Birthday Gifts for Men Ideas List to Help You Say I Love You

It can be tough finding the best birthday gifts for him, that special guy in your life. Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, brother, or dad, you want to find a present that shows how much you care. And while it’s easy to default to a gift card (no judgment!), it always feels better to give a thoughtful, unique present.

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It’s hard to find the best birthday gifts for him ideas that he doesn’t roll his eyes at (or thank you politely for) and put in his box with last year’s gifts.

Don’t repeat last year’s mistake!

Get him something he really wants – hit the birthday bullseye. Read on to find out how…

How to Find the Best Birthday Gifts for Him

There are three effective shopping methods to find the best birthday gift for men ideas:

  1. His interests (what HE wants to receive)
  2. Your relationship (family, co-worker, spouse, etc.)
  3. Your own ideas and limits (what YOU want to get him)

Let’s take a look at how each shopping method works.

Shopping Method #1: His Interests

His birthday really should be about him. Think about what he is “in” to. Watch what he surfs for on the net. Pay attention to what sounds like fun to him when the weekend comes. What does this guy like?

Click any relevant link below to find a list of ideas you can give the birthday boy! Or click through by page to peruse the entire list as you please.

Birthday Gifts For Men Ideas By Interest

Adrenaline Junkie
BBQ Griller
Business Man
Chocolate Lover
Cars and Trucks
Dooms Dayer
Food Lover
Gadget Guy
Handy Man
Health Nut
Movie Buff
Outdoors Man
Tough Guy

Shopping Method #2: Your Relationship

You need different gifts for different guys. Here are some good places to find specific ideas based on how you know him:

Shopping Method #3: Your Ideas and Limits

You might be looking to make him laugh this year – or perhaps you want to buy something he never thought of before. Some of us also have to consider our financial limits… like our budget!

We can’t just buy him whatever he wants – but we still want to buy him something great!

Gift-Buyers Tip:
Buy him something he won’t buy for himself for one of two reasons:
* Because he really wants it but can’t justify buying it
* Or because it is something unique he never thought of before!

Here are some helpful pages to get you going:

Best Birthday Gifts for Him Based on Interest

Now that I’ve given you the how-to on how to find the best birthday gifts for him, it’s time to get into my list of the best birthday gifts for him.

I’ve gathered birthday gift ideas for men based on their interests and hobbies. Browse the headings on the list to find a match, then drill down to the gift ideas underneath. Ready? Here we go!

Adrenaline Junkie

adrenaline junkie gift ideas
  • Tickets To An Adventure. He’s an adrenaline junkie. Need I say more? Ok, I will. Take him skydiving. Parasailing. Hang gliding. Cliff jumping. Rock climbing. Repelling. Swimming with the sharks. There are SO many thrills to be had!
  • Tree Obstacle Courses. These include zip lines, rope ladders, swings and tons of extreme fun!
  • Take Him To a Vertical Wind Tunnel. The floor is basically a giant fan, and you get to practice skydiving and free falling!
  • TV series on DVD of his favorite high-adventure sport.

Foodie Gifts – BBQ Griller, Cook, or Food Lover

foodie gifts
  • Chef’s Fork With Meat Thermometer. Get him the grilling fork that tells him when his meat is ready.
  • Fancy BBQ Marinades. Give him something new to try at the next cookout.
  • Grilling Planks. He’ll enjoy his favorite meats cooked with that perfect smoked flavor! Get cedar, cherry, maple or alder wood and watch his mouth water as he opens his gift.
  • MAN Apron. Give the king of the grill an apron that declares he’s the MAN! Buy an apron and monogrammed letters to spell “THE MAN”. Stitch or iron them on. Add chain and barbeque charms for extra machismo.

