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Hello and welcome to the site! My name is Brenda and I’m Editor-in-Chief here at BirthdayBullseye.com.  I’m here to help you find the perfect birthday gift.

Hey! It’s a crazy world and many days, having the time to shop to find the exact perfect gift is difficult at best. Besides that, it’s sometimes difficult to think of something special or come up with the exact right thing to properly honor a loved on or friend on their special day.

I scour the markets for gift-giving ideas, then come back here to share them with you.  I have a creative bent, so love discovering out-of-the-box ideas, but also enjoy the challenge of matching gifts with personalities and the like. 

Check out the ideas here. Sometimes one idea will trigger another so even if you don’t use every single idea I come up with, it could trigger another great idea of your own.  That’s great, too!

I do provide some of my own products and designs, but I also seek out products from online merchants and bring them to you.  These are trustworthy merchants whom I’ve researched and recommend only because I feel they will provide a good shopping experience.  I want things to be convenient for you, but a safe and hassle-free experience is important, too.

Enjoy the site.  My newsletter will bring you news of occasional updates because we all have birthdays and gift-giving is a never-ending task. Sign up and stay in touch as I do my work and continue to bring you ideas.

Many Happy Birthdays to you and yours!  See you on the site!


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