7 Classic 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Here is a fantastic list of 40th birthday gift ideas to help you decide what to get for your Over-the-Hill friend. These are the classics… meaning they will never go out of style. 

You’re welcome. 😉

40th Birthday Gift Idea

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But before I give you your list, I want to clear up some common confusion about what it means to be “Over The Hill”…

When Are You Officially
“Over The Hill”?

Technically, you hit “Over The Hill” status when you reach the middle of your lifespan.

Since the average life expectancy of people in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia is about 80 years old – your 40th birthday is officially Over The Hill.

It is becoming more popular to celebrate Over The Hill status on your 50th birthday. I can’t decide if that’s because people plan to live longer or if they are just in denial… but for those of you in denial, you can count your 50th birthday as Over The Hill.

I won’t tell. 😉

Without further ado, here are those 40th birthday gift ideas I promised you.

1. A New Hobby

At age 40, many reach a midlife crisis and want to start a new hobby. So help them pick one!

Here’s a good article to give you some hobby ideas for 40-year-olds.

Golf lessons, guitar lessons, a beginners’ wood carving kit – any new hobby!

2. Lucky Penny

Get them a customized penny gift with a phrase as obnoxious or sweet as the old lady or old man!

Choose a penny minted from the year they turned 40 or the year they were born and choose what you’d like to hand stamp across the front.

Most people choose their name or a meaningful word. If you want something a little more “age” appropriate, here are some more ideas…

Funny 40th Birthday Phrases
For Penny Charms

• Over the Hill
• Lucky 40
• Half Dead
• Half Baked
• Old Fogy
• Old As Dirt
• Rocking 40
• 40 Sucks
• 40 Rocks
• In Denial
• Old & Ornery
• Vintage

3. An Adventure

This is one of those disappearing birthday gift ideas for the person about to hit that mid-life crisis. They need to feel young again!

Give them the thrill of doing something exciting, like a voucher to ride shotgun in a race car, or go parachuting, or take a ride in a hot air balloon. Get more experience gift ideas here.

Remember, they don’t want to go alone. Buy two tickets so you can go along, or they can take a buddy.

4. Yep, 40 Sucks

I literally laughed out loud when I saw these!

Get them a box or jar of 40 suckers to make a “40 Sucks” birthday gift.

Or use bubble gum or blow pops and use the phrase “40 Blows”.

You can do the same thing with stink bombs too… because “40 Stinks!”

Fill a jar with bite-sized candies for “40 Bites”…

…you get the idea. Change it up any way you like.  Get more gag gift ideas here! All are clever ideas, and all achieve disappearing gift status.

5. 40 Things In A Box

These are all over Pinterest and I love it!

Choose 40 of anything, and put it together as a gift.

40 things…

  • We love about you
  • That totally describe you
  • That represent 40 memories of you…

Some people use 40 of the same items (candies, chocolates, flowers, dollars, etc). Others gather 40 different small gifts.

For a more thoughtful present, attach messages to each of the 40 things.

Check out some other fun DIY 40th birthday gift basket ideas!

6. Funny T-shirt

Another one of those classic 40th birthday gift ideas is the funny t-shirt – especially for those Over The Hill folks! Get a t-shirt that will make them smile. Most of these tee’s have an obnoxious phrase plastered across the front. If you plan to have one made, here are some phrases to consider…

  1. I’m a big kid cleverly disguised as a 40-year-old responsible adult.
  2. I’m not old, I’m of a fine vintage.
  3. I’m a 19__’s classic collectible.
  4. Old people rock!
  5. I see old people. (This phrase gets funnier and funnier the longer you think about it)
  6. I’m 40 – and I’m kind of a big deal.

7. The Gift of Youth & Relaxation

40 year-olds want to recapture their youth. Give them a voucher for a massage, spa treatment or pedicure. Chilling out keeps you young!

It’s a classy gift, one that you can give again and again without them growing tired of it.

AND it’s another disappearing gift – once it’s used, it’s gone. No “stuff!”

What are your favorite 40th birthday gift ideas?

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