An Adorable Camp Theme Birthday Party Guide That Will Make Them a Happy Camper

Hello there! Are you planning a magical, unforgettable stay-at-home birthday for the kiddos? Let me introduce you to a fantastic idea: a camp theme birthday party. This is a party theme brimming with creativity. It ignites a love for nature, and it sparks excitement in children’s hearts!

little boy dressed for camp theme birthday party
Kids love this camp theme birthday party idea

On this page, I’ll guide you through every part of throwing a spectacular camp theme birthday party. I’m bringing you ONLY easy-to-implement at-home party ideas. (That’s a mouthful!) Meaning, these are ideas you can put together at home with items you may already have on hand. Plus I’ve given you ideas for both outdoors or indoors, in case it rains. Check it out!


The first step with any birthday bash is planning. In this case, you need to decide where to set up camp and if you’re starting outdoors, you’ll need a backup plan. However, if your loved one has a birthday in November, you can still use this theme! Simply decide up front you’re going to have the party indoors.

camp theme birthday party backyard setup
Find a place in the backyard to set up camp

For an outdoor camp theme birthday, find a space in the yard. You’ll want a space that is flat as possible for setting up the tents. Believe me, a tent on a hill is not a party! Some kids might prefer a space behind the garage or in the way back. Whatever works for your setup, but keep in mind if the tents are close to the food area, decorating works better.

Indoors, choose an area of the living room, the recreation room if you have one, perhaps the dining room, or even a spare room. If using multiple rooms for your party, tie the rooms together using lights or wall decor so guests know which rooms are party rooms and which rooms to avoid. Consider cordoning off areas down the hall using streamers or rope.

Use a section of the living room for a camp theme birthday party
Setting up camp in the corner of the living room

Camp Theme Birthday Party Invitations

Now, one of the first things you’ll need are invitations. Here’s an easy and fun solution: printable birthday invitations! Purchase or design printable invitations themed around camping. A forest map, a tent under the stars, or a campfire design would be great!

You can include playful messages like “Join us for a wild adventure!” or “Let’s… gather around the campfire for (persons’s name) birthday!” Easy, fun, and effective.

camp theme birthday party invitations made with maps
Maps make a good base for camp theme party invitations

Camp Theme Birthday Party Decorations

Now let’s talk about the fun part: decorating. This is where you can unleash your creativity and transform your space, indoors or out, into a picturesque campsite.

Once you’ve established your space, you’ll need a tent or two. It can be a real one (outside) or a makeshift one made from sheets and fairy lights. Lay out sleeping bags or cushions inside the tents for a fun, cozy factor.

decorate your tent for your camp theme birthday party
Adding pillows and blankets makes an outdoor birthday camp very cozy.
Setting up and indoor camp theme birthday party tent.
Ceiling-hung sheets in a spare room makes a perfect indoor tent.

Set the scene with camping themed banners, lanterns, and campfire decorations. Indoors, antique lanterns, camping tools, and old road maps make for an interesting cap theme table. Leaves and animal silhouette cutouts are fantastic ways to incorporate nature into your decor by using them as for garland or wall decor.

star garland birthday party decorations for camp theme birthday party
Star cut-outs make great garland. Super easy!

Don’t forget to use the primary colours of green, brown, and sky blue to keep the camp theme authentic.

Natural greenery and burlap runners make this feel authetic camp-style

Camp Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

Moving on to the other exciting part, the birthday cake! A camping theme birthday party wouldn’t be complete without a cake to match.

campfire birthday cake
Campfire cake of chocolate pretzel rods and brightly colored icing

You could go for a round cake decorated like a wooden log or a campfire. Cupcakes with little camp themed toppers, like tents, trees, and marshmallows, are another delightful option.

camp theme birthday cake
Use paper cut outs as cake toppers as a super easy way to decorate your cake.

Edible dirt made from crumbled chocolate cookies adds a camping finish to any cake. You could also consider a cake that looks like a picnic scene with toy figurines of campers and wildlife.

