Birthday Gifts Ideas for Teens

Trying to think of the perfect birthday gifts ideas for teens can be tough. They’re at that in-between stage where they’re not quite kids anymore but they’re not quite adults either.

You want to get them something they’ll actually like and use, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Well, even though teens can be tough to shop for, this will give you inspiration for great birthday gifts ideas for teens whether that be a boy or a girl.

So whether you’re looking for something practical or something fun, I’ve put together the perfect present list, sure to please even the pickiest of teenagers.

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Readers Ask:
What Should I Get a Teenage Girl for Her Birthday?

Here is my “If List.” What’s an “if list?” you ask. No really, in your head is fine. 🙂

Simply ask the “if” questions below to do a quick birthday gift brainstorm. Check it out:

  • If she’s into fashion, get her a gift card to her favorite clothing store
  • If she’s into beauty, get her a Sephora or Ulta gift card
  • If she likes to read, get her a Barnes & Noble gift card
  • If she’s into music, get her an iTunes or Spotify gift card
  • If she likes to be active, get her a sports equipment or gym membership

Okay, that was my quick list of ideas for you to give to your girlfriend. If you still want more ideas continue reading. There’s plenty more birthday gift ideas for teens where that came from!

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Teens

Nail Polish & Manicure Sets

What girl doesn’t love her nails painted? Younger girls love happy, vibrant colors. Teens like something that pops, sparkles or bedazzles their nails. The older she is, the more she will want the added comforts of a quality nail file and a soothing sugar scrub for those callouses. Find the perfect nail kit, and you’ll make a very happy birthday girl.

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Penny Pendants

No matter their age, girls love jewelry. Get her something of meaning, something that really stands out, something no one else has. A personalized penny minted the same year she was born or minted the year of a milestone birthday makes a perfect birthday gift for girls.

Jewelry Organizer

As I said before, girls love their jewelry. And the amount of jewelry is destined to increase. Get her a necklace stand or earring hanger to help her sort through her adorning treasures!

Aprons and Baking Mixes

For the wannabe bakers, a little baking kit is a great gift! You can find cookie cutters, measuring cups, even small baking pans in different shapes. Gather a few of these fun baking accessories, a cookie or cake mix, an apron (if you’re feeling crafty, make the apron yourself) and you’re set.

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Candy Bouquets

Girls love sugar. Younger girls love the idea of a lollipop bouquet whereas the older girls want an array of chocolates, caramels and quality goodies. Whatever you pick, sugared sweets make great teenage girls’ birthday gifts. Yummm….

Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

Another tasty option – and one of the more sought-after birthday gifts ideas for teens, is to give her a simple gift with a very thoughtful twist. Download a personalized candy bar wrapper to personalize any chocolate bar! Then watch her smiling face as she reads the clever ingredients list.

Techy Accessories

What teen doesn’t love to dress up her stuff? Try a glitzy phone skin or a sparkling jack protector. These are winners with every phone-happy girl… and that’s most of them.

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Photo Props Kit

These are very popular birthday gifts ideas for teens – especially among teenage girls. With a digital camera and a photo props kit, the photo memories are endless! She’ll need everything from glasses and lips to hats and mustaches. And when she opens it at the party, chances are she’ll request a few snapshots right on the spot.

Spunky School Supplies

Teens and tweens love pencils that sparkle, pens that write in every color, folders that you can doodle all over, and staplers with bling. Find a few of these and package them in one big birthday gift for the birthday girl.

Fancy Shmancy Piggy Bank

Surprisingly, teens still love to get piggy banks – and these come in the craziest designs! Princess pigs, peace pigs, peony pigs… you name it! Get one for her desktop. She’ll be saving her loose change for her fancy piggy bank.

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Crazy Socks

Yet another great teenage girl birthday gift idea – toe sock, slipper socks, knee socks, socks with funky designs or funny phrases – girls love crazy socks! Pick a pair or two for her birthday.

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Girls love making presents for their best friends. Friendship bracelet kits are an excellent idea for the crafty teenage girl.

Bean Bag

Teens love to chill out. A bean bag makes them comfortable wherever they flop down to study, listen to music, or just hang out.

No matter what you end up getting them, I hope my list of birthday gifts ideas for teens has helped jump start your shopping! At the end of the day, it’s not about how much money you spend – it’s about finding something that shows you care and are thinking about them on their special day. So happy shopping, and we hope you find the perfect present!

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