What Birthstone is November?

Most people are familiar with the tradition of wearing a birthstone—a gemstone that corresponds to the month in which you were born. But what birthstone is November? What is the birthstone for the eleventh month of the year?

The answer may surprise you.

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It may be the month of giving thanks, but November’s also a month with a special birthstone. Read on to learn what birthstone is November.

Birthstone Tip

Giving a birthstone gift?
Include some November birthstone facts in the birthday card!
For example, one of November’s birthstones is supposed
to help eyesight while the other increases sales.

November’s birthstone color and birth flower are both said to symbolize happiness.

The Big Reveal: What Birthstone is November?

It’s time for the big reveal. November’s birthstone is the topaz!

Topaz gets its name from the Greek word “topazios,” which means yellow.

While yellow is a popular color for this gemstone, topaz is also found in every color under the rainbow like blue, brown, pink and green.

Topaz is said to promote creativity and success in your pursuits.

The Healing Properties of Topaz

In addition to being beautiful, many cultures believe that topaz has special healing properties.

For example, some say that wearing topaz can help relieve stress and tension, while others believe that this gemstone can promote creativity and mental clarity.

No matter what you believe, there’s no denying that wearing topaz is a beautiful way to add some color to your life.

Traditional Gem: Topaz Birthstone

Birthstone Meaning:

Confidence, Clarity, Balance, Love, Creativity

November Birthstone Color


The color yellow is the most visible color to the human eye. It brings a sense of alertness and symbolizes happiness, warmth and sunshine…

…I love the sunshine. That’s one reason yellow’s one of my all-time favorite colors!

What Birthstone is November, Its Facts and Mythology?

The word topaz originates from the Sanskrit word “topas” meaning “fire.” Some of the finest topaz specimens come from the ancient Egyptian kings, who guarded their mines jealously – even to the death. Early Hindu writings suggested that when kings had visions of crowns with inlaid topaz, it meant no harm would befall them.

This stone was also described in the Bible to be used on the breastplate of Aaron (Exodus) and as a foundational stone (Revelations).

Modern Gem: Citrine Birthstone

Birthstone Meaning:

Clarity, Creativity, Energy

As a form of quartz, citrine is believed to have powerful healing powers. Anciently, it was used to protect against snake venom and evil thought. It is believed to bring clarity of mind, vitality to both mind and body, and protection from negativity.

It is also said to be the “Merchant’s Stone” – meaning it would bring you success and increase your sales.

I wonder how many merchants put citrine in their cash registers on Black Friday…. 🙂

Facts & Mythology:

Citrine is actually the same stone as amethyst – the difference is the level of heat exposure they get. When amethyst meets heat, it begins to lose its purple color and turn into a pale yellow, orange or brown – becoming a citrine stone.

Citrine was also believed to be the reason Cellini, an incredible goldsmith from Rome, survived prison. Back in the 1500s when Cellini was held captive, diamond dust was believed to be a lethal poison. The gem cutter, who was given the task of grinding the diamond for Cellini’s demise, opted instead to keep the valuable diamond, and instead grind a citrine stone…

…which isn’t supposed to have any negative effects on anyone (remember? It’s supposed to be a protection from negativity).

November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum’s original color was a golden yellow, which is what its name means – “yellow flower”.

Because of its bright color and flawlessly symmetrical bloom, it is a symbol of hope, perfection, and good cheer.

See? Between a birthstone and birth flower that represent happiness and another birthstone meant to ward off negativity and bring monetary success, November should be the year’s happiest and wealthiest month!

November Birth Flower - Chrysanthemum

Sources: See citation notes on the Birthstone Color Chart page.

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