Ultimate Birthday Gifts For Men – Part 1

Welcome to the Ultimate List of Birthday Gifts for Men! This list helps you find great gift ideas based on his likes, interests, and hobbies. This here is page 1 of the expanded list. Check out the full list of ideas for more great ideas on what to give him for his birthday!

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Adrenaline Junkie

  • Tickets To An Adventure. He’s an adrenaline junkie. Need I say more? Ok, I will. Take him skydiving. Parasailing. Hang gliding. Cliff jumping. Rock climbing. Repelling. Swimming with the sharks. There are SO many thrills to be had!
  • Tree Obstacle Courses. These include zip lines, rope ladders, swings and tons of extreme fun!
  • Take Him To a Vertical Wind Tunnel. The floor is basically a giant fan, and you get to practice skydiving and free falling!
  • TV series on DVD of his favorite high-adventure sport.

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BBQ Griller, Cook, or Food Lover

Man Apron for BBQ Birthday Gift Basket
  • Chef’s Fork With Meat Thermometer. Get him the grilling fork that tells him when his meat is ready.
  • Fancy BBQ Marinades. Give him something new to try at the next cookout.
  • Grilling Planks. He’ll enjoy his favorite meats cooked with that perfect smoked flavor! Get cedar, cherry, maple or alder wood and watch his mouth water as he opens his gift.
  • MAN Apron. Give the king of the grill an apron that declares he’s the MAN! Buy an apron and monogrammed letters to spell “THE MAN”. Stitch or iron them on. Add chain and barbeque charms for extra machismo.

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Brainy Guys And Readers

  • Nook or Kindle if he doesn’t already have one. If he does, buy him a few books for his digital library!
  • Magazine subscription. Choose whatever hobby he is into and buy him a year’s worth of magazines delivered straight to his home. It’s the gift that keeps giving!
  • Personalized Picture Puzzle. Did you know you can get your favorite photos turned into a jigsaw puzzle? There’s nothing better than a personalized birthday gift. Use any program like Snapfish or Shutterfly and turn that picture into a fun new project!
  • Wooden Brain Benders. Test his mental agility with wooden puzzles. These can range from beginner to extremely advanced. Some guys actually find this incredibly relaxing!

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Business Man or Techie

  • Eye and Privacy Protector for his computer. The screen protects his eyes by reducing screen glare and VLF/ELF radiation. He can see clearly while the passerby’s view of his computer screen is blurred.
  • WiFi and USB Cufflinks. Yes, you read that right. These cufflinks are top-secret spy material! One cufflink opens to reveal a USB drive while the other turns into a hotspot. An amazing tool for that high-class business meeting.
  • Video Pen. Here’s another spy-quality device. You can use it as a regular pen. Turn on the camera, put it in your shirt pocket, and record wherever you go!
  • Jellyfish Aquarium. Forget the generic fish tank – jellyfish are calm yet powerful creatures, much like businessmen. This is a unique twist on the workplace aquarium that will surprise him and the entire staff!
  • Bluetooth Speaker. Small. Classy. Convenient without sacrificing sound quality!

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Camper and Outdoors Man

  • Cooking Grill. Turn his campfire into a barbeque – the best of two worlds!
  • Fire Pit. Now he can enjoy the campfire from the comfort of his back porch, or take it with him on the next beach trip!
  • Survival Gear. What if he got lost in the desert? The mountains? The forest? Fill a quality hiking backpack with things like a compass, survivalist knife (including a wood saw), flint and steel fire-starter, a wind-up radio, binoculars, headlamp, glow sticks, whistle, rope, water canister, water purifiers – prepare him against the worst-case scenario… or just buy him the item he doesn’t have yet.
  • Beardski or Beanie Beard. Keep his chin from freezing with this husky bearded mask! The Beardski adds humor to the vented, washable ski mask. And the Beanie Beard is a hilarious handmade beanie made for your chin. Great for boys of any age!  

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