Funny 40th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

Looking for 40th birthday gag gift ideas? I’ve got some hilarious ideas for you. Check out this list of the funniest gag gifts to give your friends turning 40 this year.

Cake in the Shape of an Adult Diaper

Diaper cakes are very popular for babies’ birthdays… why not for the old fogies? Companies make diapers for the young AND the old. Might as well make a clever diaper cake for your Over The Hill friend.

Feeling lazy? Just wrap up a box of Depends. 🙂

2. Ear and Nose Hair Removal Tool

Get an electric nose hair trimmer for him OR her – because we all know the older they get, the bigger and bushier their nose and ear hairs grow.

Women especially don’t like to hear this.

But seriously. When the 4 year old approaches you and says, “You have spider webs in your nose,” (true story by the way) you know you need one of these!

3. 40 Sucks, 40 Stinks, 40 Bites…

In case you haven’t seen the sucker topiary and sucker bouquets on Pinterest with a gift tag that says “40 Sucks” – they’re hilarious. By far, this is one my favorite 40th birthday gift ideas ever.

You can also wrap up 40 candles or stink bombs and add a tag that says “40 Stinks”. Get 40 bite size candy bars and say “40 Bites”.

I’ve got a whole list of 40 somethings for you to wrap up. (coming soon – stay tuned!)

4. Reading Glasses And A Large Print Book

Get some spectacles and a little large-print reading pleasure to help the decrepit-to-be pass the time…

…since half of his lifetime is gone already.;)

Actually, you’d be surprised how much people like this gift! If you get a book they like, they discover how nice it is to read large print. Funny, but true.

5. Dentures In Your Glass

Have you seen those ice cube trays shaped like teeth? So. Funny. The picture is fine, but my brother-in-law has one of these babies. Believe me, its funnier in person!

They get funnier once you see them in your glass. Is that a retainer? Dentures or… ICE!? Ha!

6. Cane or Walker

…to help them get over that proverbial hill of course. 🙂

It’s one of those 40th birthday gift ideas that won’t be overlooked at the party! Buy a new one or hit up the thrift store to see if you can find a used one.

7. A NEW Car!

Let’s be honest – you won’t be buying a life-size car for their birthday.

But you can do all the same stunts in a remote control motorcycle, sports car or truck! Baby that midlife crisis by giving him the wheels that can deliver the “thrills” he might be seeking… just in a much safer arena. 😉

8. Training Wheels

Adult training wheels are perfect for that new mountain bike or the motorcycle… whichever speaks to their midlife crisis most. 😉

9. DIY Old Fogy Gift Basket

For the old man (or old lady), get them a 40th birthday gift basket that will make them smile! Of course, you plan to help “improve” their smile in this gift basket.

Here are some fun ideas to put in your fogy basket:

• Pain-reliever cream
• Orthopedic shoe inserts
• Hair Helps! Blue hair dye for women, toupee or dark hair dye for men
• Fake dentures or denture cleaner
• Sleep Now, Worry Later pills (candies in a prescription bottle… or chamomile herbal tea)

Put these all in a nice basket or a gift box, wrap it up and deliver the package to your dear old friend.

Tell me in the comments: What are your favorite 40th birthday gag gift ideas?

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