8 December Birthday All-Time Fails: Find Out If YOU Made The Black List

December birthdays are tired of the lame things people try to pull off. It seems like Christmas puts a stupor in the air and people forget how to celebrate a birthday in a normal way.

I mean, how hard is it to treat their birthdays like you would treat any other birthday?

These holiday babies share the worst ways to celebrate a birthday in December. So, do you pass or fail by their standards?

December Birthday Gift

8. Christmas Leftovers… Really?

You might have zero creativity, but don’t make it blatantly obvious by wrapping up Christmas stuff and trying to pass it off as a birthday present.

My brother’s birthday is December 29th. He used to always joke that on his birthday he would get the shirt that went with the sweater he got at Christmas! Ha!


7. I Know How Many Birthday Presents Everyone Else Gets

Christmas comes every year. So do birthdays. Both should be in the budget. And if you can’t afford to slam it all into one month, then it’s time to start your December shopping in January.

You don’t want to short-change her for her birthday just because you feel like its gift overload.

-Chad Fish

Just make sure that the presents don’t suffer because of how close it is to Christmas.

-E.H. Wayne

6. I Don’t Want A Rudolf Cake

People born in December want balloons and streamers, not elves and reindeer.

If it is customary to have a bunch of helium balloons, bring them to the party (and they better not be red and green!). Don’t try to ‘get away’ with sticking candles in a fruit cake or whatever other holiday pastry or dessert that’s lying around.

– Debbie

Just keep birthday traditions the same all year round.

5. Birthday Gifts Under The Tree… Bad Idea

The tree is reserved for Christmas gifts only. Birthday presents belong next to the cake and party balloons, just like everyone else’s birthday.

“We’re all sitting around the tree, still excited about the few presents that were left, only to find out they were for my birthday. I had to wait 3 more days before I could open them.”

– S. H.

“You have to make sure they’re labelled really well. Some years my parents couldn’t remember which present was which.”

– Debbie

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