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Givaholics Gifts for Kids and Shhh... a Givaway!
April 14, 2014

Perfect Gifting... Nailed It.

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Baby Birthday Gifts

Babies love anything sensory – things that light up, that are interesting to touch, and of course anything they can put in their mouth!

Ever thought of giving a tooth brush to a 1 year old? They make excellent teething toys and are actually designed to go in his mouth – which is where all toys end up anyway...

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Elementary Aged Kids

This age group can be tricky – kids from 1st to 6th grade lumped into one category even though their interests are so different.

Here is a list that handles it graciously, with gifts ranging from bubble machines to bicycle gear and everything in between.

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Ideas for Teens

Teenagers are in that awkward stage when they want to be grown-up but they don’t want to act like grown-ups.

You know. You used to be one. ;)

How do you find gifts they won't roll their eyes at? As a rule of thumb, teens like anything that involves their friends, trying something new, chilling out or going somewhere exciting. Remember that when you go shopping for their birthday. Here are some ideas...

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Givaway Coming Soon

Next month we're having a May Givaway! Here is your sneak peek...

It begins Monday, May 5th and ends on Monday May 19th. Be ready with your best birthday gifts ideas for mom, and watch for next month's newsletter where we tell you what the prize is!

Stay Tuned!

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