another 10 for Good Measure (Awesome for Aging Jokes or 60th Birthday Ideas)

Last batch! Here are 10 more 40th birthday messages and ideas that could easily play on that “old man” or “old lady” theme.

51. I love that ____ (your candles fill more than your cake, you’re still hot – it just comes in flashes now)

52. It’s nice that your ____ give(s) you a better excuse not to exercise (arthritis, grandkids)

53. It’s nice how the older you get, the less you care about ____ (fashion, what people think, impressing that hot new kid at work)

54. It’s nice how the older you get, the more ____ (people respect you, you get to ride those motorized shopping carts)

55. The best part about being a senior citizen is ____ (the discounts, the prescriptions, the right-of-way on the road since people are afraid you can’t see them)

56. I love that you ____ (know all the words to the elevator music, can still see past the end of your nose – barely)

57. I love watching you read everything ____ (at arm’s length, with your nose to the paper, with your eyes squinting)

58. I love that you smile ____ (more with those dentures, with no teeth just to freak people out, in spite of your crows feet)

59. I love that your fashion is ____ (coming back into style, only ____ decades out of style)

60. I love that we can officially refer to you as ____ (over the hill, that “dirty old man”, a four-eyed dinosaur)

Whew, I think I’m about brainstormed out!

Tell me in the comments: What other fabulous 40th birthday messages can you add to this list?

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