Pinterest-Worthy Birthstone Color Charts You Can Trust

Finding a beautiful birthstone color chart with reliable information is a real trick. A few years back, when I looked for birthstone charts, I found a few pretty ones, but none that were worth pinning on my Pinterest boards because they had the wrong information.

Soooo… what’s with the pretty but wrong charts??

How do I know they were wrong? Because the “official” charts listed different stones.

I went on the hunt and discovered that – in all fairness – “official” birthstones are arguable, considering the innumerable ancient and modern traditions.

But the most credible birthstone experts listed the same information from the same sources.

So I went directly to the source and made my own birthstone color charts!

Some people looking at my charts may not realize this or read this explanation, but I’ve highlighted it here so it’s easier to see. That way you’ll all know where the info came from. Okydoke? Now let’s take a look.

Birthstone Color Charts & Lists

Click any picture below to take you to a pin-able birthstone chart… one that’s both pretty to look at AND has correct information. Yeah! ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Official List

4. Modern

6. Day of Week

illustration set of precious stones of different cuts and colors


1. Birthstone Color Chart

An acceptable alternative to any birthstone is another stone of a similar color. Here’s the perfect chart for finding birthstone alternatives by color.

Birthstone Color List

January โ€“ Deep Red
February โ€“ Purple
March โ€“ Light Blue (alternative: Green)
April โ€“ White (alternative: Clear)
May โ€“ Green
June โ€“ Light Purple (alternative: White)
July โ€“ Red
August โ€“ Light Green
September โ€“ Deep Blue
October โ€“ Pink
November โ€“ Yellow (alternative: Orange)
December โ€“ Blue
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2. Official Birthstone List

A lot of sites give different information as to what are the true birthstones. But according to the American Gem Trade Association, here are the “official” gems for you to pick from, the ones most commonly found in ancient and modern traditions.

Official Birthstones

January โ€“ Garnet
February โ€“ Amethyst
March โ€“ AquamarineBloodstone
April โ€“ Diamond
May โ€“ Emerald
June โ€“ PearlAlexandriteMoonstone
July โ€“ Ruby
August โ€“ Peridot
September โ€“ Sapphire
October โ€“ OpalPink Tourmaline
November โ€“ Yellow TopazCitrine
December โ€“ TurquoiseZirconTanzanite
Official Birthstone Color Chart
illustration set of precious stones of different cuts and colors

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3. Traditional Birthstones By Month

These stones tend to be the ones based most commonly in ancient cultures and traditions.

Traditional Birthstone List

January โ€“ Red Garnet
February โ€“ Amethyst
March โ€“ Aquamarine
April โ€“ Diamond
May โ€“ Emerald
June โ€“ Pearl
July โ€“ Ruby
August โ€“ Peridot
September โ€“ Sapphire
October โ€“ Opal
November โ€“ Yellow Topaz
December โ€“ Turquoise

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4. Modern Birthstones By Month

These birthstones are based on more current trends in the modern world.

Modern Birthstone List

January โ€“ Red Garnet
February โ€“ Amethyst
March โ€“ Bloodstone
April โ€“ Diamond
May โ€“ Emerald
June โ€“ Alexandrite
July โ€“ Ruby
August โ€“ Peridot
September โ€“ Sapphire
October โ€“ Pink Tourmaline
November โ€“ Citrine
December โ€“ Tanzanite
illustration set of precious stones of different cuts and colors

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5. Zodiac Birthstones

Zodiac birthstones are based on astrology. You’ll see any number of different zodiac stone lists all over the web. Why? Every culture in every century has its own “expert” astrologers. So you may still see some reliable lists out there with different info based on different civilizations.

This list, however, seems to be the most commonly referenced list in the history books and birthstone charts.

Zodiac Birthstone List

Aquarius Birthstone – Garnet
Pisces Birthstone – Amethyst
Aries Birthstone – Bloodstone
Taurus Birthstone – Sapphire
Gemini Birthstone – Agate
Cancer Birthstone – Emerald
Leo Birthstone – Onyx
Virgo Birthstone – Carnelian
Libra Birthstone – Peridot (a.k.a. Chrysolite)
Scorpio Birthstone – Aquamarine (a.k.a. Beryl)
Sagittarius Birthstone – Topaz
Capricorn Birthstone – Ruby
Zodiac Birthstones

See Curious Lore of Precious Stones, Kunz, pg. 343

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6. Birthstones By Day Of The Week

These are known as “birthday stones” โ€“ birthstones based on the day you were born, not the month you were born.

Most people choose from the monthly birthstone lists above. But if you’re like me and you have an aversion to the stones picked out for you, try out this list to see if one tickles your fancy.

NOTE: To see what day of the week someone was born, you can look up their birth date with this simple little day-of-the-week calculator.

Birthday Stone List

Monday โ€“ Pearl
Tuesday โ€“ Ruby
Wednesday โ€“ Amethyst
Thursday โ€“ Sapphire
Friday โ€“ Emerald
Saturday โ€“ Turquoise
Sunday โ€“ Topaz
illustration set of precious stones of different cuts and colors

See Curious Lore of Precious Stones, Kunz, pg. 332-333

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7. Birthstone List By Seasons

Here’s another lovely yet less-known list of birthstone names, this time based on your birth season as opposed to your birth month.

Seasonal Birthstones

Spring โ€“ Emerald
Summer โ€“ Ruby
Fall โ€“ Sapphire
Winter โ€“ Diamond
illustration set of precious stones of different cuts and colors

See Curious Lore of Precious Stones, Kunz, pg. 324-325

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I checked many, many birthstones, color, and birth flower “experts” when making these birthstone color charts. The most credible experts cited the same sources, which I eventually turned to myself.

Here are links to them if you want to check them out.

1. American Gem Trade Association (AGTA)
They are the experts EVERYONE quotes. The AGTA created the “official” birthstone list back in 1912 to help standardize modern traditions and make birthstone shopping easier for jewelers and buyers alike.

2. The Curious Lore of Precious Stones, by George Kunz
He lists the most comprehensive research on birthstone superstitions and their origins over ancient and modern history. Kind of a dry read at times, but intriguing… and most importantly, reliable!

3. Old Farmer’s Almanac

They have a listing of all the same traditional flowers mentioned in source #2 and modern alternatives with various meanings.

4. Wikipedia – Birth Flowers

I found this information to be in sync with other flower authorities as well. They include tables showing birth flower traditions from various cultures around the world.

5. Color Wheel Pro

These guys know their colors! I really like their short yet descriptive list of color meanings. (Unfortunately, the page I previously linked to has been retired. For those of you who remain curious, here is the URL of the page via

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