Brainiac Guys and Readers

brainiac gift banner
  • Nook or Kindle if he doesn’t already have one. If he does, buy him a few books for his digital library!
  • Magazine subscription. Choose whatever hobby he is into and buy him a year’s worth of magazines delivered straight to his home. It’s the gift that keeps giving!
  • Personalized Picture Puzzle. Did you know you can get your favorite photos turned into a jigsaw puzzle? There’s nothing better than a personalized birthday gift. Use any program like Snapfish or Shutterfly and turn that picture into a fun new project!
  • Wooden Brain Benders. Test his mental agility with wooden puzzles. These can range from beginner to extremely advanced. Some guys actually find this incredibly relaxing!

Businessman or Techie

techie gifts banner
  • Eye and Privacy Protector for his computer. The screen protects his eyes by reducing screen glare and VLF/ELF radiation. He can see clearly while the passerby’s view of his computer screen is blurred.
  • WiFi and USB Cuff-links. Yes, you read that right. These cuff-links are top-secret spy material! One cuff-link opens to reveal a USB drive while the other turns into a hotspot. An amazing tool for that high-class business meeting.
  • Video Pen. Here’s another spy-quality device. You can use it as a regular pen. Turn on the camera, put it in your shirt pocket, and record wherever you go!
  • Jellyfish Aquarium. Forget the generic fish tank – jellyfish are calm yet powerful creatures, much like businessmen. This is a unique twist on the workplace aquarium that will surprise him and the entire staff!
  • Bluetooth Speaker. Small. Classy. Convenient without sacrificing sound quality!

Camper and Outdoors Man

outdoor gifts banner

Cooking Grill. Turn his campfire into a barbecue – the best of two worlds!

Fire Pit. Now he can enjoy the campfire from the comfort of his back porch, or take it with him on the next beach trip!

Survival Gear. What if he got lost in the desert? The mountains? The forest? Fill a quality hiking backpack with things like a compass, survivalist knife (including a wood saw), flint and steel fire-starter, a wind-up radio, binoculars, headlamp, glow sticks, whistle, rope, water canister, water purifiers – prepare him against the worst-case scenario… or just buy him the item he doesn’t have yet.

Beardski or Beanie Beard. Keep his chin from freezing with this husky bearded mask! The Beardski adds humor to the vented, washable ski mask. And the Beanie Beard is a hilarious handmade beanie made for your chin. Great for boys of any age!  


riding gifts banner
  • Horseback Riding. If he doesn’t have his own horses, he will love this.
  • Bull Whip. Every cowboy needs one. It’s just plain cool.
  • Bolo Tie or Giant Belt Buckle. The only accessories real cowboys wear… besides guns. If you can get them in sterling silver or real turquoise, all the better!
  • 6 Shooter Revolver and Leather Holster. True “John Waynes” love a classic pistol they can wear around their waist show-down style.

Dooms Day-er

  • Survival Books. What’s the looming doom – chemical warfare? Nuclear holocaust? Collapse of technology and organized government? Foreign invasion? Get him the info he needs to prepare against the worst case scenario!
  • Ammo For His Arsenal. He’ll want plenty to combat the entire country if need be. He can’t get enough!
  • Dooms Day Survivor T-shirt. Did he live through the Mayan’s predicted apocalypse? Give him the shirt that says he’s been there, done that!
  • Emergency Light Kit. Get him a couple cans of Crisco, a couple wicks (or some twine), a skewer, and ta da! He can make his own emergency candles which can double as a food source! There are several Crisco candle tutorials on YouTube that he can watch to give him instructions… or write out your own after you watch them.

Gadget Lover

  • Laser with Different Attachments. Lasers are just cool. Get the laser to show different pictures and you’ve just taken “cool” to a new level!
  • Metal Detector. The ultimate treasure hunt! Whether he’s going to the beach, to the mountains, or his own back yard, he will love finding buried treasure everywhere he goes.
  • Underwater Camera Mask. Next time he goes snorkeling, or even just swimming in his own pool, he can take pictures of anything he sees!
  • Rain Gauge. Guys love brainy little gadgets like this. Now he can measure how much rain fell overnight!


