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A 40th birthday gift basket is a great idea for your “Over The Hill” friend’s celebration! It’s thoughtful. It’s fun. And since it’s a bigger birthday, it is a good idea to throw in the extra goodies and turn a good gift into an exceptional present.

After all, it’s not every day you turn forty… thankfully!

Old Fogey Birthday Gift Basket

For the old man (or old lady), get them a basket that will make them smile! Of course, you plan to help “improve” their smile in this gift basket. Here are some fun ideas to put in your fogy basket.


• Rub on pain-reliever cream
• Orthopedic shoe inserts
• Hair helps! Blue hair dye for women, toupee or dark hair dye for men 🙂
• Fake dentures
• Sleep now, Worry later medicine (candy in a prescription bottle, or chamomile herbal tea)

Check out some of these fun 40th birthday gag gift ideas too!

Fountain of Youth Gift Basket

Folks who “feel” over the hill want to recapture their youth. Give them a birthday gift basket to help them feel young again.


• Anti-Aging cream, lotions, etc.
• A voucher for a spa or pedicure treatment
• Snacks with Antioxidants (like blueberries, dark chocolate, etc)
• Energy Vitamins (real vitamins or “fake” ones, like candies put in a prescription bottle)
• Scented candles

Chocolate 40th Birthday Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Fill a basket with 40 different kinds of chocolates (a box of 24 gets you halfway there). You can get kisses, mini candy bars, king-size chocolate bars, packages of individually packed chocolates (like Godiva), or even hot cocoa or chocolate milk. Chocolate covered candies are yummy too, so have fun with this!


  • Chocolates. 40 of them.

Forty And Forgetful Gift Basket

This is for those who fear they will lose their memory! Fill a basket full of the following goodies.


• “Remember Me” pills (Skittles or M&Ms in a prescription bottle)
• Book of crossword puzzles or Sudoku
• And a pen of course
• “Thinking Cap” – a baseball cap, party hat, or another kind of hat
• Large print book
• Magnifying glass

Mid-Life Crisis Relief Basket

40th birthdays bring out the mid-life crisis in everyone! Fill a gift basket full of things to help them through this “season” in their lives. Here are some ideas…


• Toy car (a ridiculously fancy one to replace the real one that they might not be able to afford)
• Bottle of “Vitamin C” (that stands for Chocolate or Candy – fill a prescription bottle with their favorite sugared snack)
• Hair Dye
• Teeth whitening strips
• Fountain of Youth (a “fountain” drink – or in other words, soda pop!)

What other 40th birthday gift basket ideas do you have? Share YOUR ideas!

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