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December Birthdays - You Didn't Forget Did You?
December 24, 2014

Tell Me You Didn't Forget!

Christmas is almost here - but did you remember all those December birthdays?

Holiday birthdays seem to sit on the outer extremes of our memories - you either remember them really well, or you completely space them.

Well, in case you forgot, here are a couple lists for you...

Last Minute Birthday Gifts For Men

Here are 10 gift ideas that are guy-approved that will help you save face at the birthday party. :)

See What He Wants

Last Minute Birthday Presents For Her

As a woman and a hopeless Givaholic, I’m completely qualified to recommend these gifts. I've already received about half of them for my own birthday - that's how I know that they make great presents! :)

Get ideas and share yours in the comments!

Let's See These Ideas

December Birthdays Get The Limelight... For Once!

A few people (26 people actually) with December birthdays shared what it's like being born during the "most wonderful time of the year".

Read their biggest complaints, then move on to their secret confessions!

8 December Birthday All-Time Fails

From reindeer cakes to combo gifts - see the fasted way to turn a holiday baby into a full-fledged Grinch!

Check Out These Fails

"My Christmas Birthday Is Better Than Yours"

Now that you've read the complaints... have you read their confessions?

Christmas babies boast some unexpected perks that the rest of us can’t. Here’s what has them saying “neener-neener” to you.

Read Some Gloating

December Birthdays Rock

These December babies weren't born on Christmas, but they also confess to some "Holiday Babies Only" benefits.

See what puts the "happy" back into their birthday...

...and if you were also born in the happy month of December, tell us if you agree!

More Braggin' Please

To all you December babies, I wish you a very happy birthday! Here's hoping you get big confetti cakes and balloons of every color (not just red and green). :)

And to all of you, my friends - Merry Christmas and I'll see you next year!

Jannie | The Givaholic

P.S. Got Friends? Guaranteed They've Got Birthdays!

Be a pal and forward this email to friends who appreciate fresh, new gift ideas. Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes. ;)

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