  • Exotic or Hard-To-Get Seeds. Gardeners like variety. Find him a unique plant to include in his garden and watch him enjoy your gift for many seasons to come!
  • Recipes For His Garden Foods. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to cook the wonderful produce you just grew. Get him a recipe book that includes his favorite fruits and veggies from the garden!
  • Magazine Subscription to best gardening magazines. He will love getting new tips and ideas for his own veggie patch from each monthly installment.
  • Miniature Greenhouse. He can get a jump start on any season by growing his seedlings early!


  • Sniper Scope. That’s a cool gadget even just for target shooting!
  • Bullet Cufflinks. Did you know there was such a thing? Imagine him going to work or church with bullets on his sleeves. Yeah.
  • Gun Magazine. Get him a subscription to a magazine with all the eye-candy a gun-lover could want!
  • Ammunition Magazine. Not the kind you buy at the stand – the kind that holds large numbers of bullets! If he has a 10 round magazine, get him a 25 round. Already has a 25 round? Get him a 50 round.
  • Old Fashioned Guns. Those old-school blacksmiths sure knew how to pack a punch! Buy him an antique or a usable replica of guns from his favorite era.

Hello! You’ve found page 3 of The Ultimate List of Birthday Gifts For Men! We’ve gathered birthday gift ideas for men based on their interests and hobbies. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, check out the full list of gifts for men to see if it holds the answer!

Handy Man

  • Bucket Skirt. Turn that old bucket into a handy toolbox! Get him an organizer that lines walls of a construction bucket with pockets of various sizes for various tools.
  • Duct Tape Shirt. He will love any shirt with duct tape on it. After all, it fixes everything!
  • The “Man Can”. Make him the birthday gift basket of his dreams, with food and gadgets that men love!
  • Cargo Net For His Truck. When he’s got latest project loaded in the back of his truck, he’ll need a way to make sure it stays there! Save a little time on tying ropes and get him the cargo net.
  • Nuts And Bolts Cufflinks. For the classy handyman, get him the Phillips screw cufflink set.


  • Barefoot Shoes. The popular Vibram Fivefingers are a hilariously practical shoe! While looking more like toe-socks, these shoes have a strong, protective sole and a breathable mesh on top to give those sweaty hiking feet a break.
  • Take Him On The Ultimate Hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or down the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Guaranteed to be a birthday gift he will remember!
  • A Falcon Guide. Get him the top-rated hiker’s guide specific to where he lives. Now he can go anywhere around him and find a hike that fits his taste and experience level exactly.
  • Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide. For long treks, weekend explorations, cold or hot environments – he’ll find everything he needs to know for his next backpacking adventure!

Movie Buff

  • Take Him to See a Movie Premiere of an upcoming movie starring his favorite actors.
  • Upgrade His TV. Got a flat screen and a Blu-ray player already? Try a home theater projector and giant theater screen!
  • Netflix Subscription. Now he can watch whatever movie he wants and get it instantly streamed to his laptop or blue-ray player.
  • Movie Passes To Opening Night of a movie he’s excited to see! Always a winner. Better yet, throw the passes into a birthday gift basket for him and make it a more personal gift!

The Music Madman!

  • Upgraded Speakers. For his car, his home theater, his headphones – upgrade those puppies so he can bump that bass in surround sound!
  • Travel-Size Speaker. Get one with Bluetooth compatibility and with some serious sound!
  • Tickets to His Favorite Band. Don’t make him go solo! Buy 2 tickets and go with him.
  • iTunes Gift Card. We usually nix the gift cards unless they are in a gift basket (too impersonal), but let’s face it – a music lover loves to buy his own music! You can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Memorabilia or Collectables. A laptop case, iPhone skin, blanket – something useful featuring his favorite band OR a collectable item that was actually used by the famed musical group

Musician And Instrumentalist

  • Instrumental Lighting. Turn his favorite instrument into a luminary for his home!
  • Tickets to a Concert. Take him to a concert playing his favorite genre of music. Whether he loves heavy metal, country music or opera, this is always a winning birthday gift!
  • Home Recording Studio. If he writes his own music, get him the equipment and software he needs to record it! This is a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Guitar Pick Punch. He’ll never run out of guitar picks again! He can make his own from expired credit cards, grocery club cards, used gift cards, or any old plastic.

