Ultimate Birthday Gifts For Men – Part 2

Welcome to page 2 of the Ultimate List of Birthday Gifts For Men! We’ve got a giant list of birthday gift ideas sorted by men’s interests and hobbies. Breeze through these ideas, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, head over to the “Gifts For Him” section of that column on the left of your screen.

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  • Horseback Riding. If he doesn’t have his own horses, he will love this.
  • Bull Whip. Every cowboy needs one. It’s just plain cool.
  • Bolo Tie or Giant Belt Buckle. The only accessories real cowboys wear… besides guns. If you can get them in sterling silver or real turquoise, all the better!
  • 6 Shooter Revolver and Leather Holster. True “John Waynes” love a classic pistol they can wear around their waist show-down style.

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Dooms Dayer

  • Survival Books. What’s the looming doom – chemical warfare? Nuclear holocaust? Collapse of technology and organized government? Foreign invasion? Get him the info he needs to prepare against the worst case scenario!
  • Ammo For His Arsenal. He’ll want plenty to combat the entire country if need be. He can’t get enough!
  • Dooms Day Survivor T-shirt. Did he live through the Mayan’s predicted apocalypse? Give him the shirt that says he’s been there, done that!
  • Emergency Light Kit. Get him a couple cans of Crisco, a couple wicks (or some twine), a skewer, and tada! He can make his own emergency candles which can double as a food source! There are several Crisco candle tutorials on YouTube that he can watch to give him instructions… or write out your own after you watch them. 😉

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Gadget Guy

  • Laser with Different Attachments. Lasers are just cool. Get the laser to show different pictures and you’ve just taken “cool” to a new level!
  • Metal Detector. The ultimate treasure hunt! Whether he’s going to the beach, to the mountains, or his own back yard, he will love finding buried treasure everywhere he goes.
  • Underwater Camera Mask. Next time he goes snorkeling, or even just swimming in his own pool, he can take pictures of anything he sees!
  • Rain Gauge. Guys love brainy little gadgets like this. Now he can measure how much rain fell overnight!

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  • Exotic or Hard-To-Get Seeds. Gardeners like variety. Find him a unique plant to include in his garden and watch him enjoy your gift for many seasons to come!
  • Recipes For His Garden Foods. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to cook the wonderful produce you just grew. Get him a recipe book that includes his favorite fruits and veggies from the garden!
  • Magazine Subscription to best gardening magazines. He will love getting new tips and ideas for his own veggie patch from each monthly installment.
  • Miniature Greenhouse. He can get a jump start on any season by growing his seedlings early!

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  • Sniper Scope. That’s a cool gadget even just for target shooting!
  • Bullet Cufflinks. Did you know there was such a thing? Imagine him going to work or church with bullets on his sleeves. Yeah.
  • Gun Magazine. Get him a subscription to a magazine with all the eye-candy a gun-lover could want!
  • Ammunition Magazine. Not the kind you buy at the stand – the kind that holds large numbers of bullets! If he has a 10 round magazine, get him a 25 round. Already has a 25 round? Get him a 50 round.
  • Old Fashioned Guns. Those old-school blacksmiths sure knew how to pack a punch! Buy him an antique or a usable replica of guns from his favorite era.

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