June Birthstone Color, Gem and Flower

The June birthstone color is based on one official birthstone – but technically there are three gems. Some argue that one was discovered to recently to count while another isn’t even a stone! If you are lucky enough to have a June birthday, you get to pick which is best!

Actually, you can pick from a lot more than just 3 (which you can see when you look at birthstone color charts and lists). But the American Gem Trade Association only included 3 gems on June’s “official” birthstone list.

When I’m giving a birthstone or flower gift, I like to include some background facts and myths in the birthday card just for fun. Read on or just click one of these links to take you to the info you want to read most.

June Birthstone Color: Light Purple or White

June Birthstone Pearl

Purple is a symbol of royalty, peace, power and confidence. As with all birthstone colors, June’s color is related to one of its official birthstones – in this case, the modern alexandrite birthstone.

The alternative June birthstone color is white, relating to its other 2 birthstones – pearl and moonstone. White symbolizes purity, light, and wholeness.

Birthstones For June: Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite

There are 3 gems that fight for the main spot as June’s official rock of the month – pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. One is not even considered a “stone” by some while others feel another was discovered so recently (well… recent in terms of world history) that it shouldn’t be included on the official birthstone list.

Crazy, no?

Traditional: Pearl Birthstone – Purity, Peace, Faith, Loyalty, Beauty

June Birthstone Pearl

The pearl birthstone is unique in the sense that it’s the only “stone” that isn’t entirely mineral – meaning it doesn’t grow in the ground. It grows within a living creature.


The pearl represents beauty because it needs no polishing or faceting to bring out its natural splendor. It is said to encourage love and loyalty in romantic relationships, especially marriage.

Facts and Mythology

The pearl was believed in ancient times to be the tears of the ancient goddess Aphrodite. In modern times, it is said to allow the wearer to roll with the ebb and flow of life much like the ocean waves, bringing a sense of calm to the one who wears it. White pearls represent purity, innocence, faith and virtue.

Here’s an interesting tidbit – some people argue that the pearl shouldn’t be listed as a birthstone because it isn’t technically a “stone”. Stones by definition are “the hard substance, formed of mineral matter”. Yes, pearls begin as a grain of sand (which is made of minerals). But to grow into a pearl, it takes organic matter from a living creature.

So, what changes a grain of sand into a valuable pearl is NOT mineral matter – therefore it is not a “stone”.

An interesting perspective – and a funny argument, if you ask me. Frankly, I can see their point. But they didn’t make the rules, and many ancient cultures considered it a birthstone… so history has them outnumbered. 🙂

Modern: Moonstone Birthstone – Meaning: Passion, Protection, Intuition, Longevity, Tenderness

June Birthstone Moon Stone

The moonstone is comparatively a soft gem – thus being a stone of tenderness and pure, passionate love. It is believed to bring abundance, hope, and good health to the one who wears it. As a sacred stone, it is said to bring greater spiritual awareness and help you see the future during a waning moon.

Facts and Mythology

The moonstone was and is still esteemed as a sacred stone in many cultures. Since moonstones were given more often in recent centuries of history, it made the modern birthstone list.

However, since the discovery of alexandrite in even more recent years, the moonstone had to share her title as June’s modern birthstone.

Find out why when you read on!

Modern: Alexandrite Birthstone – Meaning: Regeneration, Love, Luck, Happiness

Alexandrite is said to bring good fortune, romance, and a renewal of self. It is believed to increase confidence, improve self-esteem, and sharpen focus to help you decide your life-direction and ambitions.

Facts and Mythology

History claims that the alexandrite birthstone was discovered on the birthday of Russian czar Alexander II – hence the gem’s name. His birthday happened to be in June. Since then, giving alexandrite gems in June became increasingly popular.

The most unique feature of this little jewel is its ability to change color from assorted shades of bluish-green to variations of red or purple when the lighting changes.

The June birthstone color is derived from that light reddish-purple hue.

Birthstone Flower for June:


Honeysuckle is the traditional June birth flower given in ancient times – making it the traditional bloom of the month. These sweet, trumpet-shaped flowers symbolize everlasting love.


Roses are considered the modern birth flower for June.

These flowers have so many symbols it’s hard to list them! I’ll spare you the giant list. Let it suffice that the most common meanings are love and beauty. And most women love rose birthday flower gifts.

Sources: See sources listed on the Birthstone Color Chart page.

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