Ultimate List of Birthday Gifts For Men – Part 4

Welcome to page 4 of the Ultimate List of Birthday Gifts For Men! This is one of the largest, growing lists of gifts that guys actually want to get for their birthday. Peruse through this page, and if you want more great ideas, check out the little column of buttons on the left under “Gifts For Him”.

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Motor Heads – Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

  • Take Him To a Show, the next Nascar Race, monster truck rally or classic car show.
  • Hood Lights. Illuminate his workspace under the hood if he likes to work on cars.
  • KC Lights for his truck. Light up his playground, especially if he likes to go 4-wheeling in the dark!
  • The Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia. Lots of men like to read while they are… uh, shall we say taking care of business? Yes. So give the cyclist an entertaining book of useless information he’ll never need to know about his favorite ride! 😉
  • TV Series on DVD of his favorite cars and cycles reality show, like Chop Shop, Pimp Your Ride, and so on.

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The Relaxationalist… is that a word?

  • Massagers. Chair massagers, leg and foot massagers, handheld massagers, vibrating massagers – there is a reason there are so many popular varieties. Everyone loves them!
  • Spa Massage. Girls love a pedicure. Men love a massage! Spoil him with a 30 minute or 1-hour session to work out those tough knots in his back.
  • Diffuser and Humidifier. Help him recondition the air with a soft mist and satisfying aroma using a diffuser/humidifier combo.
  • Sounds That Inspire. Give him a little peace and quiet! Buy him the calming sounds of nature (rain, streams, ocean, birds, etc.) or relaxing music to clear his thoughts.

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Hopelessly Romantic And Sentimental Man

  • Hand-Painted Portraits. Hire an artist to draw or paint his portrait. You can send in a picture of him by himself, with someone he cares about, or doing something he loves. Memorialize that moment!
  • A Book Of His Loves. Talk him on a walk down memory lane with a personalized photo book about his family, his friends, a magical trip you took together, or just about how you feel about him. Companies like Snapfish or Shutterfly make it easy to create your own personalized birthday gifts!
  • Take Him To A Midnight Showing of a romantic movie. Be sure to get 2 tickets so you can go with him. 😉
  • Dinner On The Lake, or a movie in the desert! Check out more romantic gift ideas for men.

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Sports, Weightlifter, Health Nut

  • Wellness Monitoring Wristband. These wristbands measure nutrition, activity, distance, and sleep patterns to help you monitor your healthy (or unhealthy) habits!
  • Tickets to a Sporting Event. Take him to see his favorite team or athlete play! Or take him to a professional weightlifting championship or boxing match.
  • Let Him Play Ball! The batting cages, practice putting-greens, whatever his favorite game of ball is, take him to practice on the field!
  • Essential Oils. Give him the gift of health with high-quality, natural oils that boost immunity, ease symptoms, and helps to balance mental health.

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Tough Guy

  • Weapons. Weapons are always in style! Bullwhips. Chinese stars. Metal studded clubs. Daggers from the 17th century. Antique guns, new guns. You can’t go wrong with an amazing weapon.
  • A Unique Zippo Lighter. C’mon, every guy likes to burn stuff.
  • Firecrackers. Need I say more??
  • Big Bobber Floating Cooler. Put his drinks and snacks in a cooler that floats in the pool! Now he never has to leave the pool to open a cold one.
  • Tickets to Watch Pro Fighting. Whether it’s wrestling, boxing, or martial arts, tough guys love to watch a good fight!
  • Take Him to a Car Show, like the next Nascar Race, monster truck rally, or classic car show. Fast, tough, monstrous hunks of metal against metal… yep. He’s going to love it.

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