Reader Submissions: Share Your Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas

Looking for a place to keep all your great birthday gift ideas - other than in your head or on those loose scraps of paper? You’ve found it. Here, I get to promote creative gifting geniuses like you through reader submissions.

Whether your cleverness comes in the form of a great gift list or a fantastic DIY tutorial, here’s where you can share YOUR ideas with the whole wide world!

Plus debuting in 2015, each month we’ll showcase 1 fabulous reader submission in our Givaholics Club newsletter.

You might be the lucky dog who shines center stage next month. ;)


Share Your Brilliant Gifting Ideas

I can't wait to read your fantastic birthday gift ideas. Thanks in advance for your submission!

Enter the Title (ex, "Tutorial: DIY Mason Jar Gift For Men")

What Do You Want To Do Next?

What To Write About?

There are a few things we're planning to spotlight and a few things our readers really like to see. So, I'll give you both lists!

Topics I Plan To Feature Soon

Here are a few ideas we’re looking to spotlight soon…

  1. Creative Birthday Gifts
  2. Subcategories of Gifts for Her (designate your own category, like “Birthday Gifts For The Crafty Woman” etc.)
  3. Homemade Birthday Gifts for Mom
  4. DIY Birthday Gifts for Dad
  5. Birthday Gifts for Brother
  6. Birthday Gifts for Sister
  7. Milestones (40th, 50th, 60th birthday gifts)

What Our Readers Like To See

This is not about requirements - it's about what they like. Here are some of the goodies my subscribers like to see…

1. Gift Lists

Lists with 10-24 great ideas (and a quick explanation of why they are great) really help my readers brainstorm for that perfect birthday gift. And we all love pictures... make sure to include at least one!

2. DIY Gifts And Step By Step Tutorials

If you can show us how to make a really fantastic homemade birthday gift, we’re all ears! Just make sure each step is clear and easy to follow. Of course, step-by-step photos of the project would be even more awesome.

3. Gifting Advice

If you have buyer’s tips, helps on how to get a great bargain or how to organize your gift giving each year, do tell! We’re always looking for ways to land a smokin’ good deal and get our gifting organized.

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How Can I Increase My Chances Of Scoring A Spotlight In The Givaholics Newsletter?

  • Quality photos
  • Originality (don’t just copy someone else’s tutorial and paste it here)
  • About 300-700 words (about 1-2 pages in a Word document)
  • And of course, your fantastic ideas!...

…especially if those ideas focus around the topics I’m planning to feature soon. ;)

We love original ideas. If you need a whet your creative juices, check out a few article styles our readers like to see.

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FAQs About Reader Submissions

1. Do you have any requirements for submissions?

Not exactly, but the Givaholics Club subscribers do have some preferences. Read what will improve your chances of getting featured in our newsletter.

2. Can I share my own products in my submission?

Yes, as long as the entire post isn’t a blatant advertisement for all your stuff.

If you’re writing a list of gift ideas, no more than 1 out of every 4 to 5 gifts should be your own product.

If you’re writing a tutorial on how to make an item you sell, don’t be shy about sharing all your tips and tricks. In the end, they might decide it is easier to just buy from you, but that shouldn’t be the point of the page.

Just keep our readers' interests in mind and you should be fine.

3. Can I put a link in my submission?

Yes. You may link to your own website in the author line or you can put in a helpful, relevant link in the body of your submission. Non-helpful or unrelated links will be removed.

BIG FAT CAVEAT HERE: If you fill your submission with a bazillion links, your submission will be rejected. Friends don’t let friends spam, and we’re friends right?

4. Do I have to have 300 words to submit an idea?

No. We like to group the short reader submissions together on the same page. That way you can still share your ideas and our readers can see multiple ideas at a glance.

Or you can post your ideas in the Facebook comments on a related page - it's easy, takes no approval, and you'll have your ideas there forever. It's a win-win situation for everyone!

5. I have another question that wasn’t listed here…

No problem! Just visit my Contact page and send your question directly to me. :)

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Just For Laughs

This dog cracks me up... he ate your card! Haha!!!

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