Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas – Say Happy Birthday to Your BFF

It’s that time of year again! It’s their birthday and you need best friend birthday gift ideas to find them something special to show them how much you care. But what do you get?

Like many people dropping by, you may be on the hunt for the perfect gift for your best friend. If you need ideas to honor this amazing person, you’re in the right place. And I used the word “honor” because few things are more valuable and highly regarded than a best friend. 

I’ve created this page to help you pick out the perfect present for your BFF.

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Where would ANY of us be without our besties?

How to Find the Perfect Best Friend Birthday Gift

BFFs share life’s critical events, like the times that change our souls and define who we are. There are many moments like this, including the times we win, lose, laugh or cry. Or the moments we rant, rave, or celebrate the victories of life. Best friends are there when we need them. They’re extraordinary people. 

Here are a few best friend birthday gift buying tips to help you find the perfect gift for them.

  1. Make it something personal: A best friend knows you better than anyone, so a personalized or unique gift is sure to be a hit. You could get them an engraved necklace, a special edition book, or even tickets to see their favorite band.
  2. Make it something practical: If your best friend is always on the go, a practical gift is ideal. Look for something they can use every day, like a new wallet, a cute key-ring, or a mug with their name on it.
  3. Make it something fun: Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that make them laugh. If your best friend has a great sense of humor, consider getting them a funny t-shirt, a silly card game, or even a magic kit.
  4. Make it something heartfelt: If you want to show your best friend how much you care, go for something heartfelt. A handwritten letter, reminiscing about good times together can make them smile.

No matter what you choose, your best friend is sure to appreciate the thought you put into their present.

Unique Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

Your best friend is one of a kind. Give them something as special as they are. Here are a few ideas for unique best friend birthday gifts for your best friend …

Handwriting Bracelet

Nothing is more unique than sending a personalized message. Personalized, engraved gifts like jewelry, are not uncommon. What’s different about this idea is that instead of the typical name or initial engraving, the jewelry itself is a handwritten message. This idea is clever and sentimental at the same time.

Handwriting Bracelets for Best Friend Birthday Gifts
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Make a “Book of You”

This is one of the finest tributes for any occasion. Create a book about your friend and their achievements. Be sure to include mention of the rare moments in your friendship and use lots of images. You can create this book as a scrapbook or you could create a digital, print-on-demand book online. It can be hardcover or softcover. Be sure to plan ahead so you have plenty of production time before the big day.

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Chocolate Treat Box

Go out of your way to make your best friend a gorgeous box of scintillating handmade chocolates. You can even go as far as painting and decorating the box. If your best friend loves chocolate, this gift will make them feel very special. Chocolate lovers will be thrilled.

Chocolate Treats for Best Friend Birthday Gifts
(Photo by RitaE)

Birthday Ice Cream

Another way to honor a friend with a sweet tooth is to give them a basket of assorted ice cream. You can choose between pints of chocolate, caramel, organic vanilla and much more. There are plenty of brands to choose from whether it be Ben and Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs, or Halo. It can even be fat free or full fat. Present it in a nice basket and get it to them fast before it melts!

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Wine Accessories

If your best friend is a wine aficionado, honor him or her with some high-end wine accessories–something they wouldn’t buy themselves. Wine stoppers are always welcome, as are aerators, glasses and even coasters.

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Handmade Candle

Another handmade gift idea is a handmade candle, which makes a fine gift for a best friend. Use the finest wax, a great wick and their favorite scent, and this is just lovely. Present with a really nice bottle of wine, and you’re sure to have a hit.

Leather Bound Journal

If your friend is a writer, poet or philosophical thinker, get them a leather bound journal they can use to record their thoughts and views about the world and their life. Engraved with their name or initials, this kind of gift will be cherished for years to come.

Personalized Items

Make them laugh on their special day with a coffee mug, wine glass, t-shirt or wall art depicting the two of you doing what you do best. I’m sure you can put wine into a coffee mug, so in this case, consider it multi-tasking The image above comes from Etsy, and you’ll find plenty more inspiration there. Plus, they’re handmade and one-of-a-kind, too!

Practical Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

On the other hand, realize that some best friends may not be overjoyed by all your corny admiration or affection. You should keep it real, though. You don’t want to go to the dark side, making them feel like they’re being stalked. Sometimes it works best to temper your affections and go with something more useful and real.  In those cases, look for something a person needs and work towards things they love. Oftentimes, the perfect give is somewhere in between. Here are a few ideas for practical best friend birthday gifts to get you started. 

Special Subscription

Some practical people won’t treat themselves to anything special, so do it for them. Perhaps its a high-end magazine subscription, a wine club membership, or enrollment in something technical, like a business-related program–whatever is special to your special friend. 


Quality fragrances are not cheap. Budget-minded people may stay away from the high-end stuff, due to monetary constraints. As a best friend, you know what they like and can be a pretty good judge of which fragrance to work for the person. If your friend is into wearing signature scents, this could be a great idea for a thoughtful and practical birthday gift. 

Hand-Painted Scarf

Anything that is handmade is going to be a hit, especially if it is made well with quality materials. That’s because hand-painted scarves are unique and of heirloom quality. The materials also can be luxurious. You can find plenty of designs and colors, as well as large format wraps or handkerchief sizes. 

Housekeeper or Virtual Assistant

Is your friend overworked and in need of a break? Help them out–or rather–pay for someone to help them out. You can hire housekeeping services to give your friend a break on their cleaning chores. Or hire a virtual assistant to help them get caught up with various projects at their office. This is a very practical gift, sure to bring a smile to their face. 

I hope I helped you decide upon the perfect gift for your best friend’s birthday because a good friend is hard to find. But a best friend is priceless. We should all cherish these blessings in our lives. 

Happy birthday to your best friend! Please feel free to browse the site for even more birthday gift ideas!

A good friend is hard to find,
but a best friend is priceless.

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