A Birthday Gift For Her: Top 15 Gift Ideas For The Sewing Fanatic

Know a sewist? I’ve got a great list to help you find the perfect birthday gift for her! This is coming from a girl who knows. I’ve got a large family with a crew of sew-happy sisters – including me – so I can vouch for every gift on this list.

In fact, I already have a bunch of these. And the ones I don’t have, I neeeeeed.

So trust me. These are great gift ideas for the seamstress in your life.

1. Custom Fabric

This would be an amazing birthday gift for her - and totally unique. You can upload a family picture, a drawing, a favorite quote, a secret recipe, whatever you want.

My sister got her children's drawings made into quilt squares (I would love that!). You can also order a swatch or big time yardage of your own pattern.

Talk about a gift your sew-happy friend won't soon forget!

2. Measuring Tape Bracelets

Love this idea! You can find classy tape measure bracelets on Amazon or cute handmade ones on Etsy, all for decent prices too.

Just remember to keep in mind the recipient's idea of style. You can get bracelets, earrings, necklaces, the whole gamut of measuring tape jewelry over at Etsy. I like their variety of artistic styles.

3. Handmade Needle Book

My mom gave me one of these and I LOVE it! It came stocked with every kind of needle you could imagine – beading, darning, sharps, upholstery… it’s phenomenal.

Etsy will be your best friend on this one. You can get patterns to make them yourself, or buy a beautiful needle book already made. 

Consider buying a variety pack of needles or some sharps to go with her book – it just tops off the gift.

4. Cute New Patterns

Buy her a couple of fun new projects… because obviously she doesn’t have enough already stashed sky high in her craft room, right?? ;)

Seriously though, sewing patterns give you *limitless* possibilities - from stuffed animals and dresses to hats and organization.

Some patterns come already paired with a supply kit! Love that.

Need It NOW?!?

Sewing patterns make a fantastic last minute gift. If you’ve procrastinated and need something delivered asap, just have buy the patterns or project book and have them sent directly to her email address as a digital birthday gift for her.

Instant delivery. Click – done!

5. Travel Size Thread Caddy

This is incredibly handy. I know because I have one. There's a place for scissors, pins, notions, and it fits only about a bazillion spools of thread.

My threads used to get into a horribly tangled mess when I took sewing projects to my sister's house. Now I can take nearly my whole thread collection without any of the loose strings getting knotted up. Yay!

I cannot tell you how many sewists have told me that they envy my little sewing.

6. Something “Sew Cute” for Her Crafting Space

Every seamstress needs a bit of inspiration hanging on the wall, sitting on her chair, or in her hand as she sips on her cup of ambition.

Beautiful sewing machines and scissors, quilting quotes, "Keep Calm" and sew quotes... have you seen all those cute sewing puns? They’re everywhere! That’s because we seamstresses love them. And yes, we want them sitting right where we can see them as we work.

7. Sharpening Pincushions

As we seamstresses know, you can always use another pincushion. They are handy gifts that she’ll use ALL. THE. TIME. Seamstresses can't get enough of them!

No really. We always need more.

A sharpening pincushion is fabulous for knocking all those annoying burrs off her pins that snag her fabric. You can find some super cute ones on Etsy or you can make them yourself! There are tutorials all over the net like this one for tiny cushions and this video tutorial for bigger ones - great video, just ignore the corny music. ;)

Going To DIY? Beware The Stuffing!

You'll want to stuff your "sharpening" pincushions with steel wool or emery. And keep these cushions *small*. Emery and steel wool are for sharpening only. If she stores her pins in there, they will rust. :( Sad story.

Walnut shells are great for pin storage, they give the cushion a nice weight, and they help keep your pins sharp, but they won't "sharpen" your pins. With the walnut shells, bigger is better.

8. Gingher Pinking Shears and Cutting Tools

My husband made me snicker when he said:
Gingher pinking shears? What the heck is Gingher pinking?”

Gingher pinking shears, knife edge shears, rotary cutters, self healing mats – any of these would make a fantastic birthday gift for her. All four would make a phenomenal gift set. (hint, hint. nudge, nudge.)

Why Gingher brand? A nice set of fabric scissors are priceless and Gingher scissors cut like a hot knife in butter. Mmmm.

Quick Side Note: In my world fabric scissors are sacred... but 3 year olds couldn't care less about "sacred". So if this is a gift for a young mommy, tell her to hide them well. Or just buy a more economical brand like Singer.

9. Gingher Stork Embroidery Scissors

All by themselves, these will make a lovely birthday gift for her. Best. Seam ripper. Ever. These are the most exquisite, itty-bitty pair of scissors you ever did see!

The handles are actually gold plated and they're shaped to look like a beautiful bird. They even come in a tiny leather sheath.

And in case you're wondering they cut like a dream! Ahhhh, so satisfying.

10. Thread!

If there’s one thing a seamstress goes through, it’s thread. Thread, thread and more thread. A handful of fun colored threads are the perfect birthday gift for her sewing addiction.

Get a thread set (I like Gutermann threads) and package them up with the latest issue of Threads Magazine.

Or better yet, pair it with a…

11. Threads Magazine Subscription

Sewing magazines are full of handy tips, projects, and fun new ideas. She’ll get her monthly inspiration in the mailbox right next to her newest crafting coupons. Yay!!!

12. Pincushion Caddy

Yes, I know it’s another pin cushion, but I was totally serious when I said we sewists can’t get enough of them. And this pincushion caddy would be soooooo handy.

When you’re pinning a project on the floor, it’s essential to have all your tools in one spot. This pincushion does that. It's easy to carry and easy to find amid the mess.

A fabulous birthday gift for her if she's the type that likes sanity. ;)

13. Thread Catcher and Pincushion Kit

Annnnnd we're back to the pincushion. But this one is amazing!!!

It sits in the perfect position to stash the pins as you sew AND catch all those annoying yet ever-present pieces of thread that appear when you have to cut off the ends of all your seams.

Save her vacuum. Save her sanity.  Get her an all-in-one thread catcher and pincushion that stay right where she needs them.

14. Notions Organizer

Creative minds are rarely tidy. We need help in that arena. All our little notions need a home – buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes. Don’t forget about all the elastic, zippers, and bias tape we have floating around.

Yes, any crafting storage would be much appreciated!

15. Decorative Sewing Pins

Glass pins, hat pins, beaded pins, fancy head pins… these are not needs, but they sure are a lovely addition to your workspace.

I have a couple in my pincushion and they are my favorites - the cherry on top of my sewing addiction. A fun, creative set will make a fabulous birthday gift for her.

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