Birthday Gift for a Boyfriend – A List He’ll Love

Love makes the world go round so a lot of people visit this site looking for a birthday gift for boyfriend – that special guy in your life. You gotta take care of your honey, right?

Sure, I know a lot of guys are content with a night on the town along with dinner and a movie, but even with the royal treatment, there needs to be a high point to the evening. A thoughtful gift is the perfect high point to make the date a memorable one.

An Experience Gift for Birthday Gift for Boyfriend

The are plenty of gifting possibilities, too, although some items are more appropriate than others. If you’re in a fledgling relationship, you may want to keep your gift fun and light but not too personal. On the other hand, if you’ve already declared your love, you know a lot more about him and can delve into more personal gifts.

Regardless of how aged your relationship is, gift ideas are always welcome because a boyfriend’s birthday gift is of the utmost importance. You want find something perfect to send just the right message. So if you’re in need of inspiration, read on for some ideas for a birthday gift for your boyfriend.

Experience Gifts

Young or not, guys of all ages love these types of birthday gifts. When you treat someone to a gift of experience, you’re offering an experience they wouldn’t ordinarily get to enjoy. What an incredible memory it can create! The trick is to match the experience with the person or situation.

These experiences can range from an adventures to something artistic. Examples include tickets to a football game, a rock concert or an evening at the opera or symphony.

Here’s a short list of experiences you can use to get your gift-idea juices flowing.

Whitewater Rafting
Jet Skiing

Scuba Dining
Museum Tour

Flying lessons
Ghost Hunting
Train Ride
Swimming with Dolphins
Swimming with Sharks
Whale Watching

Clothing Gifts

This is one of those gifts that may require judgment. How long have you been together? If yours is a budding romance, determine whether clothing would be too personal. If he’s in his 20’s and you’re thinking of giving him a graphic tee highlighting his favorite band, then by all means proceed. But if your gift is too personal, it could convey an unwanted message. (You don’t want to be his mom, after all.) Either way, it should only take a couple of minutes to think it through and decide.

If you’ve been together awhile, you probably know what he needs, but if you need to keep things impersonal focus on clothing accessories. In that department, some often overlooked ideas could include scarves, driving gloves, and high-end sunglasses, while a front-pocket wallet makes a unique gift idea.

Games and/or Accessories

Does your boyfriend love poker? Is he a competitive type always itching to break out the dice? If your guy is a game lover, it could offer an opportunity for a birthday gift. Choose between classic games like backgammon or darts or one of the newer games on the market. Many of them are card games you can play with just a few people or a crowd. I played “Cards Against Humanity” awhile back. It was absolutely hilarious, making it fun for the non-game players, too.

Classic or new, a game is a good idea if you’ve got a boyfriend who loves to compete who also loves socializing because games are a perfect way to do both.


For some, books make a great birthday gift for a boyfriend. Whether it’s the latest political satire or an autographed copy by their favorite author, a nice book can be a lasting gift. The key is to match the book’s subject to the person’s personality or interests. Politics or art, a good book is always welcome. Do your best to make it a hard cover.

The right book can be vary widely from person to person. It could be a leather bound edition of a Tolkien classic or an awe-inspiring coffee table book chock full of high-quality glossy photos. Or it could be a comedic story or a political satire. Whatever you decide, follow his interests. If you’re considering this gift, you probably already know what subjects he likes. If not, listen to his conversations for clues.

Tools/Art Supplies

Are you going out with a creative do-it-yourself-er? If your beau is a Black and Decker type, a new tool may be an excellent idea. It can be practical idea or it can be a decadent one. It all depends. Choose from air tools, power tools or vintage tools. Drills, saws, or Dremels, there is a tool for every job and plenty of brands and price points to choose from.

Are you thinking of an upcoming project where the tool will come in handy? Or maybe he’s a craftsman with an ongoing project list. Projects like these may spur an idea for a gift. Or maybe he has a set you can add to. Look around and listen. Ask a trusted friend who knows what he has and needs. Whatever you choose, this can be a good investment and a very long-lasting gift.

Desk accessory or wall art

It never hurts to take the workplace into account. Is he an office worker with his own office or cubicle? Get him something to display on his desk or credenza. Not only will it spruce up his space, it will give him something to remember you during work hours. If the office idea doesn’t ring your chimes, get him something for his walls at home. There are endless possibilities, but a sports poster or a framed poster for his favorite musical group come to mind.

Pay for Lessons or Classes

Has he always wanted to learn photography? Does he yearn to finally learn to play the guitar or how to cook? Buy him a class online or at a local brick and mortar location. Online, you can browse, or to name a few e-learning sites. If you’re one of the millions of people with a Roku player or Roku TV, there is a channel called Master Class that teaches a number of courses to appeal to his inner student. Check it out!

Gift Basket

Stuff a basket with practical items, snacks and whimsical items, too. Add a bottle of the good stuff and he’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Everyone loves a gift basket, but if all you’re talking about it filling it with popcorn and chocolates, the idea might be stale. Instead, design your own gift basket by assembling an array of things he needs along with things he loves. Things like bluetooth earbuds, a new pocket knife and a belt buckle. Behind your main objects, tuck in a set of movie tickets and throw in some candy and snacks. This is a great way to present numerous small gifts or to make a grand display out of things like airline tickets, if you’ve got the desire and the bucks for it.

Club Membership

Do you love how your baby looks in jeans? Of course you do, so help him sculpt those buns of steel with a gym membership for his birthday. If he doesn’t have already have a preferred gym, think of his exercise habits and which gym would best fit his needs. If he’s taken care of in the exercise department, there are also motorcycle clubs, golf clubs, and social clubs, too. Present him with a membership to a club he cares about and his reaction will be priceless.

Vanity Plates

Has your honey recently bought a new vehicle? Take the initiative to buy him a set of vanity plates. Come up with something that includes his name or identity in some way. This has several purposes. It will boost his ego and will also help him make a statement. What that statement is, will be up to you, but look for clues in his hobbies, his work and his life history. How you personalize his plates is up to your imagination.

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