9 Reasons December Birthdays Rock

We’ve all heard why December birthdays have it rough – and they do – but have you heard about the perks that only come for holiday birthdays?

If YOU have a birthday in December, cheer up! Here is what other holiday babies say puts the “happy” back into their birthdays.

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1. “Christmas Sales” –M. M.

This was by far the most popular perk confessed by those interviewed!

December birthdays can cash in on every holiday sale from Black Friday (the only “day” of the week which actually runs an entire month-long) clean through to New Year’s Eve.

Virtually anything you could ever want is on sale – which means your birthday cash goes a lot further.

2. Free Food While I Shop

Everyone wants your business on your birthday, and they say so with all those coupons, discounts and freebies.

And at Christmastime, while the rest of us have to buy a quick snack to get through our shopping trips, December babies just cash in on their free birthday dinners, desserts, and other goodies.

3. Party In The Daylight

If you have a birthday over Christmas break, you don’t have to wait until evening. You can party whenever you like – in the morning, at night, or all day long!

And for anyone with kids, here’s more good news: the babysitters are out of school too!

I like to celebrate it during the day… No reason to wait.


4. More Stuff From My Wish List

The benefit that I always enjoy is totally selfish… whatever I didn’t get for my birthday I would just ask for Christmas 2 weeks later.

Bre A.

If your family and friends actually shop from your wish list, you can get more of what you really want.

I can make one giant wish list for my family and friends
and they can think of my birthday and Christmas
presents at the same time.

Chanel Reed

5. A Break From The Kids

December birthdays can sit back a little while their honey takes the kids for two rounds of shopping – one for Christmas gifts and another for birthday gifts.

Is it really wrong to make my birthday an excuse
to finally get that real tree every year?

A. Roberts

It works great for me because of the breather I get.

A. Roberts

6. Extra Cash For Christmas

I’d have never guessed this was a perk, but while their family’s budget is tighter, their own budget actually gets a little boost. It’s nice to have a little extra money around the holidays.

For many years it was great because I could use all my birthday money to buy everyone’s Christmas presents…
until my mum caught wind of it!! lol

Maria in Chicago, IL

7. The Magical Mood

…I have to admit, you can’t beat the magic of Christmas.

Things are just… Extra magical.

Chanel reed

I love it because all the excitement happens at once.

Kaylynn fish

No better time to celebrate a birthday while there’s the tree up and decorated and lights and glitter everywhere.

Bre a.

As a child I NEVER resented it. I always thought all the
big family gatherings were special for me!

dorothy l.

8. I’m Actually NOT Forgotten

Say what?? No, it really is true… for some.

December birthdays are quirky like that. You either get completely lost, or you get remembered more than you would at other times of the year.

 People are more inclined to remember my birthday
because they just assume it gets overlooked.

Lisa f.

It actually makes it easier for people to remember my birthday.

Chanel Reed

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