Camp theme birrhday cupcakes
Cool campfire cupcakes adorned with candy corn, pretzel sticks, and icing

Camp Theme Birthday Party Games

Now for some fun and games! The party atmosphere can be spiced up with a few camp theme birthday party games. Plan a few classic camp games, like finding hidden objects or coordinate a scavenger hunt. If you really want to get authenti, include camp-themed toys for pretend-play, like fishing rods or mini explorer kits.

camp theme birthday activities
If your backyard is campfire-safe, making s’mores could be a fun camp theme activity

How about playing some rounds of wildlife trivia or putting up a DIY arts and crafts corner where kids can make their own “mock” camping gear, like binoculars from toilet rolls or hats from newspaper?

Camp Theme Birthday Party Outfits

Now let’s talk outfits – What’s a camping theme birthday party without the right attire? Encourage your guests to come in their best camping outfits. Think khaki trousers, plaid shirts, bandannas, and hats. Cute hiker backpacks or faux animal ear headbands would be fantastic additions too.

camp theme birthday party outfits
A family in real camping outfits

The birthday girl/boy can be dressed in a special outfit. Perhaps a costume of their favourite forest animal, a park ranger uniform, or the timeless khaki scout outfit?

The Menu is Easy for the Camp Theme Birthday Party

Food is an integral part of a camp theme birthday party. Let’s channel some campsite vibes with our menu!

For starters, serve snacks like trail mix, pretzels, and popcorn in paper cones for that outdoor camp feel. Follow it up with hot dogs, burgers, and grilled corn on the cob.

camp theme birthday party food
A backyard camp theme birthday is an easy at-home birthday

For dessert, set up a DIY s’mores station, where kiddos can roast their marshmallows. And, don’t forget hot chocolate for the perfect camping beverage!

trail mix bar for a camp theme birthday party
DIY trail mix bar

Camp Theme Birthday Party Favors

Party favors are little thank you gestures that can keep this magical day alive even after the party is over. Consider mini lanterns, compasses, camping-themed stickers or coloring books, or even a bag of s’more ingredients in a mason jar.

DIY bracelets made with colorful beads and camping-themed charms are another great favor idea that children can make during the party, adding an extra layer of fun!

diy bracelet making station
DIY bracelet-making station duals as an activity and a party favor

How to Decorate a Tent for a Camp Theme Birthday Party

Illuminate the tent with strung fairy lights and mini lanterns. You can also hang pompoms, balloons, or mini banner garlands for a festive look.

an at-home birthday party tent for a camp theme birthday
Use pillows, fairy lights, and pillows to create a cozy, fun vibe in your tent

Arrange fluffy pillows and sleeping bags inside, and provide a pile of age-appropriate books about camping and nature for a bit of quiet-time activity.

camp theme birthday party tent decoration

I promise you, creating a stay-at-home birthday party idea like a camping adventure will not only be fun for your kids but also for yourself. You would be establishing nostalgia for yourselves by creating an atmosphere of close-knit family time emulating the best parts of camping.

Having a camp theme birthday party right in your backyard or even in your living room can spark the joy of discovery, the thrill of a camping adventure, and the warm fuzziness of sitting around a campfire in children’s hearts!

So, are you ready to create one-of-a-kind experiences and timeless memories with a camp theme birthday party? Because the laughter of your children, their excited chatter as they play and run around, and their wide-eyed wonder as they sit around an indoor or backyard campfire will certainly be your reward!

The camp theme birthday party – undeniably a fun, nature-loving alternative to traditional parties – also offers excellent photo opportunities. From excited children running around lush imaginary forests to the birthday kid blowing out their candles under twinkling fairy lights, the charm is immense!

Indeed, this camping theme birthday party will let your children live in a unique, enchanting world for a day – right inside your familiar household! It welcomes creativity, encourages a love for awesome outdoors, and creates an air of anticipation for the grand celebration!

Besides, it gives children a chance to learn about nature, work as a team during group games, and solve problems during scavenger hunts. In this way, they’re not just having fun, but also developing life skills simultaneously.

So, take a chance with this camping theme birthday party idea. Embrace the whispers of an imaginary forest, the buzz of indoor bugs, and the anticipation of a wonderful birthday celebration. Here’s to creating magical moments and unforgettable memories for your child’s stay-at-home birthday! Happy birthday everyone!

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