Ultimate List of Birthday Gifts For Men – Part 3

Hello! You’ve found page 3 of The Ultimate List of Birthday Gifts For Men! We’ve gathered birthday gift ideas for men based on their interests and hobbies. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, check out the full list of gifts for men to see if it holds the answer!

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Handy Man

  • Bucket Skirt. Turn that old bucket into a handy toolbox! Get him an organizer that lines walls of a construction bucket with pockets of various sizes for various tools.
  • Duct Tape Shirt. He will love any shirt with duct tape on it. After all, it fixes everything!
  • The “Man Can”. Make him the birthday gift basket of his dreams, with food and gadgets that men love!
  • Cargo Net For His Truck. When he’s got latest project loaded in the back of his truck, he’ll need a way to make sure it stays there! Save a little time on tying ropes and get him the cargo net.
  • Nuts And Bolts Cufflinks. For the classy handyman, get him the Phillips screw cufflink set.

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  • Barefoot Shoes. The popular Vibram Fivefingers are a hilariously practical shoe! While looking more like toe-socks, these shoes have a strong, protective sole and a breathable mesh on top to give those sweaty hiking feet a break.
  • Take Him On The Ultimate Hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or down the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Guaranteed to be a birthday gift he will remember!
  • A Falcon Guide. Get him the top-rated hiker’s guide specific to where he lives. Now he can go anywhere around him and find a hike that fits his taste and experience level exactly.
  • Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide. For long treks, weekend explorations, cold or hot environments – he’ll find everything he needs to know for his next backpacking adventure!

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Movie Buff

  • Take Him to See a Movie Premiere of an upcoming movie starring his favorite actors.
  • Upgrade His TV. Got a flat screen and a Blu-ray player already? Try a home theater projector and giant theater screen!
  • Netflix Subscription. Now he can watch whatever movie he wants and get it instantly streamed to his laptop or blue-ray player.
  • Movie Passes To Opening Night of a movie he’s excited to see! Always a winner. Better yet, throw the passes into a birthday gift basket for him and make it a more personal gift!

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The Music Madman!

  • Upgraded Speakers. For his car, his home theater, his headphones – upgrade those puppies so he can bump that bass in surround sound!
  • Travel-Size Speaker. Get one with Bluetooth compatibility and with some serious sound!
  • Tickets to His Favorite Band. Don’t make him go solo! Buy 2 tickets and go with him.
  • iTunes Gift Card. We usually nix the gift cards unless they are in a gift basket (too impersonal), but let’s face it – a music lover loves to buy his own music! You can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Memorabilia or Collectables. A laptop case, iPhone skin, blanket – something useful featuring his favorite band OR a collectable item that was actually used by the famed musical group

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Musician And Instrumentalist

  • Instrumental Lighting. Turn his favorite instrument into a luminary for his home!
  • Tickets to a Concert. Take him to a concert playing his favorite genre of music. Whether he loves heavy metal, country music or opera, this is always a winning birthday gift!
  • Home Recording Studio. If he writes his own music, get him the equipment and software he needs to record it! This is a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Guitar Pick Punch. He’ll never run out of guitar picks again! He can make his own from expired credit cards, grocery club cards, used gift cards, or any old plastic.

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