The Birthstones For May Keep The Doctor Away

The birthstones for May have a very interesting quirk in common: their ancient lore boasts of the stones’ abilities to protect health – from curing ailments and insomnia, to protection from drowning!

Most cultures and traditions acclaim the emerald as May’s official birthstone – and it still is today – but the unofficial May birthstones are beautiful alternative options when you are birthstone shopping

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May Birthstone Color

Emerald Birthstone Meaning & Mythology

Alternative Birthstones For May

May Birth Flowers

May Birthstone Color


As the natural color of emeralds, the May birthstone color is also a true emerald green.

Green is often used as a symbol of peace and safety. When you think about nature’s use of the color green, you can see where other meanings of growth, change, healing and fertility stem from.

May Birthstone and Color

Did You Know?

Green is known as the most relaxing color for the human eye. In ancient times, the emerald was used by mystics and medics to soothe tired and overstressed eyes!

Traditional & Modern Gem:
Emerald Birthstone

The emerald was a popular and coveted stone in ancient times. Old cultures used to give lots of meaning to color – thus the emerald garnered much of its own meaning and lore from its rich green color.

May Birthstone - Emerald

May Birthstone Meaning

Love, Honesty, Wisdom, Health

The emerald is a symbol of faith, hope, and long life. It was believed to sharpen the mind, improve memory, and become a more persuasive speaker. The emerald is said to bring great powers of reasoning and increase loyalty in relationships.

Facts & Mythology

Legends and myths about the emerald are found everywhere in ancient history. They were said to be carried from the nests of griffons and would make snakes lose their sense of sight. They were also said to actually absorb light and give off that light in the dark.

They say that the emerald is a copper stone – meaning that the stone’s powers are strongest when the gem is set in copper.

Other myths and folktales claim that the emerald had the power to…

  • help the owner see the future,
  • dispel magical enchantments,
  • cure illness and disease,
  • heal one from poison,
  • improve eyesight,
  • give protection at sea,
  • and soothe tired or overstressed eyes.

The emerald is also known as the seasonal stone of spring.  It was revered as the stone of truth and was popularly used to discover the honesty of a lover’s vow.

Alternative Birthstones For May

Most ancient traditions honor the emerald as the May birthstone. But several ancient cultures and traditions used other birthstones for May. Here are some alternative birthstones to choose from, along with a brief synopsis of their meanings and mythology.


Agate is said to protect against evil and danger of all kinds. Myths claim that it makes the wearer friendly, influential, helps one overcome all obstacles. It was also believed to cure insomnia and bring happy dreams.


This stone was believed to protect sailors from drowning and drive away ghosts and apparitions. 


Many legends praise carnelian for its ability to “check blood flow” or rather stop excessive bleeding. It is said to bring good luck, drive away all evil, and bring courage and boldness to the wearer.

May Birth Flowers


The traditional birth flower for May is the hawthorn plant. It symbolizes hope, happiness, best wishes to the recipient.

Lily of the Valley

The modern birth flower for May – the lily of the valley – represents sweetness, humbleness, and a return to happiness.

May Birth Flower - Hawthorn

Sources For September Birthstone & Flowers: See sources listed on the Birthstone Color Chart page.

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