Etsy Birthday Gifts

Etsy birthday gifts are a great way to give your loved one, friend or colleague a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted gift.

If you compare the merchandise on Etsy’s site to that of your favorite department store, you’ll find a much wider variety of styles and colors on the Etsy site. Deeper product lines, too.

And if you’re shopping for someone special, you want to make sure your gift is memorable. What better way to do this than gifting them with something unique from Etsy.

Find What You Need

On the off-chance you don’t know, at, you’ll gain access to original designs and handmade items crafted by real people who make up a special class of small businesses. That special class of people are artists and craftsmen.

  • When you visit the site, you’ll see a row of tabs at the top of the page directing you to different areas of the site. One of those tabs is named “Gifts.” That’s where you’ll find guides about all types of gifts and links to related products.

I can tell you, that after shopping typical stores and websites for many different items I’ve needed in life, it’s been my experience that Etsy always has the most varied selection of unique items anywhere. And remember, what you buy there helps support that artist or craftsman stay in business. So your purchase goes directly to folks with families.

I went on a search for some unique birthday gifts on the Etsy site, and curated some items I think you’ll be interested in. Check out these birthday gift ideas. Please note that all images are from

Etsy Birthday Gifts

Garden in a Box

Plant and Gift Box by OliveBranchDecorCo.
Photo: Etsy.

This is a creative and original way to say how you feel. Perfect for friends, sisters, neighbors or anyone whose companionship means a lot to you. What a charming and lasting way to wish them the best.

Back in the Year Poster

Birth Year Poster by PrintsbyMADesign. Photo Courtesy of Etsy.

Every person is born alongside events that mark their presence in history. What a way to honor a person than to proudly display what was happening at the time your birthday person was born. Matted and framed with customizable colors.

Personalized Pocket Mirror

Pocket Mirror Personalized Gift Teacher Christmas Gifts image 0
Pocket Mirror by ChevronCottage. Photo: Etsy.

There are many reasons you need a pocket mirror and they’re not all vanity-driven. Good grooming is essential for success in today’s world. We need to check our hair, makeup several times per day and every woman needs a mirror for their purse or work desk, need I say more?


Gargoyle shelf hanging goblin gremlin frost proof stone home image 0
Gargoyle: Briughthelmstone. Phone: Etsy.

Despite their frightening faces, gargoyles actually do good. For the gardener on your list, check out this enchanting gargoyle who’s ready to keep watchful eye over your cabbage patch. Any garden pests will steer clear of his threatening gaze.

Personalized Message Board

Personalized Message Board by RockinCanvas.
Photo: Etsy.

Let them know how much you care with this personalized message board outlining all the reasons you think they’re awesome. The numbers (and reasons) can be customized to match their birthday age.

Mug For Those Trying to
Forget their Birthday

Mug by UnicornTrendz. Photo: Etsy.

Who on your gift list would rather not think about their birthday? Maybe it’s Aunt Stella, who’s age froze in time at 29. Or maybe it’s Uncle Fred who just doesn’t care. This cute handmade mug is perfect for those who’d rather you not use the “b-word” when referring to them.

Customizable Book Mark

Customizable Dragon Leather Bookmark Book Accessories image 0
Bookmark: Newmoontechnocraft. Photo: Etsy.

Do you have an avid reader in your life? When their birthday rolls around, be sure to give this creative gift idea a thought. Made of leather and engraved with their name, this bookmark sports a dragon design, perfect for imaginative readers or lovers of the fantasy genre.

Miniature Camper Birdhouse

Paintable Camper Bird House playset you can snap together and image 0
Camper: 1Man1Garage Photo: Etsy

Look at this adorable miniature camper. Look closer still and you can see it’s not only an RV, it’s also a birdhouse. How clever! Give this to a camping lover and they’ll never forget it. Each item is paintable, which mans it’s customizable.

Etsy Birthday Gifts and Ideas for Children

Handmade Puzzle Games

Personalized name puzzle with pegs Busy puzzle Wooden toys image 0

Personalized Puzzle Game by homeNwood. Photo: Etsy.

Youngsters will love seeing their name on a game made just for them. They can learn shapes, colors, numbers, and how to spell their name. This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind toy that is sure to become an heirloom for your family.

Customized Children’s Books

Custom Adventure Kids Story Book  Unique Birthday Gift for Kids
Book by ReadYourStory

Get a book for your baby that tells a story about him or her. On Etsy, you can find these types of birthday gifts that can be made specially for your loved one. What a great surprise and something they will cherish all their life.

Cute Birthday T-Shirts

Funny Toddler Shirt Personalized Birthday Gift for Kids Black
T-Shirt by BokeyCustoms. Photo: Etsy.

This cute idea is perfect for a toddler and everyone will get a kick out of it. What little boy or girl is not the apple of papa’s eye? This t-shirt tells it like it really is and papa is probably the one buying it.

Personalized Sippy Cup

Personalized Unicorn sippy cup stainless steel unicorn kids
Sippy Cup: ShopAlwaysCustoms

This sippy cup is perfect for outdoors since it’s made of metal and can be dropped without worry. Perfect for little girls, it sports the image of a unicorn as well as the birthday girl’s name. With a sippy cup like this, its owner is unmistakable.

If you’re looking for a special birthday gift for someone you love, check out Etsy. If you need a specific name brand item, Etsy is the wrong place. But, if you’re looking for high-quality, hand-crafted merchandise made by people who’ve put thought behind and work into their products. These are craftsmen and women whose production makes a difference in their family’s lives and in the community. If a special birthday gift like that sounds like something you’re looking for, Etsy has that.

Happiest birthday to you and yours!

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