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What are the best birthday gift ideas for mom? Well, I asked around and got quite a response! Want to know what they said? Here are the “gift ideas for mother” coming from mothers themselves.

And in case you missed the first set of ideas, visit page 1 of Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom.

Now onto the next set of ideas!

10. Lunch Date

Take her somewhere fun for lunch! It’s always fun to eat out, but sometimes you don’t want to go out at night.

Everyone enjoys a little mid-day holiday. ;)

9. Jewelry in Mom’s Style

Some moms never tire of jewelry. You just have to know what style to get for her. Sooo, go look in her jewelry box and see what styles you find!







11. Massage or Pedicure

Let’s face it – moms have one of the toughest jobs around. Whether they are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, it’s a true statement that “a mother’s work is never done”.

So give her a break! Give her a gift certificate to get a massage. If her feet ache, send her to the salon for a pedicure. Moms need time to defrag like anyone else. This is a great way to show her how much you appreciate all she does.

Trust me. Unless she's one of those "I don't like to be touched" kind of people, this is one of the best birthday gift ideas for mom!

12. Digital Picture Frames

For the mom who lives far away, load up some pictures of yourself and the family on a digital picture frame. You can also load a separate USB drive with more pictures so she can change up the slideshow.

13. Tickets to a Show

What play is she dying to see? Is there a theater she wants to try out? Get her 2 tickets to a showing and make her birthday that much happier!

14. Flowers! Shocked?? Eh, not really...

Yep. Moms still love flowers. Surprise her at home or send them to her office.

And if you want a really great response, you can always choose her favorite kind of flower...

...OR get her something unique – like a fresh flower “cake” or a bouquet of edible flowers! There are a bazillion creative bouquets out there if you look for them.

15. Baking Goods

This one actually surprised me. I’m not a baker – I enjoy it, but not enough to want baking goods… but apparently a lot of moms like this!

If your mom is the baking sort,think about the fun cupcake dishes she'd like to try, or a new cake plate she would love to display on the kitchen table - fun stuff like that.

Another great idea is to take a look at what she wants replaced. She might enjoy a fresh set of hot pads and spatulas, or even a cute new set of measuring cups. Add some unique flavorings, extracts, or go for the classic vanilla bean paste to make the gift more exciting for mom.

16. Crafty Night Out

Sign up for you and Mom to spend an evening painting canvases or making ceramics together. In most cities, you can find local shops to make your own clever creations. Such a fun way to spend time with her!

17. Scentsy

Better than candles! Get the fragrance with a beautiful warmer and without the flame. These warmers melt the scented wax, which fills the room with a luscious smell (I know, I’ve experienced them myself).

You’ll need to find out if your mom prefers a sweet fruity scent, the aroma of baked goodies, or more of a clean scent like lemon or lavender. You can get different kinds of warmers to match any kind of decor.

Really, this is a nice gift choice.

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