14 Grandpa Birthday Gift Ideas That Say I Love You Perfectly

This site would not be complete without a space for grandpa birthday gift ideas. Important to you in life, Grandpa’s an important recipient on your gift list, too. So, I’ve gathered a handful of practical, useful, and sought-after birthday gift ideas for grandpa — for that very special old guy in your life.

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He’s your hero and your biggest fan. He’s the guy who taught you to tie your shoe and was always there when you needed him. This is truly one of the world’s most special guys and it’s imperative you gift him appropriately.

Use my list to activate those gift-giving vibes to help you find the perfect birthday gift for your special hero. Here we go…

Practical Grandpa Birthday Gift Ideas

Fan Apparel

This popular, yet practical birthday gift doesn’t have to be mundane. I recommend digging into pappy’s past to uncover his favorite musicians, be they rock, jazz, or classical greats. Then, find a tee (or have one made) that displays his idol’s image. An uncommon tee portraying a rock legend will definitely make him smile. Or head over to the jackets and find one with his favorite sports team logo on it. Pick up tee shirts at Spencer Gifts in your local mall and online at SpencersOnline.com. Or check out other marketplaces on the web like TeeRepublic.com. Sporting goods stores will be your best bet for team merch.

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Grandpa’s Favorite Musicians Make Great Tee Shirt Birthday Gifts

Passion Gear

A great birthday gift idea to honor your grandfather is to get him something that helps him do what he loves. For example, if your Gramps is an avid angler, get him the new lure or pole he’s been eyeing. You can find an abundance of lures and other gear at stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabelas, and Bass Pro Shops, but there are many specialty websites online that will help you find the precise paraphernalia Gramps will drool over.

TIP: Need clues on what Grandpa needs and wants for his birthday? Use stealth to gather clues. Listen closely to what he says and try to envision his needs as well as his upcoming calendar. Is he planning a trip? Is there an approaching event he’s looking forward to? A new song out by his favorite musical group? Try to deduce his likes and desires
and they can be made into a gift. That’s a great place to start.

Then, if all else fails…ask Grandma!

Money Clip

Instead of a wallet, get Gramps a sleek money clip. You can find them in the accessories or jewelry section at your local department store. You can also find special stylized money clips like Masonic emblem money clips at places like J.C. Penney. Customization specialists like Things Remembered can be a source, particularly if you wish to personalize Grandpa’s birthday gift.

Boots or Shoes

Does Gramps have a signature footwear style? Meaning, do they have a brand of shoe or boot that they swear by. There are some folks with set preferences who never deviate. I’ve noticed this personally, on several occasions. Their steadfast demands could be good for you, because when those preferences are gift-worthy, your work is half done. Get him a new pair of those quality boots or shoes he loves so much. This is truly a gift that will help him get where he wants to go!

Luggage or Case

This mobility gift is perfect for practical grandpa birthday gift ideas. If your grandfather is a traveler, luggage may be a great birthday gift option. There are many different styles and sizes of luggage to choose from, all of which are useful for getting one’s belongings safely and stylishly to one’s destination. Something to think about: did Grandpa get a new laptop recently? If so, a case to transport it is another possible gift. In fact, if there are any electronic devices involved, like a tablet or smartphone, shatter-proof cases are a must-have for seniors.

Water Flosser

Some grandpas are absolutely devoted to personal hygiene. Think about this idea if your grandfather is proud of his dental habits. A water flosser is the perfect addition to his hygiene regimen. How it works is easy. Simply fill the reservoir with water and push the button on the flossing wand. A pulsating water jet will irrigate the spaces between the teeth, leaving a fresh, clean mouth, which will be very kissable for Grams.

Next – Technology Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Nest Hub or Alexa

This technology-related birthday gift idea will help Grandpa tremendously and they’re so easy to use, you can help him set it up. From home security to light and temperature control, and even music or TV control, these virtual assistant units take instruction from the sound of your voice. Think of the benefits for Grandpa being able to control various things in his house using the sound of his voice. This gift could be life changing, actually.

Smart Watch

Health-conscious folks will like the smart watch for helping them get and stay fit by tracking their health metrics. Grandpa (or you) can set up your smart watch or fitness watch to remind him to get off the couch and exercise. Also, among other things, he can track his progress by measuring his fitness metrics before, during, and after exercise. With endless options and uses, this is a must-have for health-conscious grandpas.

Jitterbug or Similar

Some folks are tech savvy and others aren’t. A cellphone like the Jitterbug is an un-technology device designed to give the un-savvy an on-the-go phone. With large displays and easy-to-read labels, grandpa won’t have to climb the technology learning curve like he might have to on a typical smartphone. If that sounds like something your Grandpa could use, it could be a good birthday gift option. Find them at Walmart or Rite Aid.

Next, The Good Stuff:

Grandpa Birthday Gift Ideas You Won’t Want Grandma to Know About 🙂

Sandwich Maker

A sandwich maker is a great way to help gramps eat well, as well as help him be self-reliant (you’re welcome, Gramma!) and give him a creative outlet he can truly enjoy. You can get griddles, panini makers, combo grill/panini makers (a.k.a. George Foreman-type grills). You will find an abundance of these items at neighborhood stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Target or Kohl’s. There’s a delicious sandwich grill recipe here on Food Network’s site. This is one idea where deliciousness is just waiting to happen.

Audible Subscription

For retired grandpas, an Audible subscription could be a way to keep him sharp and entertained. This is a great idea if your grandpa likes to stay abreast of the latest topics or explore yesteryear through historical fiction. He will love Audible, because he doesn’t haven’t to sit and read it. He can listen while he drives, while he walks or exercises, or while working around the house. This is great not only for the sight-impaired, but also for those who love to multitask, or simple don’t want to effort.

Beer or Booze

Is your grandpa a scotch, bourbon, or beer lover? Was that a resounding yes? Well, get him a bottle of the good stuff. If you’re not sure what to get, consider a sampler from a local craft brewery or a well-aged bottle from your liquor store’s special cabinet. You could also create a gift basket of ingredients for a self-made craft cocktail. There are many brands of bitters, cocktail mixers, and even garnishes out there.

Political Novel

If your grandpa is politically minded or if he just likes to read, grab him a book from Barnes and Noble and watch his face light up. Choose from biographies, editorials, or explore endless topics and areas of interest. As mentioned, Barnes and Noble is my family’s favorite store for book-buying. However, any local bookstore is a great choice. Caution: There are e-books and e-readers like the Nook from B&N. However, if your grandpa is not tech-savvy, it’s best if you get him an ink and paper book, preferably hardback.

And Finally…

Experience Birthday Gift Ideas – (AKA “Gramping”)

If you’ve never heard of gramping, it’s when your grandpa hangs out with you. Usually, it refers to a senior spending time with his grandchildren, so in this case, the tables are turned. Regardless, it is what it is, despite who originates it: a grandfather and grandchild spending valuable time together. Gramping can be just about anything as long as it’s meaningful and memorable to you both. Here are some examples of gramping activities you can do:

  • Sporting Event
  • Concert
  • Take a class together like photography or birdwatching
  • Go on a trip
  • Go to a car show
  • Take an overnight to a casino
  • Rock hunting, sea shelling, antique shopping
  • Start a garden together
grandpa birthday experience gift musical concert image
Attending a concert is a great Gramping activity

I hope these grandpa birthday gift ideas have helped you come closer to finding something for this important man in your life. Be sure to make it special this year as appreciating family is a good thing to focus on these days!

Best wishes to you and yours for a very Happy Birthday.

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