Homemade Birthday Gift Tutorial: Paracord DIY Flip Flops For Men

There are a bunch of fun tutorials on DIY flip flops out there – but most are for women. This one is for men! They’re paracord flip flops – super fun and easy to make (it only took me about 20 minutes) AND it’s a style that men will actually wear.

I love easy projects that look awesome! Like my etched glass tutorial here.

I actually dreamed this up when I came across a tutorial on paracord bracelets and thought, “I’ll bet that would work for flip flops.”

And guess what? It does. 🙂 I made this blue and red set for my dad… whose alter ego also happens to be a superhero.

So let’s do this! Click on one of these buttons below to get started (or just scroll down).

DIY Flip Flops

Video Tutorial: DIY Flip Flops

Watch the quick and easy tutorial here.

I’d love to hear how your DIY flip flops project went too! Please leave a comment when you’re done. 🙂

DIY Flip Flops Supplies

Paracord Tutorial Supplies List

1. Flip Flops

2. 36 ft of Paracord – a.k.a. parachute cord (that’s about 18 ft per flip flop)

3. Scissors

4. Lighter (yesssss, fire!)

That’s all you need!

(Psst… if this tutorial is helpful, please buy your supplies through those links above. That’s how I get credit for it and keep these free gift ideas coming. Thanks!)

Steps To Make Your DIY Flip Flops

1. Attach Paracord To The Strap

Flip Flop Paracord Tutorial Step 1

Start with one flip flop and half of your paracord (that should be at least 18 ft or 5.5 m).

Find the middle of the rope (the easiest way is to hold the 2 ends together, then pull both ends until you come to the middle) and tie that around the strap in a basic knot.

2. Tie Square Knots Around The Strap (Like Making A Hemp Necklace)

Flip Flop Tutorial Step 1a

Tying a basic square knot is simple – left over right, right over left, and pull tight. But throw a flip flop strap into the mix and it gets confusing. So let’s wipe those question marks off everyone’s faces. 🙂

Take the cord on the right side, make a loop and hold it in place. Pull the left side over the cord you just looped (left over right), under the flip flop strap, up through the loop, and then pull the knot until it’s nice and snug. Then do the same thing on the opposite side (right over left), this time starting with left over right. This is your first square knot.

Flip Flop Tutorial Step 1b

Shimmy the paracord knot down to the base of the flip flop strap and keep tying these square knots around the strap until you reach the toe post in the center.

A Few Tips

*It’s important to keep switching sides (left over right, right over left) or your paracord will look like it’s starting to twist. You don’t want that.

*If you don’t want the flip flop strap to show at all through the paracord knots, just push the knots closer to each other every time you tie a new one. Just realize thay this uses a lot of paracord, and in the end, it gets rather tricky tying a really tight knot when you have a short cord. But it’s totally doable.

3. Tie Knots To Cover The Middle Of The Strap

Flip Flop Paracord Tutorial Step 3

When you get to the middle of the strap by the toe post, you’ll notice that the paracord knots cover all the way to the center on the inside edge, but not on the outside edge.

To fix that, pull the right side cord down straight (#1 in the picture below). Pull the left side under it, then over it and through the loop made by passing under the cord, under the strap and pull tight.

Flip Flop Tutorial 4 - 5

Now tie a second knot exactly like this one (on the same side) to make sure the paracord covers all of the outside edges.

Tie one more (total of 3 of these knots) but this time put your knot on the other side of the toe post.

Another Tip

I’ve learned that it’s best to have 2 of these knots on the side you started on and 1 of these knots on the opposite side of the toe post.

For example: if you started Step 1 on the left side of the strap, you’d tie 2 knots on the left side of the toe post and 1 on the right. If you started on the right side, you’d tie 2 knots on the right and 1 on the left. Clear as mud?

4. Continue Tying Square Knots

Paracord Flip Flop Step 4

Tie your square knots (right over left, left over right) clear down to the base of the flip flop.

As you get close to the base of the flip flop, it’s really important to pull those knots super tight. You don’t want anything coming loose here.

5. Cut And Burn

This is the fun part! Once you reach the base, pull that paracord to make sure your knots aren’t going anywhere. Grab your scissors and cut the leftover paracord nice and close.

Flip Flop Gift Step 5e

Get your lighter (yeah baby!) and burn the cord to melt the edge and keep it from fraying. Now cut and burn the other side’s remaining paracord.

Flip Flop Tutorial Step 5ab

Last Tip 🙂

You’ll know the raw edges of the cut paracord are melted well enough when the whole cut edge turns shiny and smooth.

The first flip flop is done! Now do exactly the same thing for the other side, and you’ve got a nice new giftable set.

And there you have it – the end of your tutorial on DIY flip-flops for men! They’re also fantastic gift ideas for women who don’t want the fluffy flip-flops you find on every other tutorial. 🙂

Now go make a set for yourself (I did). After that, check out my homemade gift baskets page. Put your flip-flips in a gift basket with a couple of Coronas, some sunscreen, and a magazine, and you’ve got a gift basket.

Check out these DIY flip-flops and other ideas on my DIY Birthday Gifts Pinterest Board!

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