Best Birthday Gifts For Moms

We shop for her birthday every year of our entire lives. Great birthday gifts for mom get trickier and trickier as our creativity runs dry. Try out these dandy ideas for mom’s birthday this year – they just might put a spark back into your gifting!

Pssst… the ideas we recommend were suggested by moms, so pay attention!

1. Purse Hanger

It is portable. It is compact. And you can get it in just about any style she likes. For the mom who likes to keep her purse handy at the restaurant, this is fantastic to have around! She keeps it in her purse until it’s time to sit down for dinner. Then she effortlessly places it on the table and hangs her purse on the hook.

Purse Hanger Birthday Gift

2. Personalized Penny Bracelet

A gift treasured by every mother, the penny bracelet celebrates every treasured event (or child). Each event or child’s name is hand stamped across the face of a penny, and then beautifully arranged with other pennies of your choosing.

When you give your mom her customized penny bracelet, be sure to have tissues on hand. You might just bring a happy tear to her eye (a good sign that this was a great birthday gift).

Baby Penny Charm Birthday Gift

3. Progressive Dinner

Take your mother to get appetizers at one restaurant, dinner at another, and dessert somewhere else. What fun to spend the evening diner-hopping around town! Don’t live in town? Get her gift cards to different restaurants so she can still take a friend and go out on her birthday.

4. Memory Books

Mom’s love memory books… especially quality ones that they didn’t have to spend countless hours trying to make on their own! We recommend companies like Snapfish or Shutterfly – they are both professional and affordable. Get a free login, upload some of mom’s favorite pictures, and get creating!

This saves you scrapbooking time (if you’re into scrapbooking) and they look great.

5. Family Pictures DVD

Guaranteed to be a gift that makes her go “Awwwww!” Gather baby pictures of when she was a baby, of her own babies, or her grandbabies. Have them digitized and turned into a beautiful slideshow on DVD!

Birthday Gifts for Mom

You can give the slideshow whatever mood you like. If she’s a funny mama, put songs like “Baby Elephant Walk” or “Linus And Lucy” in the background. If she’s sentimental, play the lullabies she sang to her own babies. Or do all of the above!

These make happy little (or not so little) birthday gifts for mom that she can watch over and over again with the whole family.

Make sure to doll up the case cover!

6. Frame-Worthy Phrases

Get some vinyl lettering to go on her wall or on a plaque. You can have them custom made, and they are surprisingly inexpensive.

When choosing a quote or phrase to use, go for something unique to mothers. One of our favorite lines is…

“When all else fails, do it like your mother told you to!”

7. A Mother’s Journal

A book full of blank pages bordered by beautiful quotes about motherhood, a >mother’s journal is a beautiful reminder of her calling as a mom. This is a thoughtful gift for the mother who likes to take notes, keep a diary, or jot down the funny things her kids did that day.

Birthday Gift for Mother

8. Personalized Treasures

For the sentimental mom, put your family portrait on a mouse pad, an apron, a mug, something she will use a bunch. You can make your own stuff at places like Zazzle or Snapfish or get them done at a nearby Super Target or Walmart. These usable keepsakes will touch your mom’s heart. And that’s the important thing.

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