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June Gift Ideas, But First A Question For You
June 17, 2016

Hey friends and fellow Givaholics! I've got some fun ideas for you this month, but first I have a question for you.

I hope you can help me out!

Question For You

I fell in love with these beautiful beech wood bowls. My itchy wood burning fingers are dying to try some pyrography here and add them to the gift shop! The debate is what to try first.

Zentangles are fun. So is realistic art. I also decorated my sister's bench with a mix of line art and paint.

What do you think I should do? Tell me your opinion here

Thanks for your help!

Now On To Those Gift Ideas I Promised You...

My sister was turning the big four-O. My family decided to go in on a gift basket with 40 somethings and attach 40th birthday messages to each one saying the top “things we love about you”.

We started out just fine, but after about 25 messages or so, our combined gifting masterminds were running out of juice.

We got through it though. Now I'm about to share with you 60 clever ideas to help you write messages that say "what I love about you" in a thoughtful way.

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A few years ago I got my husband a big ol’ mug with a funny little message (“I’m the Dad, and What Your Mother Says Goes” – ha!). But the clever message on the front wasn’t dishwasher safe and didn’t last very long.


So I got him a new mug. A MASSIVE mug. This time, I etched the message into the glass. Eat that, dishwasher!

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Happy Gifting my friends! ;)

Jannie | The Givaholic

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