Boyfriend Birthday Gifts Ideas and Tips

It’s that time of year again. Your boyfriend’s birthday is just around the corner and you have no idea what to get him.

You know him well, and dang you love that guy… but what on earth are you going to get him? If you’re stumped on what to get him, don’t worry! Here are some fantastic boyfriend birthday gifts ideas to get your creative gifting juices going!

boyfriend birthday gift ideas

You can also find great ideas for birthday gifts for men in general, but let’s focus on your relationship. What would be a good gift for your boyfriend specifically? Keep on reading because these ideas are gonna help! I’ve also got another boyfriend page here, so check that out, too.

Romantic Boyfriend Birthday Gifts Ideas

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Romantic Boyfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

He loves you – really he does – but a pillowcase with your face on it is just too much. And teddy bears holding stuffed hearts that say “You + Me” are beyond cliché.

Instead, go on a romantic date. Take him to the midnight showing of a romantic movie or to dinner on the lake. Set the mood, and almost any gift can become romantic! Check out our romantic birthday gifts for him for more ways to swoon with your honey.

Boyfriend Birthday Gift Ideas To Complement His Unromantic Interests

These are the things he loves – not you. He loves his hobby, his car, his tools, his buddies, all that. Boyfriends adore women who can appreciate his personal interests.

Buy him that gaming station he’s been talking about, or the camping gear he was raving about. Get him a magazine subscription about his favorite pastime (guns, gardening, gadgets – would he enjoy a 12 pack “can cake”?).

One boyfriend was excited about his new motorcycle. His girlfriend bought a  got a motorcycle pocket watch for his birthday – he loved it!

The best birthday gifts for boyfriend birthday gifts ideas are the ones that show how you respect his interests (or at least allow him an opportunity to enjoy them). They show him that you care about him entirely – even the things about him that have nothing to do with you.

Give him a birthday gift that complements his unromantic interests.

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Hobbies make the best birthday gift ideas
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Boyfriend Birthday Tip #1

It’s your boyfriend’s birthday, and you want to make it special. But how do you do that? Here are a few ideas:

  • Plan a surprise party. This is always a great way to make his birthday special. Just be sure you don’t let the cat out of the bag beforehand!
  • Make him a cake. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – even a simple chocolate cake will do. Just be sure to include a special message for him on the icing.
  • Take him on a special date. This could be anything from going to his favorite restaurant to taking a romantic hike together. Just make sure you do something that he’ll really enjoy.
  • Get him a gift that he’s been wanting. This could be anything from a new watch to tickets to his favorite band’s concert. Whatever you get him, just make sure it’s something he really wants.

Boyfriend Birthday Ticket Gift Idea – Tickets To His Favorite…Whatever!

Give him 2 tickets to see ________ (fill in the blank). This could be his favorite sports team or band, a movie he’s been talking about, the classic car show – anything he really wants to see.

If you’re not interested in going with him for whatever reason, tell him. Send him with a buddy. Guys like guy-time as much as girls like girl-time. Plus, it shows that you trust and care about him as a person, not just your boyfriend.

Your gift will not be forgotten!

Boyfriend Birthday Tip #2

Wanting to surprise your honey this year? Here are some how to’ s to help pull it off:

  • Plan, plan, plan! The best surprises are the ones that are meticulously planned out. This means taking into account your loved one’s schedule, their likes and dislikes, and any other important factors. By planning ahead, you can be sure that your surprise will work. It could be a big hit!
  • Keep it a secret! Obviously, right? Seriously, though. Part of what makes a surprise so special is the element of suspense. Let me say it this way. If you let the cat out of the bag either by a slip of the tongue, or leaving something out to spark a suspicion, the whole thing is dead. Keep your plans close to the vest until it’s time to execute.
  • Make it personal and thoughtful. A great way to ensure your birthday surprise is meaningful is to really make it personal. Think about what your loved one would truly enjoy and put your own spin on it. By putting in that extra effort, you’ll be sure to give them a birthday they’ll never forget.

Gift Baskets. Yes, Really.

We’re not talking about the generic gift basket you saw with the same ol’ wine and cheese (unless that’s what he really likes).

We’re talking about birthday gift baskets based on his interests.

The best kinds are the ones you make – they really aren’t that hard to put together. Simply pick a theme that he would like (that last part is important), put it in a “basket” and wrap it.

Want an example? “Date Night In A Box” is a hit! Simply buy him a movie (his latest favorite… or movie tickets would work), then grab his favorite theater candy, some bags of microwave popcorn, and a popcorn bowl. Package the movie, candy and popcorn bags inside the bowl and wrap it up.


Boyfriends love this!

Personalized Gifts Boyfriend Birthday Gifts Ideas

Boyfriends also love getting personalized birthday gifts – like candies, guitar picks, and playing cards! Nothing says “I love you” more than a thoughtful gift personally made just for him.

Get Creative!
But Not TOO Creative

Boyfriends don’t really want a bunch of warm-and-fuzzy knickknacks floating around the house. They DO want to be appreciated, cared for, and feel like you know them well enough to get them a good birthday gift.

Bottom Line for Boyfriend Birthday Gifts Ideas

Here’s the bottom line to all of this:

Think about him and his likes and interests – then get something to match! 😀 Easy, peas-y.

No matter what gift you choose, making sure it’s thoughtful and comes from the heart is what’s most important. With any luck, this list has given you some ideas on what would work well for your boyfriend’s birthday present. Whatever you end up getting him, we hope he has a happy birthday!

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