The Birthstone For April Is The Diamond

The birthstone for April is the diamond – which is probably the most famous of all gemstones in the world simply because of its unique hardness and transparency. Its popularity also garnered a lot of interesting legends and lore.

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April Birthstone Color

Official Birthstone

April Birthstone Meaning

Diamond Facts and Mythology

Alternative Birthstone For April

April’s Birth Flowers

April Birthstone Color


White means integrity, purity, and friendship. It also symbolizes new birth and hope.

Here’s a funny side note – the color white used to mean the opposite of what it means now!

It once represented death and sorrow in Greece, Rome and Italy. Widows used to dress in white or wear white bands around their heads as a symbol of their mourning.

April Birthstone and Color

Traditional & Modern Birthstone For April:

April Birthstone - Diamond

The diamond is the hardest natural substance known in the world. Most of the diamond’s meaning, legends, and mythological qualities stem from its clear color and incredible hardness.

Birthstone Meaning

Innocence, Love, Power, Strength, Endurance

The diamond is a representation of strength, resolve, and perseverance. It is also a symbol of purity, clarity, and wisdom. It is said to bring courage, power and success to the one who wears it.

Facts & Mythology

In Sanskrit, the word diamond means “thunderbolt”, as one common legend explains that the gem was born from lightning. Another legend describes its birth as a creation made from gold and the sun.

Another popular story from ancient lore claims that whatever power the diamond had could only work if the stone was given as a gift. If the diamond was bought or sold, the spirit of the diamond would be offended and leave the stone (similar to legends behind turquoise).

The diamond was also believed to ward off insanity and evil spirits, prevent aging, and bring the wearer power, wealth, luck, and friends… but most people who attract power and wealth also seem to attract “new friends” right? 😉

What I found most fascinating in diamond folklore wasn’t in one particular story but in the extreme opposite meanings given to the gem in ancient times. In some cultures, it was known as the stone of misfortune and darkness. But for most others, the diamond meant incredible strength, good luck, and virtue.

April Birthstone Poem

She who from April dates her years
Diamonds should wear, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow.
This stone Emblem of innocence is known.

Innocence, repentance — sun and shower —
The diamond or the sapphire is her dower.

Curious Lore of Precious Stones,
George Kuntz, pg 328

Alternative Birthstone For April: Sapphire


The unofficial birthstone for April is the sapphire birthstone. Even though the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) made the diamond the official birthstone, some experts argue that the true birthstone for April should have been the sapphire since it was used in so many ancient cultures and rituals.

But alas, the AGTA put the sapphire down as September’s birthstone… and pretty much everyone uses their list like modern birthstone scripture.

To read more about the sapphire birthstone meaning and mythology, see September’s birthstone page.

April Birth Flowers


The white daisy is April’s traditional birth flower. Like the color of its petals, the daisy means innocence, purity, loyalty and friendship.

Sweet Pea

The modern April birth flower is the sweet pea. This flower means “blissful pleasure” – which is what I feel every time I smell them! Their scent is one of the sweetest I’ve ever known (bet you couldn’t tell that I love this flower).

April Birth Flower - Daisy

Sources For September Birthstone & Flowers: See sources listed on the Birthstone Color Chart page.

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