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Looking for the best birthday gift ideas? Nail down that perfect birthday gift with these wonderful, highly targeted birthday present suggestions suitable for everyone on your gifting buying list.

There’s nothing better than giving someone a present they can’t stop raving about. A reaction like that is priceless!

You can’t get that reaction with just any ol’ present. You have to give them something they really want.

And THAT kind of dead-on perfect birthday gift is what I call the Birthday Bullseye! It’s when you hit the nail right on the gift-giving head.

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Huh? A Birthday Bullseye?

That’s right! The best birthday gift ideas help you hit the birthday bullseye. Here’s how to tell if you’ve hit that birthday bullseye with your loved one’s birthday gift:

  • They light up when they see it.
  • It’s something they’ve been wanting, and they might even say just that.
  • It’s unique and personal.
  • It’s useful.
  • It means a whole heck of a lot to ’em!

Hitting a target like that is not always easy. But! Never fear if you’re stumped on what to get your loved one for their birthday! Because that’s where I come in! 8)

The Best Birthday Gift Ideas – Hit the Birthday Bullseye Every Time

When deciding on the best birthday gift ideas for your birthday person, these points get you in line to hit the target:

  • Choose a gift they really want but don’t expect. Surprise them.
  • Use imagination when presenting their gift, like hiding the real gift inside another.
  • Evoke emotion with something very dear to their heart. “You shouldn’t have!

You’re in the Right Place

Whether you’re looking for the best birthday gift ideas for grandma or the most creative homemade birthday gift ideas, I can help you find the best birthday gift ideas to suit your budget. It’s your wallet. I help your money hit the mark.

Quick Tips for the Best Birthday Gift Ideas

How to Find the Best Birthday Gift Ideas

Just use this website as your guide! You can nail down the best birthday gift ideas with my helpful tips and ideas – hitting the Birthday Bullseye! 🙂 Here’s how:

Fantastic Gifts Start with the Best Birthday Gift Ideas

  • Start with what you know – who are you shopping for? You certainly wouldn’t get your girlfriend the same thing as you would get your dad… right?? You buy different presents for different people.
  • Then use my lists of birthday gift ideas to home in on something they want!

You can find great gifts based on their…

  • Relationship with You
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Personality and Interests…

… all you have to do is decide what you want to focus on

Click on the category from the menus above, then find pages highlighting the most popular, unique gifts that you can buy on the net or make yourself!

Brilliant, right? Yes, yes, I know. 🙂

Avoid These Misses and Save Your Marriage 🙂

Yikes! For every yes, there is a no. For every good thing, there’s a bad thing, and gifting is no different. There are some very distinct “DO NOTs” when it comes to birthday gift ideas, and the following is a shortlist. Never give these gifts if you want to remain on your birthday person’s good side:

  • Don’t give gifts that are below someone’s standards. If you can’t afford their standards, look for a different gift.
  • Don’t give fits you hope to inherit later. Your grandmother will sense this, and your gift will lose its appeal.
  • Never give gifts that involve self-improvement. For example: gifting your wife with a year’s subscription to a diet program will likely cause you problems.
  • Never give pets as a gift. They require too much care and commitment to spring on a person, thereby strapping the recipient with a critter to care for or get rid of.
  • Don’t give gifts that require work to enjoy, such as installation or maintenance. That is unless you plan to do it for them yourself.
  • Unless you’re kindred spirits, gifts involving politics or religion could really backfire.
  • Never give your wife, mother, or girlfriend a vacuum or anything to clean the house. You may find yourself sleeping outside.

Zero-In on Great Birthday Gifts for your Birthday Person

I know you’re busy, so I wanted to take the opportunity to give you as many tips and ideas as possible to find that perfect gift. Here are a handful of ideas to get you going in the right direction. Here they are:

Seize the Moment

Let’s say it’s July, but their birthday’s in December. You find their perfect gift while on vacation somewhere. I say, don’t pass up a perfect birthday gift-buying opportunity. Grab it when you see it and stash it away until the right time. That’s what closets are for!


If your loved one already possesses a given item. Never fear. Everyone loves an upgrade! Get them something that’s updated technically or improved process.

Order Two

If you find something for yourself, whether online or from a catalog, think about ordering two. Get one for you and one to keep as a gift for someone on your list.

It’s all about Them

This can be tough because it requires a bit of discipline to put our own ideas aside. But when shopping for a gift, don’t buy something just because you like it. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and get what they want.


Whatever you do, if you get something from a store, make sure your gift is returnable. This is especially true for clothing; it can be impossible to make sure whatever you give them fits, so make sure they can take it back.


If you can’t afford the original, get them something related.  For example, you may not be able to afford a Gucci handbag, but you may be able to do a Gucci wallet.

Keep It Real

It’s unnecessary to overspend on a gift in order to wow someone with it. What’s more important is how well the gift makes them feel special.


It is not a problem to stock up on birthday cards, particularly those whose interiors are blank. Simply find a blank and fill it with your sentiments.

Be Alert

It’s always important to listen carefully to what our friends say, right? But this is especially important when looking for ideas as to what to get them for their birthday. Listen for suggestions from their conversations. Their interests and accomplishments are there.

Be Fair

In order to avoid conflict or hurt feelings, don’t play favorites when gifting family members. Don’t get Lucy something extravagant, then Ricky something small. Be fair and balanced, and you can’t go wrong.

Don’t Send the Wrong Message

If you gift someone too lavishly, you could make someone feel uncomfortable, and your message will become something you don’t intend. It could appear you’re saying something more than happy birthday.

Get Gifting!

Look at the list of links across the top (mobile users, the linky-list is down below). Or check out the images on this page. Find an interesting link and click it! You’ll find pages to suit either your “giftee” or YOUR preference of what you want to give (like the “Best Gifts Ever” or “Gag Gifts,” etc.) 

Okay, ready? Have fun, and Happy Gifting!


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