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The list of December birthday fails continues... don't find yourself making these mistakes!

4. Don’t Be Too Quick To Sympathize Or Cheer

December brings strong feelings about birthdays. Your safest bet is to ask how they feel about it before offering your own opinion.

“I would say not to tell them what an awful day or time of year to have a birthday - we didn't choose it and we can't change it.”
-Heather B.

“…have sympathy towards said person when you find out about the closeness of their birthday to Christmas. It means a whole lot more than you think, and don’t assume that this said person thinks it’s awesome.”

3. “Christmas Overshadows My Birthday Always” –S. H.

“When you have relatives who want to get a trip in before Christmas, and they come on your birthday… that big night out turns into entertaining the out of town guests.”
-A. Roberts

“Every year we would celebrate [my birthday] by going back to stores to return the stuff that didn’t fit or we didn’t want from Christmas. Every. Stinking. Year.

One girl mentioned that her boyfriend went to a Christmas party with another girl on her birthday.


2. “Avoid The Combined Gift. Those Are Just Lame.” –Lisa F.

Just save yourself the headache and give 2 separate presents. It’s not worth your embarrassment or their resentment.
“It's like having a birthday in September and saying ‘Here, I got you a gift for your birthday and it's your Christmas present!’ Lame.”
-S. H.

“I rarely got a separate birthday and a Christmas present.”

“My husband thought that because Christmas and my birthday were so close, one gift for both would suffice. I told him that if he treated my birthday and Christmas as the same, then I would do that for his birthday... He realized that it was more advantageous to celebrate both days separately.”
-Tara C.

Realize that sometimes it is not the size of the gift, but the acknowledgement that you are special enough to not be overshadowed by the most celebrated holiday of the year.

-Tara C.

1. You Forgot Again?

Forgetting a birthday any time of year is lame, but in December it hurts worse.

“When someone would take the time to call me on Christmas to wish me happy birthday when I know they are having a busy day, that always meant a lot to me.”
-Lisa C.

Just remember it.... A card, text, phone call, gift for a child, always goes a long way.”
-M. M.

In other words, treat their birthday as if it happened at any other time of the year. It’s no-brainer advice really, but everyone seems to lose their brain at Christmas.

Tell Us YOUR Opinion In The Comments: what are the biggest December birthday fails?

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