July Birthstone Meanings, Color, and Flower

The July birthstone is the popular red ruby, and it’s flower is the delphinium. Both are beautiful and both very different in their meanings and significance. Whenever I give flowers or birthstone gifts, I like to include the meanings behind them… so here is some info for you to use!

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July Birthstone Flower

July Birthstone

Traditional & Modern: Ruby Birthstone

The ruby is considered the standard birthstone for July since most traditions in ancient and modern times use the ruby.

July Birthstone

This deep red stone is one of the most valuable of all the precious stones – sometimes out-valuing diamonds of the same size! Like diamonds, rubies are one of the most durable stones – reaching a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. Also like diamonds, they have inclusions or flaws in the stone that make it each gem unique.

Unlike diamonds, however, rubies are rare, and they are not frequently found in large carat sizes like many other gemstones.

July Birthstone Color:

True Red

The most valuable rubies come in vibrant shades of red. As the color of blood and fire, red is known as a symbol of vitality, vigor, power, strength, and every intense or passionate emotion (love, anger, undying devotion, and so on).

July Birthstone and Color

Ruby Meaning:

Love, Courage, Passion, Devotion, Strength

The ruby is said to be a high energy stone that can open one’s heart to true love. It is also said to bestow good health and a greater sense of generosity to the wearer. Rubies are believed to protect family, possessions, and bring great prosperity.

Facts and Mythology:

In ancient times, the ruby was believed to ward off evil. Embedding a ruby into your skin would make you less vulnerable and more courageous in battle.

The ruby in more recent days was used as an essential piece in laser equipment that would intensify its beam (although newer technology has advanced beyond ruby-infused lasers).

Ruby Rings and Jewelry

Some of the most valuable jewelry pieces are laden with rubies. They are not only one of the rarest gemstones, but also one of the most coveted. Rubies are popular in more than just birthstone jewelry, but also in engagement and anniversary rings.

TIP: When choosing what type of faceting to get, remember that the rounded brilliant cut does best at bringing out the ruby’s most vivid light and color.

July’s Flower: Delphinium (a.k.a. Larkspur)

Delphinium are perennials that sprout tall stalks of vibrantly colored flowers – often blue, but also in colors of white, pink and purple. They are said to have been used in early medicine to ward off scorpions, kill lice, and help with toothaches.

The shape of the delphinium resembles a dolphin’s nose (hence the name) and is a symbol of hope, playfulness, and benevolence. These vibrant stalks liven up any flower gift!

Sources: See sources listed on the Birthstone Color Chart page.

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