Ultimate Birthday Gifts For Him

It’s hard to find good birthday gifts for him that he doesn’t roll his eyes at (or thank you politely for) and put in his box with last years’ gifts. Don’t repeat last year’s mistake! Get him something he really wants – that birthday bullseye.

There are 3 effective shopping methods to find the best presents for men:

  1. His interests (what HE wants to receive)
  2. Your relationship (family, co-worker, spouse, etc.)
  3. Your own ideas and limits (what YOU want to get him)

Shopping Method #1: His Interests

His birthday really should be about him. Think about what he is “in” to. Watch what he surfs for on the net. Pay attention to what sounds like fun to him when the weekend comes. What does this guy like?

Click any relevant link below to find a list of ideas you can give the birthday boy! Or click through by page to peruse the entire list as you please.

Ultimate Birthday Gifts For Him

Sorted By Interests

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Adrenaline Junkie
BBQ Griller
Business Man
Chocolate Lover
Cars and Trucks
Dooms Dayer
Food Lover
Gadget Guy
Handy Man
Health Nut
Movie Buff
Outdoors Man
Tough Guy

See another category we need to list? Let us know! Let’s make this THE most comprehensive list of birthday gift ideas for him.

Shopping Method #2: Your Relationship

You need different gifts for different guys. Here are some good places to find specific ideas based on how you know him:

Shopping Method #3: Your Ideas and Limits


Buy him something he won’t buy for himself for 1 of 2 reasons:

  • Because he really wants it but can’t justify buying it
  • Or because it is something unique he never thought of before!

You might be looking to make him laugh this year – or perhaps you want to buy something he never thought of before. Some of us also have to consider our financial limits… like our budget!

We can’t just buy him whatever he wants – but we still want to buy him something great!

Here are some helpful pages to get you going:

But if you really want to make an impression, the best birthday gifts for him are found in Shopping Method #1, the gifts that fit his likes, hobbies and interests!

Tell us YOUR ideas on the best birthday gifts for him in the Facebook Comments below!

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