Best and Worst Birthday Gifts For Wife

Need a present for your better half? Buying the perfect birthday gifts for wife can be tough. Get your gift-giving schemes a jump start with this dandy little list of gift ideas you should get her… and ideas of what NOT to get her!

Gift Ideas For Wife

Women’s Tool Box

She gets tired of being the damsel in distress when it comes to handy work. Time for her to get her very own tool kit!

She doesn’t need a garage full of tools, just a box with the basics.

She doesn’t want ugly man-tools either that will get mixed up and lost among yours. She wants a tool kit of a different color – literally. A soft green, a hot pink, a happy orange or purple, they all do the same work as your tools but with more finesse… and there is no mistaking which tools are hers!

Upgraded Wedding Ring

If you’ve been married a while and you notice other rings seem more enticing to your wife, it might be time to upgrading her wedding ring or giving her an anniversary band.

You could also buy a new diamond for the ring and turn the old diamond into a pendant. Then she always has the original rock you gave her – and if she is sentimental, that will be important!

Pampering Birthday Gifts For Wife

This is a timeless classic. Every woman loves to feel spoiled, and there’s no better place to start than tending to her tight back or tough calloused feet (women hate to admit they have callouses!). Buy her a day at the spa, a manicure, a pedicure, or all of the above!

Or you can do it for her, yourself! Indulge your wife with spa creams, oils and balms for her very own pampering session at home.

*Newlywed* Birthday Gifts For Wife

It’s hard to know what to get your new spouse when you’re in your 1st year of marriage… but finding fantastic “wife” birthday gift ideas are actually not as hard as you may think!

Play that newlywed card and make it a birthday she’ll never forget.

Got Your Registry?

Check out your gift registry from your wedding. Since you just got married, chances are the list is still active – and it’s a perfect wifely wish list for you to shop from! What did she register for that she didn’t get? It’s almost a guaranteed list of winning birthday gift ideas for your wife’s birthday.

Celebrate Your Marriage

Remember why you fell in love with her? Remember all the silly things you used to do to woo her? What were those inside jokes you had when you were dating? Make a memory book of pictures, inside jokes, and meaningful quotes. Simply upload your pictures to a program like Snapfish or Shutterfly, create your book online, and order it for your sweetheart.

Celebrate Your Relationship

Nostalgia is key to a great birthday gift for a newlywed wife. Buy a painting of or memorabilia from the place you asked her to marry you – or another place of great significance to your relationship. It will bring her right back to those tender moments you shared.

I Love You Because…

Give her a card that tells her every reason in the world why you love her. This can be something as simple as “Because your eyes are brown” or “Because you share the blanket when it’s cold outside”. Come up with the same number of reasons as years that she’s lived (if she’s turning 25 years old – come up with 25 good reasons… or give her 365 reasons for every day of her 25th year on earth).

Then give her the same number of her favorite candies, and you have one of the sweetest birthday gifts for your new wife.

Birthday Gifts For Wife Who Has Everything

Let Her Choose Her Own Gift… Then YOU Pick!

Here’s a great idea for when you just don’t know what to get her (or you are afraid of spending money on a total flop). Have your wife go to her favorite store and play “house” or “dress up”. Have her place her favorite 3-5 things on hold. Later on, go down to the store yourself – without her – and buy the one you want to give. Then her gift is still a bit of a surprise, but you know it’s something that she wants!

This works for so many couples who struggle to find a good gift for each other.

Enchanting Ride In The Sky

Wives who have been there, done that, would agree that a hot air balloon ride is both exciting and romantic! Cuddle your sweetheart as you float effortlessly over the distant panorama below. The view is incredible and the memory unforgettable.

Check out this list of more romantic birthday gifts for wife!

Cruise The Open Seas

Take her to the ocean for the experience of a lifetime! The hard part will be choosing a favorite part – watching the sunset from the deck, the shore adventures, the relaxation, and all-night parties. There is something for every woman on a cruise.

Worst Birthday Gifts For Wife

This is the Don’t-Buy list. If you want to avoid a sad wife and a night (or a year) in the dog house, avoid these gifts at all costs! Unless she specifically asks – or hints very strongly – these gifts can only lead to trouble.

  • No lingerie, let her get her own.
  • No pots, pans, or kitchen knives – again, unless she specifically asks to get it for her birthday.
  • No irons, vacuums or other household appliances. Seriously. Worst gifts ever.

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