Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Uncle

Hello there and welcome! As the title implies, I’ve come up with a list of some great birthday gift ideas for uncle/uncles that you can find below. Use this list when you’re looking for something to tell your uncle you love him by getting him a great birthday gift. Keep in mind, the ideas here can be repurposed for any male (or non-male) on your gifting list! If anybody knows of a non-male, non-human, I think you should start your own Internet TV show.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Uncle #1 – Drone or RC Car

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Every uncle has a kid inside and appealing to this inner infant is a sure way to make your uncle smile on his birthday. Well, remote control is a great way to bring out the kid in him and is all the rage for hobbyists. If your uncle is a photographer, a drone may be just the thing, since drones can now capture aerial footage better and cheaper than human pilots. Acquiring a drone may be an issue though, because drone prices climb to as high as $20K. (Can you say yikes?) Fortunately, Walmart’s website has drones and cameras for as little as $55. Check it out if budget-friendly sounds good to you.


Whether your uncle is a manly man, or whether he’s thoughtful, educated and sensitive, fragrance makes a great birthday gift idea for an uncle. You’ll find fragrance counters just about everywhere, like Target, Macy’s, and everyplace in between–even the local pharmacy! Spicy or woodsy, clean and fresh, a fragrance says a lot about a person, so take your time and choose a scent you know he’ll love. You could even replenish his signature scent by purchasing a new bottle of his favorite. You can make this birthday gift idea great by creating a kit with aftershave, bath gel, and shaving supplies.


This could be considered an old standby birthday gift idea, but it’s a seriously appreciated gift for men. I know. My hubby loves getting new wallets every few years. To find something suitable for the man on your birthday gift list, check out the wallet he has now. That may give you an idea of the style and color to choose. Also, listen and observe. If he has a special interest or hobby, one type of wallet may be more appealing than another. Example: frequent travelers may get excited over front-pocket wallets, passport wallets, and money belts, while a water sports enthusiast would more appreciate something waterproof.

Lounging Materials

I call it this because instead of limiting yourself to pjs, slippers, or tee shirts, it includes anything that will help your uncle relax and enjoy his off-work hours. With this birthday gift idea for uncle, consider all of the above. A great tee shirt is always welcome and will be well-worn for years to come. A new bathrobe and slippers could also be very useful. How about a remote holder and beer-fetching socks?


Okay. All this talk about lounging brings up another idea. What birthday wouldn’t be complete without booze or a booze-related gift or two? Having several uncles of my own, I acquired that knowledge from personal experience! All that is standing between you and the perfect birthday gift idea for your uncle is observation. What is your uncle’s drinking habits? If he’s a beer drinker, get him a 12-pack of what he loves. If he’s into DIY, get him a beer brewing kit or brewing supplies. Some uncles have sworn off beer due to impacts on the physique. In this case, consider rocks glasses, cocktail making supplies, craft cocktail ingredients or even a cocktail recipe book. Bar supplies are often-loved, seldom-purchased items for many people, so new supplies will likely be appreciated. How about a bourbon candle? Hey! Some people think they smell nice.

Sports and Outdoors

Many uncles are sports fanatics, so this is a great opportunity to get him something he’ll really cherish: sports memorabilia! Whether his favorites are the Bears, the Celtics, the Red Sox, or the Cardinals, there’s no end to what you can give to please your uncle. Get him a hat, a jacket, a keychain, a poster, an app, a belt buckle or even something for his car. He will love it. On the other hand, if your uncle loves the great outdoors, consider a new fishing pole, kayak, or snowshoes. You know your uncle best, so think it over. If you can find your way to a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for birthday gifts for your uncle.

Event Tickets

If your uncle is NOT a sports fan, and not all uncles are, event tickets might be a better way to go. For this birthday gift idea, the tickets can be to any event your uncle will enjoy including concerts, movies, comedy clubs, an excursion–anything that will give your uncle an experience he will enjoy.


Is your uncle a gaming freak? And realize, when I say gaming, I’m talking about all sorts of games. Video, online/offline, board games, casino games, or even solitaire and poker. Whatever type of games your uncle likes to play, this could be your ticket to the perfect birthday gift for an uncle. For video gamers, consider a set of virtual reality glasses. Pick these up at your local Best Buy or electronics department at Target or other department store. For poker enthusiasts, how about a set of cards and poker chips? Board game freaks can be appeased by visiting Barnes and Noble or even Walmart.


Many uncles really get into the technology thing. These tech-savvy folks tend to dive in and conquer apps and gadgets with relative ease. If your uncle has a smart phone and is up on the latest developments, a technology gift could be a good idea. If you’re buying a group gift, consider a personal assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Putting your money with others will help you invest in a more substantial gift. There are also gaming devices, tablets, phone accessories, fitness watches and underwater music devices.

Personal Groomer

If your uncle is a manly man, he might enjoy some male grooming aids. For this birthday gift idea for your uncle, you’ll need to get your hands on the device, many of which come with various attachments for sculpting hair growth at different points on the body. He could have the most well-defined beard, the cleanest hairline, and the most well-groomed mustache. This is a rather personal gift, so make sure it feels appropriate. If it does, that’s awesome! Pick up personal groomers at any department store or well-stocked pharmacy.

Cooking-Related Gifts

Many men are kings of the kitchen, if only on the weekends. Budding chefs need gear and there are many options here for great birthday gift ideas for your uncle. First of all, man aprons are important, especially if he’s going to be manning the tongs over by the BBQ. In fact, the tongs themselves are a gift idea, as you can find plenty of grilling tools at any department or home improvement store. While you’re there, check out the smokers. This is a gift that most uncles wouldn’t buy for themselves off the bat, but a new grill could be the ticket, too. Take up a collection from your siblings, and you can afford a bigger grill. There are appliances, too, like home fryers, instant pots, and dehydrators for those guys who like to make their own jerky.

Tools/Work Gear

For this birthday gift idea, consider your uncle’s occupation, hobbies, or upcoming projects. The key to this idea is finding your uncle something he can use, but something he wouldn’t readily buy himself. Does your uncle spend his weekends under the hood of an antique car? If so, your challenge is to find something he doesn’t already own. In this case, you may already be aware of the tool he needs as he may have mentioned it in conversation. Is your uncle a do-it-yourselfer? How about a new tool belt, garden tools, or pressure washer for the garage?

I hope these birthday gift ideas for uncles have helped you identify the perfect birthday gift for your Uncle Joe, Steve, or Jack. I’m sending happy birthday wishes from!

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