What is the March Birthstone

Most people know that each month has a specific birthstone associated with it. For example, the birthstone for June is pearl and the birthstone for September is sapphire. But dare you ask, what is the March birthstone?

Yes, you daring so-and-so. Ask away! =D

But before I give you the answer, realize March birthstones have some very interesting quirks.

For example: one March birthstone brings luck at sea, while another stops nose bleeds. Even the alternative stone brings protection from venom!

Now follow me, dear reader, as I answer your question, what is the March birthstone.

Interesting Tidbit: In many ancient cultures,
the month of March marked the beginning of the year.

(Cool, huh?) 😀

What is the March Birthstone?

Okay now, the answer to the question, what is the March birthstone is aquamarine. And according to legend of old, this beautiful blue-green gem gets its name from the Latin words for “water” and “sea.”

It’s said to have originated in the treasure chest of Neptune, god of the sea, and has been used as a talisman by sailors since ancient times.

March Birthstone Color

Light Blue

This shade of blue is a symbol of health and healing.

When you think about light blue in nature (blue skies, clear waters, and so on) you can also see where the symbolism of tranquility comes from… which is one of the aquamarine birthstone’s meanings too.

And more to your question, what is the March birthstone…

According to the big dogs in the world of gemstones, the two official birthstones for the month of March are aquamarine and bloodstone (as you can see from my page on the official birthstone list).

However, many ancient traditions also used jasper – which interestingly enough has a lot of similar properties and meanings as the bloodstone.

Modern Gem: Aquamarine Birthstone

Birthstone Meaning

Courage, Spiritual Power, Health, Good Luck

The aquamarine birthstone is believed to expel fear and anger, and bring a sense of calm and spiritual awareness to the wearer. It is also a symbol of charity and cleansing. 

Aquamarine is also considered a symbol for “mizpah”, which means “God watch over us both while we are away from each other.” This is a beautiful symbolic gift for people in long-distance relationships or who have loved ones living far away.

Aquamarine Facts & Mythology

Sailors used to believe this was the “mermaid’s treasure” and kept it for good luck and protection while at sea. Some still use it as a good luck charm when traveling around water.

Aquamarine continued to be popular throughout the Victorian Era, when it was often used in pieces with other blue gems like sapphires and turquoise.

Nowadays, this beautiful stone is sought after for its therapeutic properties and is thought to promote relaxation and peace.

It’s also a popular choice for engagement rings. In fact, newly wed Princess Diana was gifted her famous emerald-cut Aquamarine ring from Charles on their wedding day. That ring features a large aquamarine stone surrounded by diamonds!

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Traditional Gem:
Bloodstone (a.k.a. Heliotrope)

Birthstone Meaning

Courage, Clarity, Abundance, Health, Youth

Bloodstone is said to bring bravery, wisdom, luck, prosperity and strength to the one who wears it. Many believed it also had the power to dispel confusion, disorder, anger and sadness.

March Birthstone - Bloodstone

March Birthstone Poem

Who on this world of ours her eyes

In March first opens may be wise,

In days of peril firm and brave,

Wears she a bloodstone to her grave.

Who wears a jasper, be life short or long,

Will meet all dangers brave and wise and strong.

The Curious Lore of Precious Stones, pg. 327

Bloodstone Facts & Mythology

Anciently, cultures believed that the bloodstone could change the weather, maintain health, and keep blood flow in check – stopping nose bleeds, congealing open wounds, and even stop the worst of hemorrhages.

An interesting virtue, many used to believe it would make the wearer more influential – whatever he said was believed and whatever he asked for he got! He would also be protected from deception and from the anger of his enemies.

Sounds like a good stone to have around. 🙂

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Popular Alternative March Birthstone:

I know it isn’t on the official list, but so many world cultures included jasper in their birthstone choices that I felt it wouldn’t be fair to leave it out. It is actually very similar to the bloodstone in its mythology.

Birthstone Meanings

Success, Luck, Faith, Truth, Love Returned

Facts & Mythology

Jasper was believed anciently to bring rain and stop hemorrhages (hmmm… sounds a lot like the bloodstone so far eh?). It was also once believed to help with stomach issues, repel evil spirits, and draw the poison out of venomous bites. 

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March Birth Flowers


The modern birth flower for March is the daffodil. Known for its bright yellow color and spunky shape, it is said to represent the sun and also stand as a symbol of the brightest, happiest love ever.


March Birth Flower - Daffodil

The traditional March birth flower is the ever-faithful violet.

It also happens to be February’s modern birth flower (click here to read more about violet’s meaning).

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Sources: See citation notes on the Birthstone Color Chart page.

What is the March Birthstone Fun Facts

It’s always fun to discover facts that we’ve never thought of before. Here are a few birthstone for March fun facts.

  • Celebrities who have March birthstones include: Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jennifer Garner and Demi Moore.
  • Aquamarine is the official state gemstone of Colorado.
  • It is also the traditional gift for those celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary.

You have now been enlightened on what is the March birthstone. Take a minute to enjoy the glow.

If you were born in March or have a loved one with a March birthday, consider gifting them the beautiful gemstone. It’s a gift that will last lifetimes, literally, and will surely be cherished.

Any way you look at it, this would be no ordinary birthday gift.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the answer to my question, what is the March birthstone. Please take your time and enjoy the site. I hope you’ll return again and again.

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