Welcome to page 4 of the Ultimate List of Birthday Gifts For Men! This is one of the largest, growing lists of gifts that guys actually want to get for their birthday. Peruse through this page, and if you want more great ideas, check out the little column of buttons on the left under “Gifts For Him”.

Motorheads – Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

Birthday Gift Ideas for Motorheads image
  • Take Him To a Show, the next NASCAR Race, monster truck rally or classic car show.
  • Hood Lights. Illuminate his workspace under the hood if he likes to work on cars.
  • KC Lights for his truck. Light up his playground, especially if he likes to go 4-wheeling in the dark!
  • The Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia. Lots of men like to read while they are… uh, shall we say taking care of business? Yes. So, give the cyclist an entertaining book of useless information he’ll never need to know about his favorite ride!
  • TV Series on DVD of his favorite cars and cycles reality show, like Chop Shop, Pimp Your Ride, and so on.

The Relaxationalist–is that a word?

Special Relaxation Birthday Gift Ideas for Him
  • Massagers. Chair massagers, leg and foot massagers, handheld massagers, vibrating massagers – there is a reason there are so many popular varieties. Everyone loves them!
  • Spa Massage. Girls love a pedicure. Men love a massage! Spoil him with a 30 minute or 1-hour session to work out those tough knots in his back.
  • Diffuser and Humidifier. Help him recondition the air with a soft mist and satisfying aroma using a diffuser/humidifier combo.
  • Sounds That Inspire. Give him a little peace and quiet! Buy him the calming sounds of nature (rain, streams, ocean, birds, etc.) or relaxing music to clear his thoughts.

Hopelessly Romantic And Sentimental Man

romantic guy birthay gifts banner
  • Hand-Painted Portraits. Hire an artist to draw or paint his portrait. You can send in a picture of him by himself, with someone he cares about, or doing something he loves. Memorialize that moment!
  • A Book of His Loves. Take him on a walk down memory lane with a personalized photo book about his family, his friends, a magical trip you took together, or just about how you feel about him. Companies like Snapfish or Shutterfly make it easy to create your own personalized birthday gifts!
  • Take Him to a Midnight Showing of a romantic movie. Be sure to get 2 tickets so you can go with him.
  • Dinner On the Lake, or a movie in the desert! Check out more romantic gift ideas for men.

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Sports, Weightlifter, Health Nut

  • Wellness-Monitoring Wristband. These wristbands measure nutrition, activity, distance, and sleep patterns to help you monitor your healthy (or unhealthy) habits!
  • Tickets to a Sporting Event. Take him to see his favorite team or athlete play! Or take him to a professional weightlifting championship or boxing match.
  • Let Him Play Ball! The batting cages, practice putting greens, whatever his favorite game of ball is, take him to practice on the field!
  • Essential Oils. Give him the gift of health with high-quality, natural oils that boost immunity, ease symptoms, and helps to balance mental health.

Tough Guy

Tough Guy Gifts

Weapons. Weapons are always in style! Bullwhips. Chinese stars. Metal studded clubs. Daggers from the 17th century. Antique guns, new guns. You can’t go wrong with an amazing weapon.

A Unique Zippo Lighter. C’mon, every guy likes to burn stuff.

Firecrackers. Need I say more??

Big Bobber Floating Cooler. Put his drinks and snacks in a cooler that floats in the pool! Now he never has to leave the pool to open a cold one.

Tickets to Watch Pro Fighting. Whether it’s wrestling, boxing, or martial arts, tough guys love to watch a good fight!

Take Him to a Car Show, like the next Nascar Race, monster truck rally, or classic car show. Fast, tough, monstrous hunks of metal against metal… yep. He’s going to love it.

Thanks for reading my page on the best birthday gifts for men ideas. No matter what kind of guy your man is, I hope my best birthday gifts for him list has given you some ideas of what to get him for his birthday.

Always remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something expensive or extravagant—sometimes the simplest gifts are the ones that mean the most.

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