Husband Birthday Gift Ideas That Might Make Him Glad He Married You

It’s hubby’s birthday! Are you searching for the best husband birthday gift ideas, but drawing a blank?

I know how that feels! Whether you’ve been married for a year or 75 years, sometimes it’s hard to know what he really wants. 

best husband birthday gift ideas

Shopping for your husband’s birthday can be tough. What do you get the man who has everything? (After all, he has You! Am I right? :coffee: )

If your husband is like most men, he probably doesn’t want a fuss made over his birthday. He might say he doesn’t need anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise him with a gift that he’ll love.

Here are some of the best husband birthday gift ideas to help you find the birthday gift your man will love! 

Best Husband Birthday Gift Ideas

Chances are, he doesn’t want you to go out and spend a lot of money on some extravagant gift. (Although that might appeal to some guys!)

He also doesn’t want you to forget his birthday either. He just wants to know you care and maybe get out of a few chores for the day. :beer:

Yes, it sounds trite, but it’s true! A thoughtful gift that shows you know her and what she likes will go a lot further than anything else. With that in mind, here are some gift ideas for your wife’s birthday that are sure to make her feel loved and appreciated.

Romantic Gifts… Awww

romantic picnic for husband birthday idea

Want to steal his heart all over again? Looking to spice up your marriage? Get a babysitter and take him for a picnic on the lake. Or take him to watch a movie in the desert. Check out our romantic birthday gifts for him for more great ideas to give to your favorite guy. 

Upgrade Him

technology birthday gift banner

Is your hubby “making do” with something? Give him a better quality of life! Listen to his complaints and you will hear him say (or at least hint at) what he wants for his birthday. 

  • Does your handy husband complain that he needs an electric saw?
  • Does your camping man barely fit in the tent he’s got? 
  • Does your techie want better computer speakers? And yes, two giant monitors are better than one.
  • Or add style to his ride! Window tint will keep him cool and eliminate his chronic left-arm sunburn. 

Find the better solution… and upgrade! 

Feed Him! 

birthday dinner for husband banner

As the old proverb goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Yes, it’s cliche, but there is a good reason it gained popularity! That’s why I say, always feed him on his birthday!

Keep in mind, there is no one-size fits all way to do this, though. You have to make it your own. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: 

  • Home-cooked steak dinner. Grill it if that’s how he likes it! If you don’t grill, invite one of his buddies to bring his family over for dinner. Have his buddy grill the steaks. Happy man! Or if you’d rather not cook at all on his birthday, take him out for his favorite steak dinner. Find a sitter to watch the kids. 
  • Personalized chocolate bars. He loves chocolate as much as you do. Download a printable candy wrapper to cover his favorite chocolate bar. Then give him a small bundle of them! Check out some of the best personalized gifts for him! 
  • Basket of Goodies. Manly goodies. Make him his own personalized birthday gift basket full of his favorite snacks, foods and drinks! 
  • Forget the Keg – Make him a 12 Pack Can Cake! For the non-drinker, use root beer.  Make him a 2 tiered or 3 tiered can cake for his birthday. Check out this easy tutorial below from YouTube. 

12 Pack Can Cake Tutorial

Fun Yet UseFULL Toys

Great tools are “useful” tools. Great gadgets serve a purpose – like an illuminated magnifying glass, high-strength magnets that hold bigger tools, and weather gauges that tell the forecast, temperature, humidity, etc. 

usefull toys banner picture of tools

The solar-powered flashlight is a great idea… except you need the sun to charge it… and if you have the sun, why do you need a flashlight? This might make a better gag gift.  

Fun Yet UseLESS Toys 

useless toys for husband's birthday banner (it's humor)

Among the best husband birthday gift ideas are gadgets with little or no use in a serious world. Guys enjoy things that are purely made for entertainment, things that… 

  • Glow – like frisbees, basketballs, or running shoes. 
  • Make you see in the dark – like night-vision goggles, black lights, unique flashlights – or better yet a high-powered, hand-held spotlight! 
  • Burn or explode – like firecrackers and mini rockets, or unique lighters. 
  • Decorative weapons – like old fashioned swords and blades, antique guns, or Chinese stars (because no matter how old he gets, ninja weapons will always be cool)!

Something “fun” is different than something “funny”. Gag gifts can be funny – and they’re great for “old man” birthdays or “Over The Hill” birthdays. But gag gifts are usually re-gifted, shelved, or thrown away. 

Something fun may get shelved for a while, but he’ll get excited all over again when he rediscovers it months from now! 

Unique Tools

If you can find something that gets a job done that also makes the job entertaining, you have a winning combination! 

battery image from pixabay
Image: Pixabay

Ever heard of an electric flyswatter? It looks like a tennis racquet. At the push of a button, the racquet electrifies. Barely touch a fly with that puppy and ZAP! Hours of entertainment while ridding yourself of pesky insects! Be sure to get him extra batteries so his fun lasts longer. 

Let’s Think About Hubby’s Birthday Celebration
for a Second…

Finding the best husband birthday gift idea is of utmost importance in making your husband feel special on his birthday. Next in order of importance is how to celebrate his special day in a way that will make him feel like a king. Take a look at this quick list for tips on taking your birthday gift a step beyond gifting.

How to Make Hubby’s Birthday Different This Year

  • Plan a surprise party – invite his friends, family, and co-workers
  • Take him on a weekend getaway – just the two of you
  • Cook his favorite meal or bake his favorite cake
  • Get him a gift that he’s been wanting for a long time
  • Write him a heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation for him

We hope this list has given you some inspiration for finding the best husband birthday gift ideas for your hubby! Remember, the most important thing is to show him you care and let him off the hook on his special day. He will love it!

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