Birthstone Jewelry For Men – Gift Ideas From Guys

Looking for birthstone jewelry for men? I have to admit that I’m guilty of automatically thinking “girl” when I see the word “jewelry” – but men like jewelry too! My dad once told me that guys want to wear tough-looking jewelry like thick chains, shark teeth, or wearable barbed wire… but they still want to look nice.

That in mind, I took his suggestions – and suggestions from other men in my life – and put together a list of birthstone jewelry that men actually like.

I also included a list of gifts that they considered appropriate substitutes for jewelry that still fit the concept of birthstones.

Birthstone Jewelry For Men

Non-Jewelry “Birthstone” Gift Ideas

Birthstone for Men

SIDE NOTE: You’ll need to know what birthstone is his. Be sure to check out this birthstone list by month or this page with official birthstone charts to see which stone you want to buy.

1. Class Ring

For the man who loves his Alma Mater (high school, college, trade school, or whatever), give him a meaningful birthstone ring that declares the year of his graduation.

My dad wears his almost as religiously as his wedding ring!

2. Military Service Ring

His birthstone inlaid in an army, navy or marine ring will honor him not only for his birthday but also for the service he’s done for his country. Any veteran appreciates when someone acknowledges his sacrifices on our behalf. Just ask my army-man brother.

3. Masculine Pendant

Truly manly necklaces often sport a chunky or geometric pendant hanging from a thick cord or chain. Be sure his pendant doesn’t look to “soft” or frilly. A good choice is a crystal on a black cord or dog tags with his birthstone embedded.

4. Cufflinks

My husband loves his cufflinks – and cufflinks are a perfect example of high-class birthstone jewelry for men. Buy a set with inlaid birthstones for a sleek jewelry gift.

5. Men’s Bracelet

Of course, heavy metal or leather bracelets are always fashionable for men. If you can’t find one with his actual stone, consider one with beads or bands made in the same color as his birthstone.

Braided or macrame bracelets are a trendy choice. You can always buy them pre-made, or you can make it yourself to add a more personal touch.

(If you can’t find a bracelet in his birthstone that you like, you might opt for the bike chain bracelets they make and skip the whole “birthstone” idea altogether… just a suggestion.)

6. Belt Buckle

Whether the birthstones are inlaid around the buckle, or if the buckle frames one giant stone, a masculine belt buckle is a great piece of birthstone jewelry for men.

You can find plenty of turquoise belt buckles, but most other birthstones I have to look for in custom shops. Etsy is a great place to find custom birthstone belt buckles!

7. Wrist Watch

Most men appreciate a good lookin’ watch. Get one the color of his birthstone or with a small single birthstone gem inlaid in the face of the watch. Lovely as the latter is, it is much harder to find. You’ll have better luck looking for watches that have a face or band (or both) that are the color of his birthstone.

Non-Jewelry “Birthstone” Gift Ideas

“What if my guy doesn’t like jewelry? Even if I bought him some, he wouldn’t wear it.

No sweat!

There are plenty of gifts that count as “birthstone gifts”. All you have to do is find something made with the same color as his official birthstone color. Hey, if I can get rhinestone rings from the guys, they can get colored t-shirts from me!

Here are more suggestions to feed your creative gifting ideas. Remember, just find something the same color as his birthstone (or with his birthstone inlaid if you can):

  1. T-shirts (funny phrases or favorite cartoon characters make fun)
  2. Hat (some hats have birthstone accents like a pin or strap, depending on the kind of hat – cowboy, baseball, fedora, newsboy cap, etc.)
  3. Pocket Knife 
  4. Classy Office Pen
  5. Belt 
  6. Cell Phone Cover
  7. Cell Phone Charms
  8. Shoes or Laces
  9. Keyboards and other office equipment
  10. Rock Candy (or other yummy candies)
  11. Tools
  12. Gun Holsters (my brother wants one in bright red)
  13. Sunglasses

Remember to include something about his birthstone on the birthday card. Whether it’s the stone and color, the birthstone history and meaning, or whatever, don’t neglect the opportunity to tell him how thoughtful you were in remembering his birthstone.

Wait, you don’t remember what his birthstone is? Look it up on this birthstone list by month.

What’s the best birthstone jewelry for men in your opinion? Tell us
in the comments below!

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