Birthday Gift for Girlfriend Ideas

Does your girlfriend have a birthday coming up? If so, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make her day extra special.

Birthdays are a big deal for most people, and your girlfriend is likely no exception. Trying to figure out the best birthday gift for your girlfriend can be tough, though, whether you’ve been together for a month, one year, or five years!

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You want to get her something she’ll love, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. And of course, you want to make sure it’s something unique and personal, not some generic gift any old boyfriend would give her.

You need classic birthday gift for girlfriend ideas that have stood the test of time and you need some bright ideas to make your ideas pop!

Well you’re in the right place. Keep reading for my list birthday gift for girlfriend ideas.

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend’s Birthday Special

If you’re like most guys, you want to do something extra special for her birthday. If you’re stuck on ideas, don’t worry! In additional to the perfect birthday gift for girlfriend ideas on this page, here’s a list of ideas to amplify the “I Love You” magic on your best birthday wishes.

  • Make and serve her breakfast in bed
  • Write her a heartfelt love letter, in your own handwriting, saying exactly why you love her
  • Get her a personalized gift, like a necklace that has special meaning just between you
  • Get her the best bottle of champagne you can find
  • Take her out for a special dinner
  • Plan a day full of her favorite thing
  • Write her a love song and sing it to her

Listen closely to her conversation for clues as to things she needs, wants, or desires. Then capitalize on the best of what you discover. She will love you for it.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend Ideas

1. Women’s Tool Kit

Tough girls get tired of being the damsel in distress when it comes to handy work. Time for her to get her very own women’s tool kit.

She doesn’t want ugly man-tools either. A soft green, a hot pink, a happy orange or purple – they do the same work as your tools but with more finesse!

2. A Keepsake Journal

Keepsake journals make a really sweet birthday gift. Basically it’s a book that helps you write about your relationship together. This is a memorable way to tell her why you think she’s amazing.

She’ll remember it. And she’ll love you more every time she reads it.

3. Romantic Gifts… * Kissy * Kissy *

You are in a romantic relationship are you not? I’ve got a slew of ideas to make her swoon on my page of romantic birthday gifts.

I also list some of the worst gifts we women get – things that will turn us off fast. So be sure to read the whole list!

4. Flowers…But Better!

Women love flowers, but on their birthday they want something special. Put a unique twist on a traditional gift – like buying flowers that blossom again and again (like a plant instead of cut flowers), or a bouquet she can eat!

Get creative with these clever flower birthday gifts that you buy her this year.

5. Tickets For Two

This is a great disappearing birthday gift for your girlfriend. Buy her tickets to dinner theater, an ice skating rink, a concert or sporting event (if she’s into that).

Don’t take her to what YOU want to see – it isn’t YOUR birthday. Take her to see HER favorite group or event. Whether that’s hard rock, opera or Broadway, if you cater to her likes on her birthday your efforts will be greatly rewarded. Trust me.

6. Thoughtful Jewelry

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend Emerald Necklace

Buy her a small token to always remember you by – a lovely piece of jewelry with a shape, stone or other characteristics that hold special meaning.

For example, my friend who was leaving for Ireland bought his girlfriend a delicate emerald pendant to keep the Emerald Isle – and him – close to her heart while he was away. She thought it was the most beautiful way to say “Happy Birthday” and “I Miss You” at the same time.

7. Birthday Card Worthy of Framing

Write her a card full of the things you love most about her! This one costs almost nothing and becomes a truly treasured birthday gift for your girlfriend.

How many things should you write? Try to draw a parallel to the amount of time you’ve been together.

For example, if you’ve been together for one month, choose enough things for each day that you’ve been together (about 30 things). If you’ve been together a year, choose 12 things – one for each month. 

I’ve seen it done where they listed 365 things they love about their sweetheart. THAT was pretty impressive… and yes, worthy of framing!

8. Twelve Dates

Put a different planned date into 12 different envelopes, then wrap them up. These can be movie tickets, picnics at the park, hikes or whatever.

Just make sure that YOU plan them out well before you give them to her… you don’t want to give her work to do for her own birthday. 🙂

9. Romantic Home-Cooked Dinner

Cook a classy, three+ course meal with an appetizer or salad, a main dish with a side, and dessert (a must!). She does not want hot dogs for her birthday dinner. Use entrées that are “pretty” and tasty.
Now, remember, this is her birthday gift. Make it look fantastic!

Wrap It Up

Be sure to tell her beforehand that this is her gift – you don’t want her thinking this might be building up to you popping the question or anything.

  • Print off a beautiful coupon or gift certificate for a free romantic dinner… cooked and served by YOU.
  • Have her open it in the car or on the front porch swing before she comes inside to your romantic surprise!

Set The Mood

Setting the mood will give your home-cooked gift an elegant feel, and make your girlfriend feel like the princess she is!

  • Place tea light candles or twinkle lights around the room.
  • Use some fine china, silverware, and goblets (buy some or borrow your mom’s).
  • Use placemats or a beautiful tablecloth.
  • Print beautiful name cards and place them next to each of your seats.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday, make sure it comes from a special place of genuine love and thoughtfulness. A little planning and effort like that will make her feel special on this important day!

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