Little Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

There’s a truck load of fantastic little girl birthday gift ideas out there. Let’s face it, little girls are tons of fun to shop for! They have the most adorable accessories, games and toys… but which ones to pick? Here’s a tried and true list of girls birthday gifts that kids adore.

Little Girls Birthday Gifts Idea List

girl birthday gift ideas

1. Nail Polish

What girl doesn’t love seeing happy, vibrant colors at their fingertips? You can even get polish that looks like tiny candies all over your nails! So many fun options. Choose a nail polish set with a great variety and you’ll be ready to wrap it up for her birthday party.

2. Candy Bouquets

Lollipop bouquet are not only cute but a fun surprise for little birthday girls! You can make your own spray of suckers or buy one from the many crafty candy bouquet vendors out there.

3. Aprons and Play Dough

Little girls LOVE to get crafty! Playdough is irresistible for children, but we all know that whatever they play with eventually ends up on their clothes. So get her an apron to go with it! She’ll love it and her parents will thank you.

4. Lovely Little Hair Accents

Hair bows, headbands and clippies are like jewelry for the little girl’s hair. You can get cute, classy or cleverly unique sets. Bottlecap clippies and altered dominoes are just a few of the fabulous hair accessories I’ve seen, and they are delightfully fun as little girls’ birthday gifts.

5. Dress Up Clothes

Purses, dresses, boas, gloves, tiaras, hats, wigs and wings – you can’t go wrong with girls’ dress-up clothes and accessories. Little girls love to get dolled up! Whether she’s a princess, a fairy or an elegant lady hosting a tea party, she will LOVE this gift.

6. Tea Set

Speaking of tea parties, a tea set is the perfect gift for girls. You can find some of the sweetest ceramic sets in every style from vintage to modern. For the younger ones, go for a cute set of sturdy plastic or tin teacups and saucers.

Girls of all ages love this. I know. Ask my daughter. And her friends.

7. Baubles, Bangles and Beads

Yes, girls love jewelry the moment they arrive in this world. Little girls love to have beaded bangles for their necks and wrists. Stick-on earrings, pretend rings, and even more grown-up costume jewelry is perfect!

Baby girls love to play with jewelry too. A few things to keep in mind, however – no necklaces. Hazardous, you know. Bracelets are perfect. Just make sure to get baby girls bracelets made with strong fishing line or nylon-coated jewelry wire to make sure it is sturdy enough for that little beauty.

8. Doll House

A doll house is like a dream come true for any little girl! You can also find some cute accessories like miniature dollies, doll clothes and furniture to go with it. You can also make it yourself. Check Pinterest for some great DIY dollhouse ideas.

9. Toy Animals and Dolls

Little girls love animals and dolls that they can tote around. Stuffed animals and baby dolls they can feed are classics for the youngest girls. The bigger they get, the more they love tiny things. Barbies, Polly Pockets, Littlest Pet Shops and My Little Ponies make such fun birthday gifts for the girls.

10. Paper Dolls

One of the sweetest little girl birthday gift ideas around is the paper doll. When I was a little girl, I got a very unique, beautiful set of paper dolls and OH how I loved them! I can’t tell you the countless hours I spent playing with them. Now you can get them in so many cool styles for such a great price that it is almost a no-brainer.

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