December Birthstones And Flowers – Secular And Sacred Meanings

December birthstones have very sacred meanings or very modern, material meanings. Interestingly enough, so do the birth flowers (and by the time you are done reading about them, you’ll probably be singing Christmas songs all day).

What interesting December flower or birthstone do you want to know more about? Click any link to take you directly to its paragraph on this page.

December Birthstone Color

Turquoise Birthstone

Blue Zircon Birthstone

Tanzanite Birthstone

December Birth Flowers

December Birthstone Color

True Blue

The color blue is often related to royalty, calm, dependability, and strength. If you think about the biggest things on this earth that are blue – mainly the ocean waters and sky – you can see where these meanings come from.

And since water and sky are sacred symbols in many cultures, the color blue also holds sacred meaning.

December Birthstone and Color
Set Of Precious Stones Of Different Cuts And Colors

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Official December Birthstones

If you are lucky enough to have a December birthstone, you get to pick from 3 official gems! There are more options of course (as you can see when you look at other birthstone color charts), but there are just 3 on the official birthstone list.

Your choices this month are turquoise, blue zircon and tanzanite.

Traditional Gem: Turquoise Birthstone

Birthstone Meaning

Wisdom, Prosperity, Honesty, Friendship, Peace

December Birthstone Turquoise

Turquoise was once known as a symbol of great wealth. It is held as a sacred stone in many different cultures both anciently and now. It is believed to bring powerful spiritual understanding, protection, health and abundance. Turquoise also encourages open and honest communication, true friendship, and peace.

Early writings claimed that turquoise could keep the wearer from getting injured by a fall.

Facts & Mythology

Turquoise is the national stone of Persia and considered a sacred token of good luck. In Native American cultures, the turquoise shaped like a bird was meant to protect the wearer from harm.

It was once believed that the powers of the turquoise would leave the stone if bought or sold. But if given in a spirit of love or friendship, the power would return to the stone.

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Modern Gem #1: Blue Zircon Birthstone

Birthstone Meaning

Success, Love, Luck, Happiness, Honor

December Birthstone Blue Zircon
Blue Zircon

Historically, zircon was used to drive away plagues, evil spirits, and misfortune. It is believed to reduce depression, insomnia, and believed to help you turn your dreams into reality. Zircon was also said to bring wisdom and long-life to the recipient.

Facts & Mythology

Zircon was well known in ancient times, but it didn’t gain popularity until more recent centuries. Blue is the most valuable color. Like some other birthstones, blue zircon can change to various shades of when treated with heat.

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Modern Gem #2: Tanzanite Birthstone

Birthstone Meaning

Peace, Compassion, Enlightenment, Protection

Tanzanite is a rare and popular gemstone believed to help alleviate stress and depression. It is said to provide spiritual protection and increase feelings of sympathy. Tanzanite is often used to help with meditation or relaxation.


Facts & Mythology

There aren’t many legends and folk tales about tanzanite because it wasn’t discovered until 1967 – probably the most modern addition to the birthstone list! It is a very rare stone, only found in Tanzania, Africa – hence its name – and it quickly became a very popular (and might I add, expensive) gem.

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Common Alternative: Blue Topaz Birthstone

I’m throwing this in here because blue topaz is often confused with blue zircon as an official birthstone for December. According to the authorities on the subject, it just ain’t so.

But it is certainly an acceptable alternative to any of the December birthstones.

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December Birth Flower


The narcissus flower is in the same family as the daffodil and looks much the same. Narcissus represents good cheer, sweetness, and tells the person receiving them, “You’re perfect just the way you are. Never change.”



The holly berry is a plant traditionally used to symbolize the Christmas holiday. Its name actually comes from the word “holy”. The holly flower represents not only domestic bliss (or happiness at home), but also a promise of protection.

I might need a holly bouquet this year. I always seem to get sick in December, so a “promise of protection” sounds great!

Now you’ll be singing “The Holly and the Ivy…” or “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!” for the rest of the day.

You’re welcome.

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Sources: See citation notes on the Birthstone Color Chart page.

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