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I like to include birthstone meanings in the card when I give presents with birthstones. It makes the gift more thoughtful and interesting. Here's the list of popular meanings and ancient symbolism to help you with your gift-giving!

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July Birthstone

birthstone meanings, birthstone list, ruby birthstone


Love, Courage, Passion, Devotion, Strength

In ancient times, the ruby was believed to ward off evil. It is said to be a high energy stone with the ability to open your hear to love, bring heightened feelings of generosity, and promote good health. It is believed to protect your children, your possessions, and bring great prosperity to the wearer.

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August Birthstone

birthstone meanings, birthstone list, peridot birthstone


Compassion, Friendliness, Health, Harmony

The Peridot was once believed to be the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess. Peridot is believed to alleviate feelings of anger, jealousy, and stress. This stone of healing is believed to help bring balance and harmony to the body and happiness to married life.

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September Birthstone

birthstone meanings, birthstone list, sapphire birthstone


Creativity, Light, Joy, Beauty, Clarity

The sapphire is technically a blue ruby. The sapphire is said to increase intuition and bring clarity of mind to the owner. It increases imagination and artistic ability. It is also helpful in manifestation, bringing your hopes and dreams to life.

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October Birthstone

birthstone meanings, birthstone list, opal birthstone


Imagination, Creativity, Innocence, Fidelity

Legends claims that the bright colors found in opal are lightning strikes captured in stone. Opal is said to encourage a strong sense of imagination, ingenuity and playfulness. It is soothing during turbulent times of life, brings feelings of self-worth and vibrancy to relationships of love.

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birthstone meanings, birthstone list, pink tourmaline birthstone

MODERN: Pink Tourmaline

Flexibility, Happiness, Objectivity, Tolerance, Serenity

Tourmaline has a unique, scientific and magical element to it. When the gem is heated or rubbed, it generates a certain static electricity that attracts small things to its surface. Thus it is a stone of attraction. Tourmaline is believed to increase creativity, heal emotional scars, and bring feelings of safety and comfort to the wearer.

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November Birthstone

birthstone meanings, birthstone list, topaz birthstone


Confidence, Clarity, Balance, Love, Creativity

Topaz is believed to be a stone of balance, bringing feelings of self-confidence, serenity, and a greater forgiving nature to the wearer. It is also said to be a powerful attractor of true love, creativity, and hope. This stone’s name originates from the Sanskrit word “topas” meaning “fire”.

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birthstone meanings, birthstone list, citrine birthstone

MODERN: Citrine

Clarity, Creativity, Energy, Hope, Luck

As a form of quartz, citrine is believed to have powerful healing powers. Anciently, it was used to protect against snake venom and evil thought. It is believed to bring clarity of mind, vitality to both mind and body, and protection from negativity.

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December Birthstones

birthstone meanings, birthstone list, turquoise birthstone


Wisdom, Prosperity, Honesty, Friendship, Peace

Turquoise was once known as a symbol of great wealth. It is held as a sacred stone in many different cultures both anciently and now. It is believed to bring powerful spiritual understanding, protection, health and abundance. Turquoise also encourages open and honest communication, true friendship, and peace.

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birthstone meanings, birthstone list, blue zircon birthstone

MODERN #1: Blue Zircon

Success, Love, Luck, Happiness, Honor

Historically, zircon was used to drive away plagues and evil spirits. It is said to reduce depression, insomnia, and believed to help you turn your dreams into reality. Zircon has birthstone meanings of romance, integrity and good fortune.

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birthstone meanings, birthstone list, tanzanite birthstone

MODERN #2: Tanzanite

Peace, Compassion, Enlightenment, Protection

Tanzanite is a rare and popular gemstone believed to help alleviate stress and depression. It is said to provide spiritual protection, and increase feelings of sympathy. Tanzanite is often used to help with meditation or relaxation.

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